Unpopular French Senators, and Piece of Sh*t Engages in Projection

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Delightful Peter isn’t satisfying his voters back home. – It turns out that running fake Twitter accounts and bashing the sitting President who easily won your state in 2016 is not a great strategy. A new poll of Utah voters shows the state’s creepy Twitter lurking Senator is now underwater with his constituents by a 46-51% margin. Not earth-shattering, but also not optimal, and it’s important to note that this poll was taken before Romney’s creepy nom de plume was revealed for all to be repelled by on Monday.

But Pierre Delecto, aka Creepy Uncle Mitt, did not run for that Utah senate seat in 2018 in the hopes of spending 30 years in the Senate. He ran for that senate seat in order to position himself to help remove President Donald Trump from office. He and his #NeverTrump cheering squad then hope to position the 2012 loooooooser to Barack Obama as the GOP’s replacement nominee so that he can run another loooooser campaign and hand the presidency to whatever Marxist/Alinsky radical the Democrat Party offers up.

So, negative approval polls back home? A minor irritant to a fake Frenchman with such large dreams of losing on the national stage one more time.

Noted piece of sh*t Obama toady Susan Rice engages in some podcast projection. – What is it about these Democrats and their podcasts? First, the Pantsuit Princess calls Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset on a podcast with Democrat shill David Plouffe, causing an intra-party war to break out.

Now, the wretched Benghazi liar Susan Rice, one of the most detestable public figures in modern times, goes on a podcast with fellow Obama toady pieces of sh*t Ben Rhodes and Tommy Vietor and calls Senator Lindsey Graham “a piece of sh*t”, not once, but three times:

“He’s been a piece of shit,” she said. “He’s a piece of shit. There, I said it, he’s a piece of sh*t.”

Now, many, many people have very strong opinions about Sen. Graham, and most of them are well-founded and well-deserved. I personally detailed my own current grievances about the South Carolina Senator just yesterday, in fact.

Graham is one of the most mercurial and unprincipled members of the U.S. Senate, a guy who followed the execrable warmonger globalist John McCain around like a little doggie on a leash for 20 years, but also a guy who experiences momentary bursts of stellar behavior, as he did during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings a year ago:

But Susan Rice of all people? Whatever else one thinks about Lindsey Graham, he served his country in the U.S. Air Force JAG Corps for 7 years. Susan Rice has never had a patriotic moment in her entire life. Susan Rice has never produced anything positive for the American people. Susan Rice is the despicable hack who has such low personal standards that she was willing to go on not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE Sunday morning fake news shows on the Sunday after Benghazi happened and recite a completely false script at Obama’s demand.

Susan Rice is the detestable sock puppet who wrote the infamous “memo to self” on January 20, 2017, in a vain attempt to cover Obama’s crooked butt related to the efforts to spy on the Trump campaign and fix the 2016 election. Susan Rice is nothing but the very worst kind of DC Swamp errand girl, a person who has spent her entire adult life working to undermine the foundations of the American Republic.

If anyone in America can be accurately described as a pile of excrement laying out on a sidewalk for some unsuspecting passerby to step on, it is Susan Rice. She should move to San Francisco, where piles of human waste are all over the sidewalks and she would have plenty of company.

This has got to be the most unintentionally-hilarious case of projection in world history.

That is all.


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Sharon Campbell

I continue to be amazed that these piles of dog poop keep getting in front of cameras & running their lying mouths! They (Hitlery, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, etc.) seem to not comprehend the wisdom of shutting up & going away!



I agree completely.

When ordinary and dumb criminals commit crime they usually lay low at least until the heat is off, but these clowns/creeps stay in our face nearly daily. They must either think they are above the law, have enough allies in the MSM, the deep state, and congress to cover and stonewall until the order they have created and are part of can be resumed after Trump is gone which is why they are so shrill about impeaching/removing him.

I pray for Trump daily, hope he is successful in dismantling the swamp and that the majority of the American people gain enough wisdom to never ever elect another Democratic President.

Sargent Kulak

She is a stain on America just like the RAT Hussein Hopenchange.

phineas gage

There is a strong likelihood that Graham is compromised due to his personal predilections, as well as undying loyalty to McCain.

He did well during the Kavanaugh hearings, but he’ll be a stonewall as far as coup investigation is concerned. Expecting more is unrealistic–leopards never really change their spots.

Jimmy MacAfee

He’ll have to take a back seat to Barr et al; when the Rice hits the fan, he won’t be able to stonewall.

phineas gage

The podcasts are a form of circle-jerk therapy for these people, a way of shielding themselves from the reality which is becoming every more omnipresent and threatening.

Rice has plenty of reason to be concerned, along with Samantha Power.

Jimmy MacAfee

Pierre Delecto: hmmm. One YouTube personality named Craig mentioned that the first and last letters of each name spell something despicable. Was it intentional, or just one of those G0D-things, where people unwittingly expose themselves? (please, Pierre, don’t expose yourself!)

Susan Rice is a really bad liar; I remember he on the Sunday shows, swallowing, blinking, showing all sorts of “tells” that indicate that she had not uttered a truthful word: she was/is a liar (and apparently not a very capable one.) She should consider working as a camp counselor at a Girl Scout Camp (though she’d lie to the girls, too.) A liar is never to be believed. As Aesop said: “even when he speaks the truth.” I’d have to investigate, probably make it a research topic, to find a time when Rice ever told the truth. Here comes my doctoral thesis!

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