Minneapolis Mayor Becomes Latest Democrat to be Punked by Trump

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You seriously cannot make these damn Democrats up. And even if you could, who in their right mind would want to? – Leftist nitwit Democrat Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey has had his tiny head handed to him today by the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

The President will be holding one of his famous rallies at the city’s Target Center this Thursday, and the Mayor, along with his fellow activist police chief, Medaria Arradondo, have worked overtime to prevent that from happening. The Trump Campaign reports that it has received 72,000 ticket requests for the event, and the Target Center’s capacity is 19,356.

First, Chief Arradondo implemented a new rule banning his officers from working in uniform as security at any political events to earn additional income in their off-duty hours. The Chief laughably claims the timing of his new rule is mere coincidence, and that it is not politically-motivated. No one believes him.

The rule drew protests from the local Police Officer’s Federation, whose President and spokesman, Lt. Bob Kroll, said officers would work security at the event regardless. Thus, that ridiculous tactic will fail. Hilariously, the Trump Campaign responded to this despicable tactic by printing up red “Cops for Trump” t-shirts and they are selling like hotcakes, with all proceeds going to a police charity.

Next up is Mayor Frey, who on Monday presented Target Center officials with a “security” bill from the City for $530,000, even though his Chief of Police has already publicly stated the city will not be providing any “security” for the event. The Trump Campaign never asked for any “security” help for the event, making it quite clear that security plans and execution are the exclusive territory of the United States Secret Service, and that private security would be hired for the event as needed.

That fee the city proposes to charge the Target Center for hosting a Trump event compares to fees of ~$20,000 Minneapolis has charged for previous sellout events at that venue. Obviously, it is a grossly fraudulent billing that would never withstand scrutiny if challenged in court, which the Trump camp has promised to do if Frey doesn’t withdraw it.

Regardless, the President is calling the Mayor’s bluff and promised in a series of tweets that the event will come off as planned:

Expect the event to happen without any issues, and for the pathetic Mayor’s absurd “bill” to quietly be replaced by the City’s standard fee, and don’t expect your fake news media to update you on the story when all of that happens.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger.com is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I love how everything the Libs try gets thrown right back in their face…and they think they’re so clever. Ha!


I hope Trump blasts the IslamoNazi Jihadist Omar hard….The IslamoSlut is blaming Jews and the GOP for her Sharia non compliance for being a sl*t


Please sign the White House petition to impeach Nasty Pelosi. Pass it along


Clown Cycle Cream Pie Holster

Good thing that we have a honey badger (Trump) at just the right time. Went by the local recycle bookstore to check out any potential finds in the $2 disc bin and the woke scold SJW clerk was just brimming with arrogance and contempt.
There were these funny mint tins by the register and the only ones not selling at all were the impeachmints with Trump depicted on the cover and judgemints with the notorious RBG on the front.
I didn’t see any Obama disappointmints.

J. Guidry

Honey Badger is correct. We all know they don’t give up when they are going after something.
President Donald J. Trump is going after the return of this nation to its founding principles and a return to the rule of law. Doesn’t seem like anything can stop him, and the left has been busting their butts trying to do just that.
I laff everyday I see a new leftist ploy to thwart Trump in his mission. Cuz I know, just as sure as God made little green apples, Trump will answer their attempt with something to befuddle them. Luvin’ it.
Just sayin’.

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