Another Day, Another Fake Controversy

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Another day, another fake controversy.  – The bipartisan Warmonger lobby is out in full force this morning after false media reports claiming President Donald Trump had decided to “pull all American forces out of Northern Syria” made their way into the public domain. That decision – which is not the decision that has in fact been made – has been further reported to mean that the President has “given the green light” to Turkish thug Recep Tayyip Erdogan to invade and seize that region from the Kurds, who currently occupy it.

Upon reading these fake reports, the titular leaders of the Warmonger lobby – Senator Lindsey Graham, #nevertrump nitwit Bill Kristol and “The View” harpy Megan McCain – all very predictably rushed to social media and television vent their panic about the possibility of the U.S. not being involved in some war anywhere in the world. Note the one thing all three of these vocal warmongers have most in common – a longstanding relationship to the late King of all Warmongers, John McCain.

What a legacy.

All of this “reporting” by the corrupt U.S. media is, of course, false. The Times of Israel reports what is actually happening on the ground in Syria:

The United States has pulled back a “very small number” of troops from areas of northern Syria along the Turkish border, a senior State Department official says, after US President Donald Trump seemed to indicate a wider retreat.

The pullback only concerns “two very small detachments” — meaning less than 25 people in total — that have been moved a “very short distance,” the official says.

The announcement of the redeployment was interpreted as an American green light for a Turkish military operation against Kurdish forces in northeast Syria.

But the State Department official insists that Trump had clearly told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the US did not endorse any such operation — a message also conveyed by the Pentagon.

“We think this operation is a very bad idea. We do not think this operation will provide more security,” the official says.

He says that, beyond the small pullback of troops, “there’s no change to our military posture in the northeast.”

Oh. You don’t say.

President Trump himself had this to say about the reality of his actions related to this situation:

Oh. You don’t say.

But wait! The Kurds are our allies! – the Warmonger lobby shrieks. Meghan McCain went further, calling anyone who supports the President’s policy move a “feckless, unpatriotic coward.” But it’s a safe bet you won’t see Ms. McCain grabbing an AR-15 and flying over to Syria to defend the Kurds. If they even need defending, which is not clear.

And hey, isn’t Turkey our NATO ally? Or are our NATO “allies” only “allies” when calling them that is convenient for our domestic Warmonger lobby? What’s the point of having a thug regime like Turkey’s in NATO if the rest of the NATO alliance, i.e., pretty much every European country, collectively refuses to do anything to limit its aggression without the blood and sacrifice of the United States military?

Here is what is actually happening here: President Trump is sick and tired of these European “allies” (this incident is starting to convince me that our country has far too many allies-in-name-only) refusing to live up to their own international commitments and obligations, and has called their bluff. They’ve all refused to take back all of the ISIS prisoners from their own countries, leaving that burden – as they leave basically every dangerous and expensive burden – up to the U.S.

So President Trump is turning those Euro-trash ISIS thugs over to the thugs in Turkey, and basically daring our European “allies”  and our domestic Warmonger lobby to do something about it.

The 25 U.S. military personnel who have been providing the “buffer” between Turkey and the Kurds – both of whom are sworn enemies, but both of whom are also U.S. “allies” – could be replaced in about 30 minutes by a NATO military presence made up of European personnel. That is, if – and it is a very big “if” – this is truly that urgent a matter to our European “allies.”

Which, for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be.

As for Sen. Graham and the rest of the members of congress who are shrieking with so much horror about this move, there is an easy solution: Draft a resolution declaring war on Turkey, or whoever you think we need to be at war with over there, and vote on it. That’s the way the Constitution says we’re supposed to do this war stuff, anyway.

Put it to a vote, and see if your constituents will support it. Good luck with that.

In the meantime, you’re going to have hell convincing me that President Trump’s moving 25 U.S. soldiers a few miles back from being directly in harm’s way is some sort of existential crisis.

Try again.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Sign the White House petition to impeach Nasty Pelosi. Pass it on.

Fake News Report

Breaking News…Donald Trump is 1/1024 Ukrainian! Forward. The Great Leap Forward.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bye Dave.

1 Samuel 15

Jimmy MacAfee

This betrayal is as old as Henry Kissinger:

Wasn’t Kissinger a Globalist? Or is that fake news from “Globalist war-hawks” (like Kissinger?)

Jimmy MacAfee

Turkey has a nation; the Kurds do not; the Kurds held out against Daesh because of others – us, primarily. But now they’ve been stabbed in the back the same way Obama stabbed the Iraqis in the back, when he could have negotiated with them if he really wanted. Obama spent a thousand times more effort kissing the butts of the Iranians than he did negotiating with Iraq, leaving them to Daesh. And Daesh will be back, because Turkey can’t handle them, and Russia can’t handle them. And Russia will then have friends in the Kurdish oil fields, where most of the Iraqi oil is drilled! Putin wants to have hegemony over energy! (Like our uranium, maybe?)

The Russians are obviously delighted that we’re leaving; we killed several hundred of their mercenaries in a bloodbath. Is this why we’re leaving? We’re giving in to the Russians? To leave the Kurds to ally with the Russians and the Syrians and the Insanians? They may have to!

I thought Trump was a negotiator. Seems like he got into a rush to get a deal, like Obama! Wait for the opening before making a move, Mr. Negotiator. You effed up.


Two weeks ago USA transferred hundreds of tons of advanced weapons to the western Kurds. Including wire guided tripod mounted anti tank missiles that are pinpoint accurate with a range far exceeding the range of a tank. Turks would find themselves advancing against the Kurds on foot without any vehicles. Included are counter battery radar and guided artillery rounds that can “neutralize” Turkish artillery within thirty seconds of the first round fired. If the Kurds choose to fight then the Kurds can defeat Turkey and advance into Turkey. Erdogan has been invited to provide a large aggregate target force and “Make my day.”

Jimmy MacAfee

The Muleskin Brotherhood (my name for them) was an international, Globalist-aided group bent on making Syria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya a part of their Sunni-side up, after Iraq flipped into the Shiite side. The Globalsts wanted a Euro-style pair of superstates as part of the Globalization effort. Think Errordog is against Globalists and the MB? He’s a patsy, in search of world domination. He’s in line with the Pope (or pope) on borderless states (except his, of course.) He also is in favor of the Muleskin Brotherhood, a terrorist organization (you can ask Egyptian army officers, who were being murdered by Morsi’s thugs for “not being religious enough.” Fortunately, the CIA led “Arab Spring” failed. But sympathies are sympathies, and Errordog continues to be a doglike devotion to himself, at the expense of everyone else. Malignant narcissism, perhaps?.

Add this to the link of his meddling in the region. Even though he does live in the neighborhood, so do any number of dogs and herds of swine. Doesn’t mean we have to sleep with them.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m for giving the Kurds their own homeland, with pieces from Iraq, Syria and Turkey. The Turkish Kurds are commies, mostly, so I don’t have much sympathy for them, and as far as I’m concerned, Errordog can deal with them any way he wishes.

You don’t have to be a Globalist warmonger or a McCain traitorous lump of d-dirt to recognize that some things just aren’t right. One of which is to honor our commitments. Like Obama didn’t, as he left Iraq to the tender embrace of ISIS, which was made up of his buddies on the Sunni side (Obama slept with both sides, but liked the robes of the Mullahs best.) Obama was like that: he’d sleep with anybody’s dog, if they had the right fleas!

One phone call! Trump made an impulsive decision based on ONE PHONE call with the backstabbing Errordog, who then turned a sympathetic Trump into a backstabber. So far, that’s the biggest mistake Trump has made, and let’s hope he can undo it. Like putting the troops with the Kurds, so that any attack on them by the ruthless and insane Turkish dictator will be an act of war against us.

Jimmy MacAfee

Unless we’re attacked by that member.

I agree in some respects that this mess was because of the last two administrations, but it is true the Saddam Hussein used gas against the Kurds, and this was no false flag operation like the sarin gas attack under Obama and his “red line.”

The Kurds have been allies; they have bled with us, they have died with us, they have been raped by ISIS because the last Presidunce insisted upon abandoning them to ISIS.

I will vote for President Trump – if he’s still in office – but I will not campaign for him nor contribute to his campaign. You don’t know how many emails I’ve sent to him on the danger of the Turkish monster, and how many warnings I’ve given him. No more warnings.

No more emails. January might have been completely different if I had stopped then.

Reggie Smith

Gosh, with all those emails it is a wonder President Donald Trump had any time to do anything else. Flame me back if you must but I have an idea, why don’t you get your own blog and stop filling up David’s comments with your conspiracy theory diatribes. You can then get an accurate picture of how many people what to here your rhetoric and how many just skip down when they see Jimmy MacAfee next to a post.

I await your flame response but I will not reply.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thanks, Reggie!
I’ll take part of your advice and “stop filling up David’s comments with your conspiracy theory diatribes.”

Bye, silly girl.
To the rest of you: G0D Bless you and goodbye!

Jimmy MacAfee

And I still support Trump in everything else.

I watched in horror as we almost got into WWIII because of the Turkish dipchit. He wanted the US and Russia to kill each other, while he would add territory from Russia as well, and his colonists would further ravage Europe.

The Globalist were all on-board in some ways, with them attempting to make a Sunni Superstate and a Shiite Superstate. Errordog – who blindly says there is no Sunni nor Shia, only Islam – would then rule the region, and eventually the world in his feverish little mind. Such is the mandate of madmen.

People like Obama and Errordog are stupid enough to start a civilization-ending war (if not a planetary extinction event.)

Jimmy MacAfee

The Iraqi Kurds, which had been gassed (not a false flag) by Saddam Hussein, became close allies with us. Turkey is really not an ally, and has been described as a low-life rug dealer relative to how he treats every country around him. He should be kicked out of NATO.

Yipyip Errordog helped facilitate the war in Syria, and wanted us to wipe out Assad to further his own ambitions of a new Ottoman Empire. There is a legitimate suspicion that his security forces were behind the sarin gas attacks, the ones Obama didn’t fall for, just as there is a suspicion that his son was one of the beneficiaries of ISIS oil sales. (Shades of Biden!) Errordog plays all sides, and has all the stability of a demented fruit fly, and half the brains. Not to mention that he had his “bodyguards” beat up people in his visit to the US. Such a peach! (You might remember the story about a peach in Cheech and Chong movie.)

He plays footsies with the Russians (after he saw the inside of the Bear’s mouth) and betrays us at every level. Not to say that he doesn’t betray everybody: he pisses on everybody’s feet and then tries to deep-French kiss them in the next minute.

He is responsible for sending hundreds of thousands of fighting age male “refugees” to a stupid and blind and week Europe (their stupidity, frankly) and he expects us to sell him F-35? And we have parts made in Turkey? That’s a big WTEff! Must have been part of Obama’s lovemaking, as he and Errordog spoke frequently. Obama begged to be “bottoms,” it appears.

No, Dave, when Trump acts like Obama, we will call him on it. I don’t care if Mittsie the Silly Puppy agrees with me or not: I’ve watched this scene far too long. Apparently Mr. Trump has not.

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