Durham Will Interview Brennan – Explains This Week’s Deep State Media Push

Today’s Campaign Update, PART III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Suddenly, it all becomes clear. – News broke on Tuesday that, consistent with earlier rumors, U.S. Attorney John Durham has formally requested an interview with Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan, and plans to also interview Obama-era Director of National Intelligence James Clapper:

This news explains why the Usual Suspects in the fake news media have been putting on a full court fake news press in their support of their Deep State heroes. As reported previously here, Saturday was the New York Times’ day to do the toadying, Sunday was NBC’s day, and Tuesday was Politico’s day in the shilling well.

Brennan himself had obviously gotten wind of Durham’s intentions early this month, as he nervously speculated on October 3 to MSCIA’s fake host Nicolle Wallace that he might well have to testify to Durham and his investigators:

Check out that body language. That is one very nervous liar right there.

Brennan has already been revealed to have lied multiple times when he testified along with Comey and Clapper before he House Intelligence Committee back in 2017, but perjury should be the least of the issues Durham will want to explore with the former chief spy.

The Saturday deep state narrative promotion piece by the NYTimes noted that, while Durham has already interviewed “dozens” of current and former Obama officials during the course of his investigation, he had yet to question the principles who we know organized and executed the effort to fix the 2016 election and then to remove a sitting President via a coup d’etat.

Today’s news proves that he’s getting around now to questioning the targets.


That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Just hang him already.


Why is anyone surprised this guy is an admitted communist I never could understand why he was confirmed for the CIA in the first place .Talk about the fox in the hen house more like a rapist in the whore house.

Jimmy MacAfee

He slunk his way down the ladder to reach the top; here’s how he got to the top of the CYA:
He allegedly, while out of government, held all of Comrade Obambi’s personal records, keeping them safe from scrutiny. It’s also suspected that he brought devices to the Whitehouse where Obambi could play with drones and kill rock-scramblers. He was kind of a father figure to Obambi, who actively sought them throughout his life (that doesn’t discredit him: orphans often do that – and his mother abandoned him for the most part, and his “father” never was a part of his life.) Brennan would seem more like an older sister, though a protector of the weak-kneed little putz.


My comments always take literally hours before the eye post on your site. Am I doing something wrong?


What a whole lot of people seem to forget and/or not realize is that this seemingly interminable delay of justice is due almost entirely to the single most despicable, “Judas Iscariot” backstabbing traitor of them all, Jeff Sessions. Remember, from the day he came on in 2017 until he finally resigned in Nov 2018 he actively hamstrung Trump and abetted Mueller at every opportunity. When you add that time to the confirmation time for Barr that comes out to about 24 of Trump’s current total of just over 33 months in office folks (~76%). And even Trump admits he made a mistake with Sessions, probably his biggest (but in Trump’s defense, that POS Sessions did cowardly and heinously straight up stab him in the back, bad. Personally, I believe he was most likely seriously blackmailed, but I digress). Keep in mind, Barr only came on in Feb 2019. He took about four months to get his DOJ house in order (a record setting pace in the Deep State corrupt DOJ), then began HIS investigation only in July 2019. So HE’S only been at it for about 3 and a half months and look how the deep staters and MSM are already running terrified. People make the fallacy of ascribing the whole delay of justice since Jan 2017 to Trump’s people now, including Barr, when it would be far more accurate to simply, if regrettably, accept the whole Sessions tenure as time purely and tragically lost to HIS treason, write that time off, and re-start the clock at Feb 2019 for Barr and company. From that perspective I think thing look rather promising for true justice.


I generally accept your premise, but (unfortunate) Trump appointee swamp rat Wray is still the FBI Director and AG Barr is his boss and I’m not seeing any change on seventh floor at the Hoover (another self serving corrupt FBI director) building.

Sessions may have been a compromised/blackmailed two year waste, and the fact that he did not resign proves he is a DS backstabber of Trump despite being one of the first major political figures to support Trump in 2015/6.

The only thing I would have done on Jan 20, 2017 if I were Trump: I would have fired every one in government that I could and have the agencies run by acting directors. I would have given the acting director a month to draining their respective swamp. If they failed then repeat the process. There might be GS12s running some agencies, but much of the swamp would have been flushed. Very few “good” people would have been lost with such a purge.

I worked in DC for several years and there was not one SES who I worked for, or knew of, who I would hire if I were running a business; they were/are either corrupt, compromised or, at best, inept.

Barr et al had better get real results including convictions and incarcerations and soon – prior to the 2020 elections – or we will have become a Banana Republic beyond redemption.

phineas gage

The pun was unintended, but completely apropros.

phineas gage

The question at hand is whether the old Communist Brennan will let himself be thrown under the bus and take one for the team. I suspect the answer to that is ‘no’, which is when things will get really good.

The trail ends at Obama. I don’t think Barr/Trump will take it all the way to an indictment of an ex-President, but a lot of his actions are going to be unmasked.


For every question asked Attorney General Barr has three sworn affidavits to the correct answer.

Silas Lester

I suspect you are correct.

Silas Lester

Wonder if Brennan will suddenly become “terminally” ill and die before he can testify?


He’ll hang himself from the end of his bed with a crepe paper bed sheet.


I hope so!

Jimmy MacAfee

Brennan has gotten his old squeaky voice back, after having attempted to put on a man-voice, and his petulance is a defensive tactic. Histrionics are his M.O. though; can’t hide it. Silly beetch.


Brennan personifies your typical bureaucratic asshole: perpetual scowl on his face & holier-than-thou attitude. If they call John Kerry “Bolt Neck” because of his Frankenstein-like look & delivery they should call this guy “No Neck”; he’s a head mounted on top an ill-formed torso.


What I can’t stand about assholes like Brennan, is that they do and have committed atrocities under the auspices of it being OK, because they know what is better for me than I do. They are dirtbags that are out of touch with reality, while given an extreme amount of power that corrupts absolutely. They are about as evil as it gets and they should NEVER be able to influence anybody in power. The longer this goes on, the more convinced I become that the alphabet agencies need to be disbanded. I’m not even convinced that they need to be rebuilt or replaced.

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