Winter is Coming, and More Fake Whistleblowers are Coming With it

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Buckle up, because the Deep State is just getting started here. – It’s important to remember here that this second coup d’etat being currently run by the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Democrat/Media propaganda complex is being rolled out under the same playbook used for the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy coup d’etat effort.

That Russia Collusion-based coup was characterized by the coordinated rollout of new false accusations pretty much every week. The false accusations would then be trumpeted by the fake news media and amplified by the publication of fake story after fake story based solely on murky “anonymous sources” who may or may not have even existed.

Given that reality, no one should think that the first “whistleblower” is the only fake whistleblower we sill see come forward. The IC is still just crawling with Obama/Brennan/Clapper/Comey loyalists who will be only too happy to publicly immolate themselves with false accusations in this latest attempt to reverse the results of the 2016 presidential election.

John Brennan himself signaled the additional fakery to come on Saturday with this tweet:

Given that Brennan is most likely helping to pull the strings behind the scenes in this latest coup attempt, we should expect the scenario he advocates to start playing itself out this week.

A second signal of the impending fireworks came from the little turncoat Anthony Scaramucci, who has been coordinating with the Democrat/Media complex over the past six weeks, when he issued this tweet on Sunday:

If the Mooch says there are more fake whistleblowers, then you can be sure there are more fake whistleblowers, since Moochie is obviously part of the coup.

Again, as I wrote late last week, the whole strategy here is to keep ramping up the intensity with more and more wild allegations until the thus-far unshakable Trump base of support begins to shake and crumble. The coup can only succeed if and when that happens.

Winter is coming, folks. Man the gates.

That is all.

Postscript: I kid you not, as I was writing this piece up, President Trump issued this tweet:

The man knows what I’m going to write before I publish it. Spooky.


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Jimmy MacAfee

I’m not tired yet; not a bit! I’m looking forward to coming days, even though there are tumultuous times aheadand perhaps bloody battles. I think of William Wallace’s words in Braveheart:

“Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live…at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing’ to trade all the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take…OUR FREEDOM?!”

Winston Churchill, also, faced the most trying times of all: faced with traitors who wanted to sell out to the Nazis, a possibility that he could be running an insurgency against the Crown if they sued for peace, he faced the extinction of his own people by enemies within and without. We face the same enemy in different cloth, a devious and evil cabal of traitors and Quislings who would sell their children for a quid or a buck, paid by powers from the depths of the earth, from the darkest of nights, from the bottom of the foulest of pits.

Then we see the evil they are capable of: does this make us stronger, or weaker? I submit that the enemy has shown his hand, and because of this, our courage has been given reason to take hold and carry us through coming days. As Benjamin Franklin once wrote:

“We must all hang together or most assuredly we shall hang separately.”

While the enemy also understands these words as it applies to them, as HRC indicated in the back room at one of the debates when Matt Lauer asked her a difficult question, it is do-or-die for all of us. Some of us, older and with only weeks, months or years ahead of us, may say: “At least I won’t be here to see what happens to my grandchildren!” And if you say that, think about what you have just said!

We fight so we can procure a future for our grandchildren and those after, not abandoning them to those who will do with them what they will!


So far ALL of the whistleblowers, snitches, etc. get a hefty payday from GoFundMe. That is campaign finance political corruption at it’s finest. It should be illegal to kick in a couple of bucks to get a liar to come forward and get wealthy. Blasey Ford needs to go to prison and so do the other treasonous actors, because treason is what it is.


So we all can become whistleblowers, buy what he, she, they said or wrote on the World Wide Web?


If the goal is to ramp up the intensity until Trump’s support starts to wane, then Republicans in congress had better start making some noise. When was the last time Mitch was on TV calling the Dems on anything. It might not have been that long ago, but the only voices being heard are the Dems. It seems that folks are keep an arms length in an effort to try and protect their own butts and political futures.

Mooch…why should anyone care what this guy has to say? His 15 minutes are long gone.

Sidenote…where is Hunter Biden? And why hasn’t anyone in the MSM tried to talk to him about any of this? Oh yeah, because they are corrupt

Jimmy MacAfee

As the devil is closer to being thrown in the lake of fire, he accelerates his efforts; you can see this all over the world, as it appears to be happening now as debauchery, filth, corruption and violence are everywhere and are getting worse. Or at least they are being exposed to the light, by the Light.

That’s a close approximation of what’s happening in Congress right now, with the Dims.
The lake of fire is not far off. The Orcs haven’t much time left.


They are still winning Jimmy and I won’t change my mind until I see a perp walk or several. I’m over 60 and would have never dreamed we would have the corruption we do in our Government. To keep it that way, the swamp will go to unreal extremes that boggle the mind. I hope we come out the other side in better shape, however nothing indicates that will be the case.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think it lit a fire under Pelosi when it became apparent that she has a lot to lose because of her plot in January, as I’ve posted. We shouldn’t be playing by their rules (MAD) and blackmail never ends. She straight-up needs to be tried. I think this accelerated the Dims, particularly with some claiming that October would be huge, and a disaster for the Deep State. What we’re seeing is them fighting back with everything they’ve got.

I’m with you, age-wise and in experience. Never seen anything like it, though it has been going on under our noses for longer than we can imagine.

It is only now that we can see the evil acting in our name. If Hillary had won, we would have known nothing about all these things, and many of us would be neutralized. (It’s the Clinton way.) Be grateful that we know as much as we do, because more is coming – both in knowledge and in battles. Wars are won by the determined, the fortunate, the blessed, the gifted and by those who won’t quit.
Don’t quit, above all.


Dear President Trump,

Fire everyone you can.

Remove every clearance that is not justified.

Charge everyone involved who is involved with this coup with sedition – including your former friends/backstabbers.

I have always believed that half of the bureaucrats in all government could be fired and it would double the efficiency.


Gregg, read Parkinson’s Law; C. Northcote Parkinson is Raffles Professor of History at the University of
Singapore. This article first appeared in The Economist in November


Thanks for the reply Bob, I did a quick Cortana search and agree completely – will do further research.

Funny thing is I worked for the gov. in DC (left after three years because I couldn’t stand it any longer) and saw “Parkinson’s law” first hand and came to the same conclusion on my own; along with witnessing the “Peter Principle”. DC is full of “Peters” if you catch my drift.

Jimmy MacAfee

I would suggest that the President use an Executive Order to deal with the forms for “whistleblowers.” (the second-handers should be called “donkey-blowers,” not “whistleblowers.”)

Time to renovate the IC. We need non-partisan, capable, professionals, not doofuses who have been visibly represented by Brennan and the moron James Clapper. “Renovate” should be thought of as “restore or demolish.”

Considering the notices given State Department personnel recently, you might be seeing some actual changes. The Deep State is panicking as never before – and the rats are screaming.

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