Chuck Todd is Right: The Basic Rules of our Democracy are Under Attack

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

“I don’t say this lightly, but let’s be frank: A national nightmare is upon us. The basic rules of our democracy are under attack from the President.” – In making that soap-opera-style hyperbolic remark on MSNBC on Friday, Democrat toady Chuck Todd is half right: The basic rules of our democracy are indeed under attack, and have been since 1992, when Bill and Hillary Clinton became the Democrat Party’s co-nominees for the presidency.

One of the “basic rules of our democracies,” one of the beliefs upon which our nation was founded, was that elected officials would by and large be people of good faith, and people who sought public service did so in the spirit of serving the nation they love. The founders knew that there would always be scoundrels among the political class, but they structured the Constitution and thus our society on the foundational belief that, in the end, most members of congress, presidents and senior executive branch officials would place the best interests of the country over and above their own personal ambitions for power.

The Clintons changed all of that. The Clintons turned the White House into a confidence game, an influence racket in which the Lincoln Bedroom was rented out to the highest bidder. They leveraged agencies like the IRS and the FBI into tools to track and attack their political enemies. At the end of their eight years at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., they then parlayed their ongoing influence in Democrat Party politics into an even larger racket with the creation of their fake Foundation, leveraging it to its fullest capacity when Barack Obama paid them off by appointing the Pantsuit Princess as Secretary of State.

1992 was also the year when the Clintons began to transform the Democrat Party from a collection of politicians and staffers who sought to debate policy issues and win them on the merits to a collection of Saul Alinsky disciples who eschew any pretense at debate in favor of demonizing the opposition. Another basic rule that was foundational to our democracy was thus lost forever.

Another “basic rule of our democracy” used to be that the federal government was required to operate on a budget. But the Democrats have disposed of that one, too. In 2006, then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and San Fran Nan decided that the best way to continue bankrupting future generations of Americans and to keep federal spending rising was to refuse to engage in the process of passing actual budgetary authorization bills. Since that time, the federal government has operated on a neverending series of continuing resolutions (CRs). These CRs allow no real debate over spending. Instead, they simply take the previous year’s spending level and layer a predetermined percentage increase over the top of it.

In this way, the Democrats freed up all sorts of congressional time to allow their members to focus on what they love to do: Raise money and demonize the opposition.

Another “basic rule of our democracy” used to be that the Justice Department, FBI and other law enforcement agencies were to maintain an independence from the White House. Janet Reno destroyed all pretense to that principle on behalf of the Clintons, and it’s been downhill ever since. Barack Obama completed the utter and complete corruption of the FBI, which remains a raging dumpster fire of corruption and incompetence today with no relief in sight under the feckless Christopher Wray.

Democrats have also utterly corrupted the press. The founders considered what they called the fourth estate of our society so crucial that they enshrined freedom of the press in the very first amendment contained in the Bill of Rights. The role of the press as a “basic rule of our democracy” was to serve as the watchdog for the public interest, a tool of transparency that would speak truth to power and hold public officials of all parties accountable.

That’s all gone now. Toadies like Chuck Todd are nothing more than Democrat Party activists with $200 haircuts (Chuck obviously overpaid). Today’s national media establishment not only no longer speaks truth to power, it doesn’t speak truth to anyone, including itself. Every day is a new narrative, coordinated in advance with the Democrat Party, repeated ad nauseum by talking heads across all the broadcast networks and cable channels.

Opinion pieces that used to appear the Op/Ed sections of major newspapers have now migrated to the front pages under the guise of being “news” stories. Editors at the New York Times and Washington Post now openly brag about their publications’ efforts to brainwash the public with major themed propaganda campaigns. Journalistic standards once held sacrosanct, like having at least two or even three named sources for any news story, have been utterly abandoned as outlets rush to get thinly-sourced or fictitiously-sourced pieces up on their web pages to raise their click counts.

The very same Democrat Party and media establishment who spent three years obsessing over a “Steele Dossier” funded by the DNC and Clinton Campaign and compiled by foreign agents from the UK, Ukraine, Russia, Italy and Australia now screams that seeking information about corruption by a former vice president from any foreign country amounts to an impeachable offense.

Chuck Todd is one of the head cheerleaders in that effort to ignore and destroy the “basic rules of our democracy.” Those rules have been under attack for a long time, and whenever their efforts to destroy those rules fails, the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies simply double down on the destruction.

This second civil war that has been mounted over the last three years by the Democrats and the corrupt media is not a shooting war, but it is just as dangerous to our national survival. Sadly, the utter and complete corruption on the left is so consolidated and unshakable now that it is hard to imagine how we can possibly reach anything other than a disastrous conclusion.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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F Chuck Todd is a pedophile



You sound demoralized. Don’t be.
There’s always lots of talk and plans; then you get hit in the mouth.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wouldn’t say he’s demoralized; he’s just realistic in the fact that we need to be prepared to fight! And then there’s the Deep State and Globalists, who start wars as easily as they start their cars!

Funny thing (but not funny) is that everywhere we’ve had a war of conflict, Christianity has been either extinguished (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan) or Christians put under terrible ordeal and torture and rape and murder. Look at the bozo Omar and her cursed nation. It’s not that the US necessarily is trying to cause persecution: it is a fact that it is creating persecution. And that’s under Bush I, Clinton, and Obozo. Right now, there are a lot of people in Iran converting to Christianity. Why? We haven’t made war there yet.

I recommend putting on the Full Armor of G0D, first of all.
Then we can see what the media and other intrinsic enemies are trying to do to us.
The enemy of the Brethren, the devil, is behind most of those people Dave is warning about.

Do we flee in terror because the devil is revealing himself?
No! We prepare.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Bush II allowed the burning of Bibles in Afghanistan. Dubya is no friend to Christians. He’s a false prophet.

Jimmy MacAfee

You gotta wonder: how is Putin looking at this? He’s probably laughing at the incompetence of John Brennan, and then he’s also probably not laughing: the Dossier hoax likely cost him a lot of money, and the Ukranian fable put together by another incompetent CIA official and Brennan has made it likely that the US and Ukraine will actually begin to have a better relationship – think Putin likes this?

Does John look over his shoulder? He should. He went to Ukraine on a false passport, where he was instantly recognized. So much for tradecraft. He’s wash out of Lewisburg as an operative, probably flunking driving on I 64, where he couldn’t even tail a motorcycle without being spotted. A tail failing at being a tail! He should be hysterical with fear these days.

Just as the Ukranians are terrified of being eaten by Russia, and were desperate to pay their gas bills to Russia when Uncle Joe put the squeeze on them. Biden was literally holding the entire nation hostage for his brat. I imagine that Corrupt Joe also has his son with him on the trail because there are people…

Is Chris Steele resting easy, putting the finger on Russia? Russia? Russia? When it was Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! Are any of the DNC crew sleeping easy, considering how brazen Putin has been with former associates in Great Britain? Are the Podestas comfortable? How about still-alive Epstein? Bet he likes his new face.

We need a new CIA, one that doesn’t screw up; we need a military tribunal for the conspirators of both Russia and Ukraine hoaxes, and we need HRC to have to answer for the many operatives she exposed in China through her emails. I suspect Putin will be picking his own targets. Looking forward to prosecutions here in the States. Or at Guantanamo or other similar facility. I would suggest Alaska. Polar bears get hungry in the dark.

Jimmy MacAfee

The devil made a deal with Hillary. He told her that if she ate her nextborn, he would grant her what she had always wanted, the Presidency of the United States of America. Have you seen the tentsuits the Fainting Felon has been wearing lately? Rumor has it that she is throwing her hat in the ring soon, or at a brokered convention at the latest. The sad thing about Hillary Rodham Clinton, is that nobody really flinches when they read the part about her eating her offspring to become POTUS.

Jimmy MacAfee

Epstein’s Club was kind of like that, not the blackmail op everybody thinks it was (it was that, too,) but the Club itself had memberships where people voluntarily participated in blackmailable offenses. The worse the offense, the higher the status in the Club. HRC thought she bought herself the Presidency, if Weiner’s laptop is evidential.

Epstein, by the way, wanted a kind of Eugenics program, where he would “share” his seed with 20 or so women at his New Mexico property. Talk about delusional narcissism! Did his neighbors know anything about this? Or the scientists he funded?

Or maybe there’s more to the story than hundreds of little Jeffreys being born to run amok, as genetic manipulation has developed some sinister side-stories: As it was in the days of Noah, in the days before the Flood…

Evil is now so bold that it believes itself unaccountable to anyone. This is MK Ultra on meth.

Jimmy MacAfee

Chuck Todd and Adam Schiff would be the first to be neutered in the Epstein Eugenics lab. Bad DNA!
(Bad! Sit! Roll over! woof!)

Epstein literally knows everybody. Knows. Not knew. Next up: manufacturing the next Jolly Green Giant, Nephilim.

If it looks like I’m making a joke of these characters: I am. But there’s a deadly serious backdrop behind the humor. As in the Days of Noah.

Jimmy MacAfee

The word “war” is voiced by Dimocrats and President Donald Trump in reference to the crimes committed by failed coup plotters. The word is significant because in times of war the criminals may be arrested by the military and tried by court martial for sedition and treason. Military courts are unfettered by corrupt Obama judges and political juries. Military justice is swift and efficient.

Jimmy MacAfee

Which is why Kavanaugh is so important: he knows the subject well.

Jimmy MacAfee

Democrapic and Deep State Mantra:

Rinse, wash, repeat.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump is using the word “corruption” a great deal.
Executive Order 13818 deals with foreign corruption, among other things.

As Mr. Jones from the last thread noted: Joseph Cofer Black, CIA
President of Burisma, board member
Former national security advisor to Mitt Romney.2012 election

Corruption steals the Republic and decays Democratic ideals.
Chuckie Todd won’t touch this.
(What’s in YOUR wallet, Chuckie?)

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