Tulsi Gabbard, the DC Swamp’s New Heretic

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Burn the heretic! Burn the heretic! – So, what is really going on with this effort – detailed here yesterday – by the Democrat/media/RINO Axis of Propaganda to brand Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard as a “Russian agent”? No doubt, many readers can already guess, right?

This is the Axis of Propaganda, which has saddled our nation with a three-year neverending coup effort, already building the foundation for its excuse for losing the 2020 election, in which they know they have little chance of preventing President Donald Trump from winning re-election to a second term. That foundation for excusing the loss – by blaming it all on the Russians one more time – will then serve as the kicking off point and justification for another four years of neverending coup efforts.

Yes, it’s all incredibly tiresome and futile, but this is all these people have left at this point. If you wonder why they keep doing this kind of thing, you have to understand that to the denizens of the DC Swamp, this is a literal fight for survival. President Trump isn’t just upsetting the apple cart, every action he takes is a direct assault on their corrupt way of life.

In Syria, Trump is destroying their foundation for never-ending Middle East wars, from which many trillion of dollars of graft and no-bid contracts have flowed to all the influence peddlers and hangers-on.

By implementing policies that have helped the oil and gas industry make our country more energy secure, Trump has helped destroy any compelling reason why our country must remain entangled in all of the Middle East’s 2,000 year-old conflicts between various religions and sects.

By investigating the actions of Quid Pro Joe and his ne’er-do-well son Hunter, Trump is exposing the kind of influence game that thousands of DC Swamp denizens spend their lives aspiring to become a part of.

By working to end the last 30 years of trade deals that have allowed China and other nations across the globe to drain America’s wealth, Trump is upsetting the 30-year effort to end America’s status as the world’s lone true superpower.

By investigating the origins of the FBI/CIA/State Department spying efforts against the Trump Campaign, Trump threatens to expose the Obama-era corruption that not only turned most federal departments into mob-like enterprises, but leads all the way up to the Obama White House.

By mentioning Crowd Strike and the DNC server on his call with Ukraine President Zelensky, Trump signaled that he knows full well where and how the neverending coup germinated.

And by doing everything he can to secure the southern border with Mexico, Trump exposes the globalist attempt to turn our nation into a classic socialist two-tiered society, one with a ruling class consisting of a few million and an easily-manipulated and controlled permanent underclass consisting of several hundred million.

If you understand these motivations by the Axis of Propaganda, you realize that the assault on Gabbard, a Major in the Hawaii National Guard who has served two full tours in the Middle East, is simply a shot across the bow signaling that the Swamp hasn’t surrendered, and its leaders are gearing up for another four years of the same old bullsh*t.

Gabbard has made herself a target due to her refusal to support the Axis of Propaganda’s narrative that President Trump is somehow an illegitimate president. She regularly admits that Trump did win the 2016 election fair and square in her stump speeches, and likely set off this week’s round of attacks on her character when she said it again during the Tuesday night debate. This is the main reason why I frequently refer to her as the only truly interesting person in the Democrat field – she’s the only actual independent voice on that debate stage.

In the world of the neverending Middle East warmongers like the Pantsuit Princess, anyone who favors the Trump policy of getting the U.S. out off all of these Islam-driven conflicts automatically becomes someone to be demonized as a tool of Vladimir Putin. The Axis of Propaganda has been running a social media effort to demonize Gabbard throughout 2019, and her statement that Trump really won in 2016 during the debate appears to have been the catalyst for the Coughing Crook to make things more public on Wednesday evening.

On domestic policy, Gabbard is just another Democrat socialist dedicated to wasting trillions of dollars every year on programs that have no chance of actually working. But on foreign and military policy, she is a DC Swamp heretic, someone whose reputation and career must be destroyed before she gains enough political influence and power to become an existential threat to the utterly corrupt way of life all the Swamp skunks and snakes have built for themselves.

Gabbard was on Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday night giving her side of this story. It’s a pretty strong interview and worth taking the 5 minutes to watch:

There is literally zero chance that Gabbard could ever become the nominee of the Democrat Party in 2020 – the Swamp rats who control the party now would rather destroy the party before they let that happen. But she is, at least on some matters, that rarest of rare animals in Washington today: A Democrat who is actually willing to tell the truth about the DC Swamp and the real nature of Hillary Clinton:

Image may contain: 1 person, text

For that alone, she deserves our respect.

That is all.


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Cameron Howe

It’s OK Tulsi, the flak is always thickest when you are over the target.

It’s too bad she keeps taking cheap shots at POTUS, it would be a stroke of political genius for POTUS to find a position for her in the administration once she is out of the race. Domestic progressive platform not withstanding. Not only short term optics of extending the olive branch, but long term as well since there is good chance the pendulum is going to swing back in 2024, and I’d rather have Tulsi with an improved resume than any of the other Democratic washouts from this go around becoming front runners.


My parents were JFK Democrats and I still remember listening to the radio announcing his assassination. I was active in the Democrat party and gave them lots of money over the years. MY HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED!!! Somewhere along the way (or I just never realized it), the party became a cesspool of corruption. I remember Hillary’s indignant press conference after she was basically removed from her healthcare committee. That was the first time Hillary really rang my alarm bells. The vast right wing conspiracy and several other events, disgusted me so badly, that I couldn’t vote for her NO MATTER WHAT! I voted for Obama twice regrettably, as I along with millions of others fell for his extremely good orator abilities, which made him the most convincing liar in modern history. I voted for Trump with my first R vote and I’m over 60. I’m voting for him again and I certainly hope he destroys the D party and the MSM, that are treasonous in their efforts to remove a duly elected POTUS. If justice is not served regarding this coup, we will forever be a lesser nation.


Thanks for finally realizing the Dems are horsebleep; have been since before Woodrow Wilson a hundred years ago – See Dinesh Desousa’s movie: Hillary’s America and all his other films. The only reasonably decent Dems since WWII were Truman and Ed Koch the former NYC Mayor

Jimmy MacAfee

True. And FDR got suckered by his own man-crush on Stalin, something some people are repeating with their love of Erdogan (Obama, Trump) Some argue that WWII wasn’t in our interests, but with the Nazis in South America with a lot of support there, with Mexico being promised things, we had no choice. Truman regretted splitting the OSS, but screwed up in not setting the Korean issue with finality. Kennedy was a Conservative, by today’s standards, and was profoundly anti-Deep State. We would have come home from Vietnam, had he survived. There is the measure of the times we must fear and be willing to rise up against, should history repeat itself.

Uniparty Uber Alles

I’m surprised she didn’t get the Ron Paul treatment. But then again the Bolsheviks play for keeps while the republicants play pretend.
At least she punches back at the esteemed party members even if they are higher up the totem pole.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ron Paul was smacked around a bit, but not like others: the Deep State is using the Lyndon LaRouche treatment on President Trump. (No sympathies for LaRouche intended, just an observations.) The M.O. of their scheme against Trump is petty and thorough; Tulsi Gabbard, if elected, would be treated just as badly as Trump. And now the questions about Warren are showing up: how are you going to pay for Medicare for all? And the questioners are Liberal/Leftists, the Deep Staters. Warren is not their candidate. The Deep State had figured Biden was their new “inevitable” candidate, but is not so inevitable now. The Deep State now has no one running for them, and Gabbard is shooting the crap out of all the from Clowns In America candidates – (that would be the Brennan sector.)

Jimmy MacAfee

I supported the War in Iraq, but something wrong became apparent – terribly managed, terribly wrong. Not our soldiers, not the war itself, but our politicians and their cronies corruption. It seemed the lust to make war was only secondary to the actual ambition to give contracts to corrupt associates, to launder money, and to make pallets of cash disappear. (Obama did the latter, without having to start a war in Iran.)

They kept telling us that they wanted to keep the war against radical Islam “over there, not on our shores,” but at the same time they kept importing radical Islamists; some of the worst are now in Congress. Radical Islam is here, also, in the form of CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood and in the Democrapic Party itself. And President Trump’s admiration of Erdogan the Gollum is troubling, because he’s nothing BUT and Islamist who supports MB and CAIR and al Nusra Front.

President Trump is right about one thing: we no longer need to be in the Middle East. Used to think so, but read my second paragraph. The war is no longer “over there.” It’s not isolationist when the enemy is in your living room. Gabbard probably doesn’t understand this, but she’s at least interested in stopping the corruption.


I supported both Iraq wars and the Afghanistan efforts: Charlie Wilson’s War in the eighties and Bush Jr’s. adventure in 2002 thru ???

I have also noticed one other salient fact about the globalist/deep state warmongers: NEVER do they EVER want the US to actually WIN one.

A pacifist America Beat Hitler, Italy and Japan, and materially supported every other county fighting the Axis powers in LESS THAN FOUR YEARS!

Here is the record since that last DECLARED WAR and since the UN has been involved:

Korea – 3 years – stalemate and still not officially ended.

Viet Nam – 10 + years and an undeniable loss.

Gulf War # 1 – 2 months, but incomplete, left us babysitting Iraq forever with BS no fly zones because of pu$$ys like Bush the first and Colon Powell. You don’t win a war by declaring victory; wars are won when the loser admits defeat and surrenders unconditionally.

Afghanistan ten and now seventeen years and it is still as intercoursed up as it was in 1989, 1979, 1969, 1869…

Iraq, the sequel, in many ways worse than when Saddam controlled it.

Syria et al, Same Sh*t, different Sh*thole.

The US will never “win” another war unless and until the UN is dissolved and we declare an actual war that is to be fought only for America’s interests.


Give her credit too for destroying Kamala Harris; Tulsi shivved her but good & Kamala has never been able to recover ;<)

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