WATCH: Mick Mulvaney’s Epic Fake News Media Beat-Down

Today’s Campaign Update, Part III
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This is the best entertainment you will experience this week. – Acting Chief of Staff and just general jack of all trades for this Administration Mick Mulvaney staged one of the most epic beatdowns of our fake news media mavens of all time by anyone not named Trump today. He is almost as good as the President is at this, and actually does it while speaking in complete sentences and without the roar of helicopter or jumbo jet engines behind him. He is without doubt one of the most polished and witty extemporaneous speakers you will ever see. If management at Fox News had a lick of sense they’d offer Mulvaney about $20 million to fill that now-vacant 3:00 ET time slot.

I don’t have time to do a transcript here, but just watch it – it is hands-down the best show on television:


That is all.


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I find it hilarious watching the MSM digging for something, ANYthing that they can turn into a weapon against Trump. They’re practically drooling to catch some tidbit they can put in one of their word salads to reinforce their preferred narratives.


“The difference between the Trump family and the Bidens?”

“The Trump family made their money before they entered politics”

Boom….conference over….


Mulvaney versus the droolers. No wonder Americans rate reporters and journalists lower than politicians, gang bangers, and pedophiles. USA Today is bankrupt. NYTimes is sure to follow. Media are synonymous with liars, fraud, propaganda, fiction, fake, scum, and Dim. They choose a contemptible college major with no job prospects because it is easier than ghetto studies, gender studies, and ukulele. Fry cook was their calling.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wondering how the assembled jackasses missed Mulvaney’s statement that European nations didn’t contribute anything resembling a weapon to Ukraine (Germany probably wanted to continue getting gas from Russia, anyway.) But as far as Mulvaney giving the press a “beat-down?” I’d characterize it as him pissing on their feet while smiling a big, broad smile.

Jimmy MacAfee

So let’s see: the current administration is trying to help Ukraine to develop its own energy resources, no quid pro quo, while Joe Biden was going to block the billion dollar loan to the Ukraine unless they called off the investigation of George Soros, Hunter Biden and another party? And that billion dollar loan was to go to pay the Russians for the gas bill Ukraine owed?

So we’re freeing the Ukraine to produce energy, and to become energy independent, while the last administration wanted to see Ukraine stay in debt to Vlad the Impaler, while siphoning off money for Joe, Joe’s psycho son and other party officials and family? So why is the press…? Never mind. Dumb question.

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