Lindsey Graham and Matt Gaetz: A Stark Contrast in Style and Effectiveness

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You can forget about the Senate doing anything effective about the sham non-impeachment process being run by Adam Schiff and San Fran Nan. –  House Republicans are on their own on this deal. Lindsey Graham gave that reality away during the first minute of his appearance on Sean “Tick-Tock” Hannity’s tediously-repetitive program on Fox News last night:


Here’s the crucial exchange:

Hannity: Adam Schiff is now a fact witness – would you be able to call him to testify before your committee?

Graham: I doubt it. The whole impeachment inquiry has been referred to the [Senate] Intelligence Committee.


Graham goes on to talk about a “resolution” he plans to introduce on the floor of the Senate today, “objecting” to the raging abuses of process and power being employed by Pelosi and Schiff, but he knows that all it will take is an objection from a single Democrat to kill that meaningless gesture. But Graham’s entire life is built around meaningless gestures and interviews with the always-reliable Hannity these days, so that’s to be expected.

The only meaningful thing Graham said in that entire 6:47 clip is the part about everything being assigned to the Intelligence Committee. That would be the black hole of deep state toadies chaired by RINO Richard Burr in name only, and in fact run for the last 3 years by Virginia Democrat Mark Warner, who has led Burr around on a leash like John McCain used to lead Graham around. Yes, that Senate Intelligence Committee.

So, Mitch McConnell, by assigning everything to do with impeachment to the wrong committee – there can be no possible jurisdictional reason why an impeachment process focused on diplomatic dealings involving military aid to a foreign government should be assigned to the committee that has oversight over the nation’s spy community – has ensured that the Senate will do absolutely nothing to conduct any real oversight of its own until articles of impeachment have been delivered at his doorstep.

We might – and should – admire Majority Leader Yertle (thanks to Larry Schweikart for that dead-on nickname for McConnell) for his tenacity in getting President Trump’s judicial nominees confirmed, and to Graham’s credit, all of those nominations go through his Judiciary Committee. But we should never forget that McConnell is a DC Swamp critter to the core, and that his real loyalties in life are to the maintenance of his own privileges, perks and power. He’s more than happy to let Pelosi and Schiff conduct their KGB-style interrogations of witnesses in the Capitol basement with zero oversight from the Senate in the form of hearings or investigations, or indeed without even a peep of protest emerging from his reptilian lips.

So, Republicans in the House are on their own, and up until yesterday, they – and only a handful of them at that – had also limited their activities to issuing sure-to-fail resolutions on the House floor and making appearances on Fox News. But, thanks to Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, who understands that his Party has been bringing a hand grenade to a nuclear war thus far in this fight, that all changed on Wednesday, at least temporarily.

Gaetz led a group of about 35 or so GOP House members down to the Capitol basement hearing room in which Schiff and his fellow Soviet Democrats have been conducting their witness interrogations. There, the Republican protesters held a peaceful demonstration outside the room, held a press availability and generally disrupted the process, stealing a tactic the Democrats and their surrogates use 1,000 time every day all across America. Naturally, the fake news media uniformly described the demonstration as “storming” the hearing room. Because, you know, these are Republicans, and the media simply must use Nazi analogies and imagery anytime possible.

But the point here is that what Gaetz and his fellow Republicans did was effective, in stark contrast to what Graham is planning to do today with his meaningless “resolution.” They got the attention of fake news media outlets outside of Fox News, and even got coverage on the network nightly news programs, something their other antics pretty much never do.

So Gaetz and a handful of fellow GOP House members like Mark Meadows, Devin Nunez and Jim Jordan get it. They understand the real nature of the war that is going on here, and that it is a war not just on President Trump, but on every Republican and every citizen in this country. That’s good.

But here’s the thing: If the demonstration Gaetz led on Wednesday ends up being a one-time thing, then it’s just a stunt, one that will be forgotten by the end of today. To be effective and to move public opinion, these Republicans need to be back there, or doing something similar, today, and tomorrow and every day next week and the week after that and the week after that, until they force Pelosi and Schiff to open up this dark, Soviet-style process to the light of day.

Gaetz’s instincts are good, and the tactic he led yesterday was quite effective. But will he have any follow-through? Guess we’ll find out today.

Don’t hold your breath.

That is all.


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So, Jeff Gramasty has effectively recused himself from the “Trump/Russia” “matter” when HIS constitutents ARE SCREAMING for SENATE REPUBLICANS, ANY REPUBLICAN to GROW A PAIR and FIGHT BACK like the PRESIDENT DOES EVERY DAY.

When is Adam BullShift et al going to recuse themselves when they are so conflicted in the entire process (snark and rhetorical)?

Ok South Carolina, your duty is clear – Primary Graham and recuse him permanently from the senate. You, and the country, need and deserve a true conservative senator as does my state of Tennessee. We also get the chance to get a real conservative senator in 2020 now that the old fart RINO Alexander is retiring.


Estimate 90% of congressional Dimocrats are criminals. The virtue of the Republican Party is only 40% of Republicans are criminals.

phineas gage

More than twenty GOP senators are going to walk the plank and vote to convict? Really?

This is all political theater, a gigantic wind-and-fog machine to distract attention from what is forthcoming from Barr and Durham i.e. actual criminal indictments of prominent Deep Staters.

Jimmy MacAfee

Every member of Congress (especially Adam Schiff) and every member of the press (especially NY Times and Wapo reporters and all of CNN) and every Democrat running for President (especially Biden and son and Lieawatha) should have to release their tax returns before the President releases his.

Every member of Congress = including Senators Lindsay Graham, Pierre Delecto and Mark Warner. Then let’s compare styles. Conservatives KNOW that they’re being scrutinized, and have become squeaky-clean: being under constant scrutiny does that to you, while the Lackadaisical Dems have assumed they can get away with everything, because the press ignores everything (sexual harassment, rape, corruption, treason, espionage, pedophilia, murder… the list doesn’t end here.)

Let’s also see who is being paid by whom, and to look at potential reasons for blackmail, and then contrast leadership styles: flip-floppers need to be scrutinized twice as much. (Chief Justice Roberts?)

Old Dawg

Lindsey is a POS coward. He wants to straddle the fence and be able to jump to whichever side serves his personal agenda best at that time. Lindsey doesn’t even have the courage to ‘come out’ and be true to himself, so how can he be true to anyone/thing else. He is a coward.

Fading Banana Republic Blues

Uniparty RINO RATS will stab Trump in the back and service their globalist paymasters. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

Jim Jaudon

Three rules to live by
Never trust a Democrat
Never ever trust a Republican
Never ever ever trust a career politician
That said, I have come to the conclusion that the House will impeach President Trump and the Senate will convict President Trump and we will be in a shooting civil war by 2021.
Please convince me I am wrong.


@JB – My initial reaction is to agree, but when I slow down to figure out how something like that would happen, I have a difficult time visualizing all of the moving parts. Our first CW was ideological and very geographical. One side north, one side south. Same with conventional wars today vs WW1 or WW2. We declared war on nation states in the past; now we are fighting ideological factions within multiple nations. Today, in the US, the coasts and population centers all lean left, while outlying areas and “flyover” country largely leans center-right. It’s difficult to fathom cities and states coalescing behind a unified stance, let alone what the federal response would be. Maybe large scale unrest and protests like Venezuela and Hong Kong are the models to look to. Any take on it is going to be ugly.

Jimmy MacAfee

I won’t try to convince you that you’re wrong; I’d guess the odds of this are 40% likely, 10% very likely and 50% not at all likely. There are a lot of switches and gears in this, some of which involve Barr and Durham’s investigation(s) and some of which depend upon whether the Deep State thinks it’s worth it to lose everything in order to protect its villains. And a civil war would mean losing everything.

Given that, the Globalists want the United States of America to be 3rd world, and they were trying to steal us bankrupt- after blindfolding us and making us mute and deaf (Big Tech), while they made deals to personally enrich themselves. The Whistleblower in Chief, President Trump, was/is aware of this long ago, but even he didn’t understand the full extent of the corruption and destruction they intended. Who would have thought that we would be seeing Brennan and Clapper and HRC investigated? Unimaginable even a year ago!

As much as I tend toward unsavory language, which is a sin, I believe far more in the power of the LORD to deliver us from these evil thugs. The solution is to pray – and to prepare.

James Brown

It’s not the job of the Senate to provide oversight on the House. Furthermore why try to stop the Demenemy from killing themselves.

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