Horowitz Report Delayed Again? What a Shock. Not.

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

In case you missed it, the report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s FISA abuse investigation is being delayed. Yet again. For the, what, 100th time?

News of the latest delay came from Maria Bartiromo, host on Fox News’s “Mornings With Maria,” who had previously reported on her program last week that the report would be released this Friday:

“Classifications being made.” Well, we all know what that means in the lingo of the apparently hopelessly-corrupt Department of Justice these days, right? Whenever we do see this report, it will be filled with entire passages completely black out, and those will in all likelihood be the most crucial passages that would implicate the actual bad actors in the 2016-17 election fixing/coup effort.

So, every time you get to thinking that maybe, just maybe, Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham might actually be making some progress and doing something real in their own investigation into the origins of the election fixing/coup d’etat plot, you get a countervailing event that shows you nothing much has changed at the Department of [No] Justice. Let’s all remember that this past May, President Donald Trump gave Mr. Barr full discretion on the determination of what information related to these unending efforts to change the results of the 2016 elections should and should not be classified. Thus, if we are now having another two-week delay in the issuance of the Horowitz Report, it is completely at Barr’s discretion.

Speaking on Sean Hannity’s show Monday night, former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz said that the interminable delays are the result of “intra-agency debate, and really a food fight” over classification issues, further saying that he’s being told that up to 10-20% of the full report – which Bartiromo claims is massive – will end up being blacked out. Chaffetz reminded Hannity that just 7 WORDS had been black out in Horowitz’s previous report.

Oh. So, nothing at DOJ has really changed since 2016, right?

But it gets even worse, according to Chaffetz. Fast forward to 3:35 of the clip below and listen to what he says about worthless FBI Apparatchik Christopher Wray:

For those of you who still like to read stuff, here’s a partial transcript of the key 15 seconds:

Hannity: Who is asking for the redactions? Is that Director Wray?

Chaffetz: I have not seen any evidence that Director Wray has been cooperative, but I think you’re also talking about other agencies, perhaps the CIA, the NSA, there are others. I think Mr. Clapper, Mr. Brennan are fighting behind the scenes as best they can, in front of the camera they’re fighting as best they can.

This is disgusting. It’s an ongoing national disgrace. And it’s apparently never going to end.

Another very interesting piece of that clip comes just a few seconds into the video, when Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz acknowledges that he was kicked out of a House Intelligence Committee witness deposition by Chairman Adam Schiff yesterday. Kicked out.

Imagine – just try to imagine – the uproar we would be seeing in our fake news media this morning had Republican Chairman Devin Nunes kicked Schiff out of a formal committee meeting during 2017-18. You would think the world was coming to an end.

This is real, true Nazi stuff, folks. The majority party is now so all-consumed with power that is denying the minority party members any and all rights to participate in this fake impeachment process.

And it’s all being enabled by your fake news media. Why?  Because they’re complicit, too. Never forget that part.

Have a great day, if you can.

That is all.


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Don McCoy

Can nobody see that Barr isn’t going to do anything more than Sessions?


Enough is enough Horowitz! Either chit or get off the proverbial pot. America thinks you’ve been corrupted like the rest of the swamp. Prove us wrong….please. Or, just get out of the way for some young gun to tell all of America where all the dead bodies and corruption lies.


It appears all the hope we had when Barr was appointed to get answers and spoil the swapes intentions to do evil have been put on hold. Maybe indifferently.


Agree completely. I believe I heard that Horowitz is an Obama appointee.

His first nearly two year “investigation” related to these nefarious swamp dealings against Trump went nowhere when it was finally released TO A REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED CONGRESS – I don’t even remember what that particular “investigation’s” subject was about, so lackluster was his testimony and I have followed this “chit” pretty intensely.


The only time the GOP wins congress is when the Dems are so bad and so piss off the electorate that they are swept out giving the GOP a default win. Then the scumbags who really run the GOP do everything they can to make sure that the conservative majority in the country is totally frustrated and they then are happy to surrender power back to the Dems. Wash, rinse, spin and repeat the SOS in different years.

The only thing the GOP has going for it is that they are collectively not nearly as repugnant as the Dems.

2020 (with Trump winning and sweeping the Dems out of the house and making a modest gain in the senate) may well be the last chance America has to be a civilized representative republic. If massive voter fraud overrules what I believe to be the will of the people (majority) then there will be massive unrest for years to come. If the GOP prevails in spite of itself and repeats the same inaction and non Trump support as they did in 2017-2019 there will also be massive unrest.

In short REPUBLICAN “leadership” had better wake up and start fighting for America, the voters who put them in charge, and President Trump.


A bureaucrat cannot be fired. Send him on a business trip and remove his phone. Send him on another trip and remove his desk. Transfer him to North Slope Alaska.


I would suspect the report is being delayed until the Dems have maximized the amount of hay they’re able to make on their kangaroo impeachment inquiry.

Jimmy MacAfee

Maybe. Or maybe Barr is waiting until they expend all their ammunition. That’d be what I would do, in his place.

Johnny Paycheck Rides Again

I’ll try not to laugh at anyone who thinks that some swamp rats are going to face the consequences of their decades long bureaucratic crime spree.
After all it isn’t nice to make fun of people with delusions.

phineas gage

Barr is being extremely careful. This is, quite simply, the most explosive event in the history of this nation.

Measure twice, cut once.

Sharon Campbell

Excellent article David. I am so weary of massive investigations without taxpayers ever finding out any real details! [email protected]

Charles Aronowitz

Martial Law. Close them down. Treason trials.

Jimmy MacAfee

The story designed to keep our attention – Syria – didn’t last very long, and shorter still with ABCs fake video (or innocuous video from another place and another completely different context. Erdogan, now Putin’s lapdog, is attacking Syrian Kurds who have aligned with Syria! Syria is also Putin’s lapdog. Now he has to manage the kennel. While I sympathize with the Syrian and Iraqi and Iranian Kurds, I don’t sympathize with any of these others. But ABC will continue to push the narrative, making Erdogan look monstrous (he is) and giving Trump cover to prepare for the exit of NATO’s stored nukes there, and to end Turkey’s manufacture of F-35 parts. The combination of the possibility of Putin’s lapdog having a platform which might (I could be wrong here) carry those nukes, and at the very least having Russia teach Erdogan’s people how to use them, and to have a weapons system that he can promptly turn over to Comrade Putin…danger danger danger! Trump may have set this as a trap for Ol’ possum-faced Gollum of Ankara, crapital of Turkey.

My opinion – opinion – is that the report isn’t only being delayed by internecine fighting in the DOH (used to be DOJ, but now seems more like it’s been run by Homer Simpson, at least until Barr showed up) it’s being delayed by the enormity of the revelations of criminality of and by the previous administration. In other words, the sh%$ is piling up faster than they can keep up with it. For example, Glenn Simpson’s claim that the (future) coup against Trump originated in 2015 is part of that. The increasing numbers of Dem officials caught in the Ukranian scandal (which includes billions of missing dollars and certain Senators and other officials) are still just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Hercules would have a difficult time with these Augean stables, because it would take more than a diverted river to clean out all the offal. I believe that’s one reason to delay the release. As Greg wisely advises: “don’t lose heart.”


Don’t lose heart. The swamp is deep and wide but I’m confident we’ll see justice done in the end. Unfortunately, it’s just a Herculean effort. Always keep in mind the good guys are being fought tooth and nail for every inch of ground by a very well entrenched enemy. It simply going to be a long hard slog, but we’ll win. We have to. There are just too many alternative avenues for true information to keep the truth and reality of the situation from the American people and the light of truth invariably destroys these kinds of evil schemes and structures.

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