129 Republicans Disgrace Themselves in House Show Vote on Syria

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Remember those Republicans who supported Nancy Pelosi and betrayed the American voters with this vote. – I have very often been thoroughly disgusted with the behavior of spineless, disloyal Republicans in the U.S. Congress, but seldom as disgusted as I felt on Wednesday afternoon.

That was when we got news that 129 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives joined with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat caucus in a vote to condemn President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. military personnel out of harm’s way as the Turkish military invaded Northern Syria on Sunday. That decision involved about 50 U.S. military advisors who would have otherwise been trapped between the Turkish and Kurdish forces, and another 1,000 or so U.S. personnel who were already well away from the front.

This vote was a shameful act, and I’m frankly embarrassed to see the names of Texans like Kevin Brady, Dan Crenshaw and John Ratcliffe on the list of “yea” votes for this despicable, non-binding resolution. Here is why these were shameful votes: The U.S. Constitution grants Congress the sole power to declare war on another country. If these posturing, blustering politicians truly feel so horrified by the President’s decision to keep our country’s military personnel safe, and so strongly about siding with the Kurdish forces – who, by the way, regularly make incursions into Turkey against U.S. advice – then they need to man-up and hold a vote on a declaration of war.

Doing what they did on Wednesday is simply political posturing designed to allow them to go tell their voters that they bravely defied the President in a vote that in reality does nothing but provide political support for the Democrat Party. It’s disgusting, and I had hoped that I would not see the three men listed above – whom I have held in high regard – engaging in this sort of political cowardice.

Most Americans have no regard at all for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is a despicable, brutish thug. But the centuries-old conflict between the Turks and the Kurds is every bit as unsolvable as all the myriad other centuries-old conflicts involving various peoples and religious factions in the Middle East. These conflicts existed long before the United States of America was born, and will persist long after the Democrats succeed in dividing the U.S. into two or more separate nations.

They are, in other words, not our problem, and if the last 28 years have taught us nothing else, they should have taught every American that neither our country nor any other nation on earth, no matter how well-intentioned or powerful, is capable of resolving them peacefully. All we are capable of doing is ensuring the ongoing killing takes place in a reorganized fashion.

Donald Trump was elected to the presidency in large part to get our military personnel out of the middle of never-ending conflicts like this one, and that is what he decided to do on Sunday.  He inherited a set of quagmires from his four predecessors in office, holding a mandate from the voters to get our country out of them.

For members of congress, for warmonger John McCain disciples like Lindsey Graham, who are currently wringing their hands about the supposed “rebirth of ISIS,” the way to prevent that being a threat to America is to act on the other main reason why Donald Trump won the 2016 election and pass legislation designed to get control of our damn borders.

In other words, instead of going on Fox News and CNN to channel John McCain and lecture the President about “abandoning our allies,” Graham and Brady and Ratcliffe and Chrenshaw need to be going on those channels and others to pound the Democrats for abandoning the American people.

But that would take political will, something that is always in short supply among Republican members of congress.

Again, here is the link to the roll call on Wednesday’s show vote. Memorize those 129 Republican names, and if one of them represents your district, do something to let them know about your displeasure with yesterday’s abandonment of the American people. Because the 2016 election was a referendum on this very issue, and their side lost.

That is all.


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Alabaster McGillicuddy

The Kurds have been fighting in Syria, Turkey and Iraq for God only knows how many years. The 1000 US troops in Syria or the 50 some that President Trump moved out of northern Syria won’t make a bit of difference in the conflict one way or the other. These US troops are nothing more than “trip wire troops” to be used as an excuse to put more US troops into the area for the “forever war” to continue. .


Kurds voted for independence. An Iraqi force immediately marched north to seize the Kurd oil fields and refinery at Kirkuk. Two Kurd forces were positioned to defend the oil fields. The Kurd commander handed the oil to Iraq without a fight. He said he wanted to spare his men. Without the oil fields Kurds cannot purchase weapons, and cannot support their own army to defend themselves. Kurds are forever slaves. Peace on them. Freedom is not free.

Jimmy MacAfee

Those oilfields were also what ISIS used for cash, allegedly via the Turkish Gollum’s son. Obumbler didn’t want to harm innocent truck drivers, he said, so they let the convoys through – ISIS and a few traitorous Kurds selling stolen Kurdish oil through Turkey. It’s on a level of corruption with Biden and young American Psycho, his son AKA “Hunter.”.


You seem to be confusing Republican with RINO


House Democrats and RINOs yesterday passed a resolution against Trump’s Syria pull-out, the same day Pelosi, Schumer and Hoyer declared Trump had a meltdown over them questioning his Syrian Policy, when clearly it was them who melted, walking out of the meeting on the subject refusing to even read Trump’s ultimatum letter to Erdogan. Presto, out of the blue Democrats are yet again blindsided by Trump: Trump deftly solved the Syrian problem Democrats couldn’t figure out for over 10 years. Now you’re going to claim is was Erdogan saving or outsmarting Trump and that it’s only a 120-hour deal. That’s an ignorant and pathetic stance against Trump no-matter-what. The truce will last as long as Erdogan doesn’t want his economy destroyed by Trump. Checkmate and Match, Skippy.


There are good reasons for the Republican Party being known as the Stupid Party.

Jimmy MacAfee

Last post today (promise)

Note: YPG is different from PPK: PPK are Commie Kurds in Turkey: YPG are Syrian Kurds and not Commies.


‘“I told President Trump that Obama made a huge mistake in relying on the YPG Kurds,” Graham continued. “Everything I worried about has come true, and now we have to make sure Turkey is protected from this threat in Syria.”

Anything Graham says of the subject in support of the Syrian Kurds is hypocrisy. Now he wails and grinds his teeth and tears his vest over the fate of the Kurds, whom he called heretofore “a threat.”

mike lee

exactly right jim.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, I have a question for you and everybody who reads this:
Why are the same people who were mad at Obama for taking troops out of Iraq mad at Trump for wanting to take troops out of Syria? Ponder it for awhile.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some recent history: our Military had been negotiating with the Kurds and Turks on the boundaries, and were undercut by Erdogan, because progress had been made. While many – including myself – felt that the President undermined the Kurds, the fact is that Erdogan alone broke the negotiations. He’s infamous for performing the old “let’s you and him fight” routine, and was one of the principle reasons for the war in Syria between the “Syrian” (not) rebels, a large percentage of whom were militant Islamists from elsewhere. Furthermore, if you remember when Prince Salmon held a large number of Saudi royals in a luxury hotel for some badly needed rest and rendition, you might also know that they funded ISIS, and they funded the Islamist “rebels” who were massacring Christians by the thousands. Erdogan, not President Trump, is to blame.

My personal disappointment with President Trump is that he once stated that Erdogan was “a good man.” No, he is not. He tried to cause major wars, and is an insane manipulator whom the world would be better off without. Congress is barking up the wrong tree – and shouldn’t be barking about Trump at this point anyway – because pigs don’t climb trees, and Erdogan is a truffle-sniffer who occasionally finds an acorn.

I’m in favor of a total withdrawal from Syria, and bringing all F-35 work home from Turkey and removing the nukes on their base that NATO has supposedly secured. And sanctions. Crippling sanctions.

Reality is Not Negotiable

Their stock portfolios might suffer if the eternal war has a break? When will their kids be signing up at the local recruiting office?
How many of them will stab Trump and the country in the back as part of impeachment mania?

William Creasman


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