Sunday was NBC’s Day to Shill for the Deep State Coup Cabal

Today’s Campaign Update, PART II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The fake news outlets are taking turns parroting the Coup Cabal’s talking points. – Saturday was the New York Times day, and Sunday, it was NBC’s turn at the fake news bar as the Coup Cabal continues to try to build an exculpatory narrative in advance of the release of the Horowitz report. We’ve seen this repeatedly over the past few years, as America’s fake news media continues to toady for its Democrat masters.

NBC News started its shilling right at the top, with a hilariously-slanted headline: “AG Barr expands mysterious review into origin of Russia investigation.”  Oooooohhhh, it’s all “mysterious” and stuff. The sub-head is even better: “If U.S. Attorney John Durham is conducting a criminal investigation, it’s not clear what allegations of wrongdoing are being examined.”

Oh, hey, guess who no doubt fed NBC that headline and sub-head: Could it be Obama CIA Director John Brennan? It seems likely, given this passage hidden way down in the bowels of the piece:

If Durham is conducting a criminal investigation, it’s not clear what allegations of wrongdoing are being examined. The Justice Department has not detailed any, and a spokeswoman declined to comment for this story.

“I don’t know what the legal basis for this is,” Brennan said, calling the probe “bizarre.”

So, Saturday’s theme parroted by the New York Times was that, hey, the Coup Cabal didn’t do anything wrong in the sham Clinton email “investigation,” and Sunday’s theme is “the Barr/Durham investigation is all mysterious and bizarre and stuff, or something.”

The NBC piece is an obvious, blatant effort to paint the Barr/Durham investigation to be somehow illegitimate, which explains the use of Brennan-fed code words like “bizarre,” “mysterious,” and “unusual” throughout. Of course, there is nothing mysterious or unusual about the investigation at all, and Barr spent a ton of time in May explaining in great detail why he was pursuing the investigation and what he and Durham would be looking at.

NBC even details much of that in its own piece:

Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general, has conducted an investigation into the FBI’s actions in launching the Russia probe.

But Barr has said he believes an IG inquiry is not sufficient to answer the questions he has about how the investigation began. In doing so, he made comments suggesting Durham had authority only a criminal investigation could provide.

In a May 31 interview with CBS News, Barr said Horowitz “doesn’t have the power to compel testimony, he doesn’t have the power really to investigate beyond the current cast of characters at the Department of Justice. His ability to get information from former officials or from other agencies outside the department is very limited.”

Barr also said in the interview that the purpose of the Durham review is to make sure there was not inappropriate surveillance of the Trump campaign.

“I had a lot of questions about what was going on,” he said. “Some of the facts that I’ve learned don’t hang together with the official explanations of what happened.”

Ok, so, what is “mysterious,” “bizarre,” or “unusual” about any of that? Barr is concerned about the origins of myriad FBI/CIA/DOJ-sanctioned efforts to spy on the Trump Campaign/Trump Transition/Trump Administration were improperly originated and conducted, and that no one has made any real effort to get to the bottom of why that all happened and who authorized the spying in the first place. So, he has detailed Durham to lead a probe to get to the bottom of it all.

IG Horowitz has no power to subpoena witnesses outside of the DOJ/FBI employee base, and no power to convene grand juries to seek indictments should crimes be uncovered. Durham, as a U.S. Attorney, does possess those powers.

This is not complicated, except for fake journalists who are set on pretending to be intentionally obtuse in efforts to deceive the American public. And that’s how we end up with these fake media outlets taking turns goose-stepping to marching music being played by the Coup Cabal.

Can’t wait to see what Monday’s theme becomes, and which fake news media outlet gets to parrot it for Brennan/Clapper/Comey and company. My money’s on ABC or The Washington Post.

Stay tuned.

That is all.


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phineas gage

Re: Mike Murphy’s claim that 30 GOP senators would vote to convict Trump in a secret ballot–I don’t doubt that may be at least in the ballpark of accurate, given the number of deep state swampers in the GOP caucus, but the key word is secret. They’re all spineless and completely devoted to their reelection, which they would never endanger in this way.

Jimmy MacAfee

Murphy advised Pierre Delecto, John McLame and Lamar Alexander, Ahnold the Barbarian and Jeb Bush. He’s a spineless coward, a failure as a political consultant. He is the definition of the “permanent political class.”


Yep Mutt is a “Peter” alright. Delightful? err, not so much

Carlos Dangler

To me it seems that often the lamestream media sets the daily agenda which signals what the swampies need to do.

phineas gage

The Dems are discovering how it feels to be on the other side of the special counsel/investigator game.

Expect the frequency of these media efforts to increase as panic sets in and sphincters begin to tighten throughout D.C.

Trump initiated this by specifically referring to ‘CrowdStrike’ in his call and then allowing that transcript to be released–he knew very well what he was doing.

Alles Klaar Comrde Kommissar

I would feel sorry for the lame clueless media presstitutes but Bolsheviks don’t deserve any mercy or sympathy.


Its Monday and I can hardly wait for the latest charges to come from the left against this most excellent POTUS, Donald J. Trump.
So far the lefties, both sides of the aisle, have not come up with credible stuff to overthrow(impeach) the will of the people. Each charge is being debunked and proven to be made of fairy dust and unicorn farts. None based on actual facts nor evidence.
On one hand, its delightful to watch the left attempt to stick the junk to POTUS, then see it crumble into nothing substantial. Sometimes bringing to light the lefties own role in the attempted coup. Which makes it more fun for folks like me to observe.
And, President Donald J. Trump keeps cruising along doing his job. Getting the important stuff done which will benefit the citizens of this great nation, and, sometimes, the world. The left still hasn’t figured out how to deal with all the winning by this President.
Luvin’ it. KAG 2020.
Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

What is “mysterious” and “unusual” is the impeachment behind closed doors. Not just behind, but apparently in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility,) the kind Princess Pelosi had installed in Air Force 1, for her and her conspitators’ use (including Adam Schiffless.)

If they want to do that, fine. That means when the trials of corruptocrats and traitors are being held, they can likewise be held behind closed doors, too. Precedents, precedents!

phineas gage

I continue to believe that they will not go forward with any official impeachment vote with Trump polling at 50% or higher. If they do, it means they have all gone insane because it is electoral suicide and guarantees a 300+ EV landlside for Trump in 2020

They don’t seem to understand that, as a non- swamp politician, Trump doesn’t really care about impeachment, he cares about getting things done and laying out his enemies. Impeachment is a win-win for him.

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