Bernie is Toast, Biden is Close

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Bernie Sanders’ presidential hopes are over, although he may not realize it yet. – The Commie had to undergo surgery to implant multiple stents into his 78 year-old heart, and has cancelled a bunch of planned campaign events over the next couple of weeks so he can recover. Although this can be a fairly minor procedure for a younger person – I had one placed into my left ventricular artery at age 55 and was back to full speed within a few weeks – it can be far more difficult for a person of Sanders’ advanced age.

But the speed of his recovery doesn’t even matter here: Sanders was already finding it impossible to move his polling numbers much above 15% due in part to the impression among many Democrats that he is just too old for the job he seeks. Suffering a heart attack in the midst of the campaign – and yes, if he was having chest pains, any doctor will tell you that he did indeed suffer a heart attack – will only serve to build that perception among many more voters, who will now begin to cast their eyes in the direction of the other, younger unquestioned Marxist in the race, Fauxcahontas.

The near-certain outcome will be that we will see Sanders’ polling numbers drop into single digits over the next few weeks, and a commensurate rise in support for Little Mouth Always Running.

Speaking of the Fake Indian running, check out the greeting she received from Nevada voters when her plane landed out there on Wednesday:

Not exactly the reception that Princess I’m Gonna Take Your Wampum expected. But that’s the price we can expect more and more Democrats to pay for their support for San Fran Nan’s sham impeachment circus as Trump supporters become increasingly engaged in public activism and protest.

Meanwhile, the campaign of Quid Pro Joe Biden, the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator, is now hanging by a thread. While Biden’s foundering campaign did not quite meet my prediction that his lead would have disappeared by October 1, he sure came close.

In fact, Lieawatha actually now holds the lead in 4 of the 7 most recent polls taken in the race, according to Real Clear Politics, and she and Biden are in a statistical tie in a fifth poll taken by Emerson. In fact, only one of those polls was even partially conducted in October, and that one – by The Economist/YouGov – shows the Fake Indian holding a 6 point lead. The two clear outlier polls, both showing Biden with 11 point leads, were taken entirely in September.

Given that reality, I think I’ll declare half a victory on this particular prediction, made back in April when Crazy Uncle Joe kicked off his campaign with a near-30 point lead. There is now little doubt that his lead will disappear entirely when the first polls conducted entirely in October are published over the next two weeks.

For the  rest of the field, just a few trends to note:

  • Kamala Harris is on life support. She announced early this week that she is shaking up her staff, but that won’t help. The candidate is the problem with her campaign. She is just a horrible candidate, and shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic won’t change that.
  • Preacher Pete is your basic 6% candidate now, and his trendline has been essentially static since June. His consistent ZERO support from African American voters means he has no real chance in the race for the nomination, and that won’t change. The only reason for him to hang around is in the hopes of becoming arm candy for Fauxcahontas in the general election.
  • Andrew Yang had a $10 million fundraising haul in the third quarter, which places him in the top 4 in this pitiful field. He had one exciting moment when he came in at 8% in the Emerson poll last week, but that’s a clear statistical anomaly given that he is at 2 or 3 in every other poll. Another potential vice presidential nominee, but no chance to win the big prize.
  • Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Irish Bob O’Rourke and Amy Klobuchar are all dead as door nails, but they will linger through the next debate in mid-October in the vain hopes of having some breakthrough moment on that crowded stage.
  • The only other declared candidate worth mentioning is Tulsi Gabbard, who had a chance to be the only actual interesting person on stage when she initially came out in opposition to Pelosi’s Impeachment Circus. But she lost that not even 48 hours later when she reversed her posture. Thus, she’ll be just another hack with no chance of truly distinguishing herself in that next debate.

Then there’s the Pantsuit Princess, the thus-far-undeclared candidate in this race. The Fainting Felon has raised eyebrows by putting herself back in the public spotlight with a series of speaking events this week, raising the spectre that she might decide to become a late entrant into the campaign season as Biden falters.

From a pure self-defense standpoint, that appeared to make some sense late last week, as the corrupt news media assisted Biden by claiming the President’s rhetoric about Biden’s clear pay-for-play selling of his vice presidential office related to Ukraine, China and other countries amounted to a Trump attack on a political rival rather than an effort to identify clear corruption. But that particular line of BS has very quickly lost its utility as this week has progressed and the damning video of Biden bragging about engaging in his clear bullying of the Ukraine government on behalf of his ne’er-do-well son gained traction with the public.

Would the Grasping Grifter attempt a similar tactic, declaring herself to be a candidate to try to give herself political cover against the increasingly aggressive investigation led by Attorney General William Barr? She might, but she would fail even more miserably than Biden is failing with that line of BS.

Only time will tell. I still think her plan is to wait it out and hope to become the party’s savior at a hung convention.

Given all of that, here are my updated odds on who the eventual Democrat nominee will be:

Fauxcahontas – 3 to 1

Someone not currently declared – 3 to 2

Quid Pro Joe – 20 to 1

The Commie – 50 to 1

Preacher Pete – 100 to 1

Kamala – 100 to 1

Andrew Yang – 100 to 1

The rest of the declared field – DEAD

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The Dims need a credible liberal candidate. I propose Mitt Romney. He’s tanned. He’s rested. He’s ready.

Jimmy MacAfee

Deep State would love it, but the Left would consider Stalin too moderate.

Dems and Deep State: sitting in a sinking canoe in a settling pond of a waste treatment facility, with no means of propulsion.

Justme Andmeonly

What happens if Trump knocks them all off before the end of the Primary season? It looks like he’ll be done by next Wednesday at this point.

Jimmy MacAfee

Excellent point!

Look at the years of Deep State candidates:
Obama-Squish Romney
(Bush III – Cankles)

How many of those are NOT Deep State-controlled?
one. Donald J. Trump.

It’s like Predators V. Aliens with the Deep State choices we’ve had:
“Whoever wins, we lose.”

Trump was outside their control, and we win, won, will win again.

Now the Deep State is in a panic: neither Sanders nor Warren are
Deep State (though Fauxahontas can be bought, having
the same lust for power as Jezebel Clinton.)
Sanders is toast. All of the others are unelectable.

They had all their hopes on Crooked Biden.


Hillary has lost her visual appeal. Next time she faints they’ll need a team of oxen to drag her into the scoobie ambulance van. Then there’s the colostomy bag and the intravenous drip Parkinson’s Disease medication.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’d described Bernie as an old hack, poking a cane at the young whippersnappers who no longer adore him. That’s how he’s going to be seen, if he dares continue. Ebenezer Scrooge, without the repentance. (I do pray for his repentance, by the way.)

By the way, if J. Brennan decides to run, there’s news that he went to the Ukraine with a fake passport, proving several things:

1. He was an analyst, not an operative, and sucks when he tries to be Jason Bourne.
2. He’s stupid, and resembles the people that the movie version of Jason Bourne was bringing down.
3. His passport gambit shows why the CIA was such a disaster under his inept leadership.

And facial recognition software is going to make it increasingly difficult for operatives, something dopey Brennan has yet to figure out. Nope, Johnny dear, you’d better forget about running, except for your life.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nasty Amy is having some corruption scandals of her own. Maybe she thought she’d wait out the others, but with the things coming out, she’s worse than nullified. These are allegations, not indictments, so we’ll see. She’s not going to rise at the last minute like she thinks.

Booger is not even an also-ran for VP. It’d be like chaining a cannon with scattershot (Civil War era) behind you, hoping it would never go off. Even the Dims aren’t that stupid.

Fauxahontas will have other issues coming up that no one is seeing at the moment. But these things won’t be known until she’s clearly the front-runner or the nominee.

Jezebel – (AKA “Cankles,” the “Fainting Felon” and others) – might dip her toe in the water, but the piranhas are waiting to chew her to the bone (that’s a LOT of eatin’, just sayin’) Running for office doesn’t give you immunity from prosecution, Jezzie: you tried to use the fake Russian narrative against Candidate Trump, President Elect Trump, before he became President. Running isn’t a get-out-of-jail pass, you evil windbag, or John Brennan would be running along with a dozen DOJ/FBI crooks, as well as Sméagol/Gollum Schiff and Pelousy.

The Dems lived by the lie; they’ll go down by their multiplicity of lies. And they’re furious that no one likes them, and that they’re caught with Quarterback choices all being 3rd rate 3rd stringers from a div. II perennial loser. Gropin’ Joe was the best the Deep State could muster, and Dave has been right about him for a long time. Go back to being handsy, Gropey. But don’t wait too long. Communal showers await you; better keep your soap on a rope.

Jimmy MacAfee

Made a mistake: Pelousy is Sméagol, and Schiff is Gollum.
Sorry for the error.

Jimmy MacAfee

How about HRC jumping in?


She will…..GURANTEED!!


Hillary no longer has the DNC in her pocket so she has no way to rig the primary against Warren as she did with Bernie. But let her try, she deserves to suffer a third humiliating defeat.

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