Tucker Carlson and Rand Paul Lambast Lindsey Graham – But What About Richard Burr?

Today’s Campaign Update, PART II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Why should the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee get a pass? – No one is more frustrated with the empty promises of Lindsey Graham than I am. The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who must stand for re-election to his South Carolina Senate seat in 2020, has spent this entire year rushing before the nearest TV camera to make empty promise after empty promise about his plans to force people to testify before his committee.

He’s done this so many times, he has become the Senate’s version of the boy who cried wolf. It’s to the point now where it is near-impossible to take the guy seriously anymore. On his nightly Fox News program last night, Tucker Carlson aired an entire segment on the issue, which included an interview with Senator Rand Paul:

So, yes, Sen. Graham is failing in his duty as chairman. I wrote early this year that, due to his rumored lifestyle, Graham may be one of the most easily-compromised members of the Senate, and it certainly appears as if he has been compromised, and is afraid to exercise the powers of his chairmanship. This is sad and detestable, but it really should come as no surprise to anyone.

Graham richly deserves every bit of criticism he gets from Carlson, Sen. Paul and anyone else who weighs in on this subject – no argument there. His committee has jurisdiction over everything that took place within the Department of Justice and the FBI during 2016 through 2018, and it is now crystal clear Graham has no intention of making any effort whatsoever to hold anyone accountable.

His committee also has the power to subpoena each and every witness being interrogated in the basement of the Capitol Building by Adam Schiff in the fake impeachment charade, but it is obvious now that Graham, despite his threats, has no intention of doing that, either. He deserves to be primaried by a real conservative Republican next year, and to be defeated.

But there is another very powerful Chairman of a very powerful Senate committee – the Intelligence Committee – who also has jurisdiction over every action the coup cabal took during the past three years, and who also has done literally nothing to try to hold anyone accountable.

That Chairman is RINO Richard Burr of North Carolina, and he seems to just get a pass from Carlson and Paul and everyone else for his studious inaction. If anything, given what we now know today about the Comey/Brennan operation Crossfire Hurricane, which involved multiple efforts to entrap members of the Trump campaign by foreign CIA operatives on foreign soil, Burr’s committee should have and even more compelling reason to hold hearings and subpoena witnesses to try to ferret out the truth and hold officials accountable.

But…crickets. Not just from Burr and his committee, but from Tucker Carlson, Rand Paul and everyone else.

Has Sen. Burr been compromised by the deep state, too? Or does he just not give a damn? Either way, the public deserves to know what in the hell is going on here?

That is all.


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I’ve been screaming about Burr for months. He is in a particularly advantageous position as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He is part of the #resistance. He’s the second most regretted vote I ever cast. Senator Tillis is the most regretted vote.

Rick Berry

They must all be atheists for a God fearing person would surely not commit such sins against his fellow man knowing a final judgement is coming.

Sharon Campbell

Sorry, that should be “compromised” dern spell check

Sharon Campbell

I, too, am throughly disgusted with Graham & Burr. I can’t figure out if they’re both comprised or on the “take”. It’s one or the other!

phineas gage

Burr is not compromised–he is a member of the Deep State. Evidence now suggests that much of early coordination of the coup was handled through SSCI–Sundance has an in-depth article about this.

Warner took over for DiFi, who bailed when Trump was elected.

Jimmy MacAfee

Her Chinese connections hastened her exit, and the CIA wasn’t happy with her questions about their spying on Senators. They own Burr and Graham. And Warner.

M. S. Ellsworth

Burr is the chairman in name only–Mark Warner is in complete charge. Note back in the Mueller stuff if the committee held a news conference, Warner was the one who spoke. Burr was the silent bobblehead in the back.

Jimmy MacAfee

Warner needs to be investigated, if he’s not already under investigation, as part of the coup cabal.

Don McCoy

Who cares if Graham got “lambasted!?” It doesn’t matter at all! NOBODY is moving to solve the Russia Collusion hoax problem at all. FBI still RIFE with corruption because it’s still RIFE with the same corrupt agents. Barr makes noise and (admittedly) encouraging comments…and HE does NOTHING for Americans or Trump EITHER. Tucker and his guests can SLAM and LAMBASTE and SCORCH the opposition…but it’s theater. Nothing is done to move us forward.

Jimmy MacAfee

Graham – in a prank call from Russians – stated that Obama had made a big mistake in making the Syrian Kurds into allies. Seems his defense of our allies is mostly B.S. and handwringing. Here it is *note: this is Politico)

I won’t comment on Graham’s sexuality, but he is a slimy little beast in some ways: he supported, while under the influence (or under) John McLame, the Jihadists in Syria who were supposedly allies, but who murdered, raped and enslaved Christians. They were barely better than ISIS. Note also that Erdogan also supported al Nusra, the al Qaeda of Syria. If Graham likes guys, fine. But permitting the wholesale slaughter of Christians in Syria (that ironically Assad was protecting) is a bridge too far. Thought maybe he’d repented, but obviously not.

With Burr at the head of Senate Intel, it means we have no Intelligence in the Senate. (No kidding!) But what most people don’t remember is that Brennan ordered the CIA to spy on the Senate, and lied about it to Congress. He should be imprisoned just on that lie alone. Burr should be ready to censure people like Mark Warner, who apparently got his intelligence reports from Brennan and others, and who is a participant in the Russian dossier hoax. The whole committee should be disbanded. And would be, if Mitch wasn’t so compromised by family ties to China. You’d need a thousand graveyards to bury all the skeletons these people have in their closets.

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