Anger Over Impeachment is Best Directed at the Fake News Media

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Fake news, fake news everywhere. – The newsfakers at the Associated Press have a report out this morning pushing the claim that Attorney General William Barr was “surprised and angry” when he found out that President Trump had mentioned him on his July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky.

The source for the AP’s fake report? A ” a person familiar with Barr’s thinking,” who “was not authorized to speak about the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.” In other words, there are two possibilities here: 1) an Obama loyalist still embeded in the DOJ who just made it all up, or 2) the AP reporter just made it all up out of whole cloth in order to create a juicy “news” story.

This reliance on a single anonymous “source” is the worst kind of journalistic hackery, and it is what has enabled the Democrats and their deep state army to keep the nation in a state of perpetual uproar for three solid years now. Many are angry right now at Nancy Pelosi for being the despicable power-mad seditionist in charge of the freak show Democrat caucus in the house of representatives, and that anger is fully justified. Many are also angry at Robert Mueller and Rod Rostenstein and James Comey and John Brennan and Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe and Bruce and Nellie Ohr and all the other treasonous snakes who participated in the first phase of the Democrats’ neverending coup d’etat, and that anger is also completely rational and justified.

But that anger is misdirected if those are you only targets, or even if they are your main targets. Because the reality we face is that none of this could have taken place without the tireless efforts of the mainstream fake news media to facilitate it every step of the way. Because if these politicians and deep state skunks had even the slightest concern about being subjected to honest efforts by curious, aggressive journalists to police their actions and ask them tough questions – you know, the role the founders of our country envisioned for the press – the utterly laughable “Russia Collusion” narrative would have been decimated the day after it was floated by the Clinton campaign back in 2016.

Instead, they are all free to go and do whatever comes into their evil little minds because the know they will never have to pay any price in the realm of media exposure for saying and doing it. Look at what happened in Austin yesterday, where San Fran Nan appeared on stage. There she was allowed to just spew her carefully-scripted talking points without any fear at all of being asked anything resembling a tough question or pressed by the moderator whenever she said something so completely outrageous – like her contention she’s doing all of this to “protect the constitution” – that it would make an average German Shepherd pup laugh out loud in derision.

The most divisive politician in modern history actually said this unchallenged:

“Let us be prayerful. Let us be solemn. Let us try not to make it further divisive,” she added. “But we cannot ignore our oath of office do defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

You seriously could never make this stuff up, folks. The Texas Tribune’s story on the interview naturally puts that quote way up near the top without critical comment.

Pelosi never agrees to make any appearance unless she is confident she will simply be fed a series of softball questions that she could answer without critical scrutiny. Every Democrat in the congress schedules media interviews carefully in the same way, and they have a target-rich environment of media outlets clamoring to perform such trained-monkey interviews. This is also why the DNC refuses to hold a debate hosted by Fox News. They have no concerns that Chris Wallace might ask a difficult question, but hey, they don’t have Bret Baier and Martha MacAllum in their pockets yet, so why take the risk?

Adam Schiff’s completely made-up soliloquy from last Thursday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing is another great example. Although every broadcast network was perfectly willing to interrupt their lucrative daytime program to carry the hearing live, not a single network newscast made any mention of the fact that Schiff’s opening remarks were complete fiction.

The President’s mention of Crowdstrike on that Zelensky call is another prime example of this media refusal to report the truth. As we wrote here last week, that reference is what really has the Democrats  and their media toadies in a panic. It has nothing to do with Joe Biden, who they are perfectly willing to sacrifice at the altar of protecting the deep state.

Four days later, have you seen any mainstream media outlet mention that reference to their readers or viewers? Have you seen any fake journalist attempt to explain to their brainwashed masses what that reference means and why it’s important?

Of course you haven’t. Because if they go down that road, it might raise issues that become impossible for the Democrats to answer. So that gets ignored in favor of publishing pieces and having talking heads on TV who focus on vilifying Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham, who the media and Democrats fear are actually investigating all the stuff James Comey did his best to cover up.

So, yes, be very angry at Pelosi and the Democrat seditious freak show she commands. They deserve your outrage. All of them.

But at the same time, don’t forget to direct your scorn at the fake media establishment that enables them to do what they do. Because the utter lack of an honest media establishment dedicated to holding politicians accountable, regardless of party affiliation, is why the foundations of our society are in the process of crumbling.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Every big name in mainstream media is owned by a financial corporation. Traders learned they could front run the news if they owned and created the news. Then it occurred to them that they could control politics if they created political news. The internet broke their monopoly of news. Trump happened. Credibility lost. Only 8 million out of 330 million watch TV on a given day. Only 1 million read New York Times and most of them are parochial Manhattan Islanders. The game has changed. Yet the mainstream news habit of lying and creating the news is difficult to break.

Jimmy MacAfee

Which is why Youtube, Google and other companies are trying to manipulate the alternative media and create a new monopoly. This is what must be broken, brought down, shattered into a million pieces – worldwide. The face of the enemy, Part Deux.

phineas gage

Exactly. The dinosaur media are on the way out, although some do not yet realize it (they’ll be the last to know and the first to go).

Unfortunately, many (most) people these days get their news via social media. These leftist informational monopolies must be shattered, via anti-trust litigation or other means, if freedom of information, and freedom in general, is going to prevail.

I tend to believe the answer is not more government intervention, but more freedom. New technologies will soon mitigate the power of the social media giants.

Jimmy MacAfee

The screaming is really going to start when Congresscritters and George Soros are under indictment. Soros may find himself in hot water in Europe, with Ukranian complaints being filed. Google also is going to be held accountable – if you follow the path that leads to Crowdstrike.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Europeans have little reluctance to put Google execs in chains, or to fine them into insolvency. Not that the EU is a whitehat, but they do serve some purpose. Like jailing Google/Alphabet execs.

Jimmy MacAfee

Here are the entities/people the FBI (clean Special Agents, not dirty cops) need to interview:

-Adam Schiff
-John Brennan
-Everyone connected with the Ukraine impeachment push
-The “whistleblower”
-IC participants who have tried to push a false narrative
-George Soros

-Media and their “sources” on this issue. That’s the big one. Not the opinion clowns, but those who push fake news.

Now, the media may not be Constitutionally required to give up their sources, but let them lie? That is not Constitutionally protected. And they did lie, because liars lie, and that’s what they do. And this also means the people who head the networks and the papers who have attempted a coup against the President.

If anyone thinks the press is protected from the consequences of lying to the FBI, think again: the last administration bugged, wiretapped, investigated and stole information right from reporters’ computers. This was all illegal – so I’m not suggesting that we do ANY of those things: those things were illegal as they were unconstitutional.

Everything out in the open, interviews, like they did with Martha Stewart and General Flynn.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Press should be (and may be) charged with their participation in a coverup (or coverups.) It would be as if the press, instead of using inside information from Deep Throat to expose Watergate, actually covered it up. Think about that for a moment.

Freedom of the press doesn’t cover criminal activities, nor does it give them cover for collaboration with criminals in the process of committing crimes and criminal conspiracies. RICO could be applied to some of the big-name news media. RICO isn’t the Spanish word for Hallelujah, but it might as well be in coming days.

As I wrote a few days ago: Biden is going down, and so are the Dims, but the ones who will feel the greatest consequences will be the Establishment Press, also known as MSM. Right now, the Dims are so paralyzed with fear, they’re putting impeachment on a fast-track, because HRC is being investigated by over 100 (maybe 150) investigators – and this is not a political investigation: it’s for real crimes. Those idiots in the MSM who have been so foolish as to run cover for her have some real consequences coming.

State is also on the chopping block. October is going to be a fun month! Panic, Nancy, panic!

phineas gage

From your lips to God’s ears–one can only hope.

One way or another, things are definitely coming to a head now. Sundance believes impeachment is a fait-accomplit. At the same time the IG FISA report is due to land soon, followed by possible indictments from Barr/Durham.

It’s going to be an interesting two months, in the sense of the Chinese curse.

If one result of all of this is the final take down of the media, it will be worth it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Looking at the loudest voices recently – the following “goat-blowers”: Susan Rice, who is terrified; the dishonorable John Brennan (the worst CIA Director in US history and the most treasonous,) Adam Schiff (who has allegedly falsified classified information; Nancy Pelosi (who now knows she’s in the metaphorical cross-hairs because of what she did in January) and HRC (who has now begun to show her panic and will probably start her long, hideous screech on her way to sheol.) (Note to Bill Clinton: is she really worth saving? Save yourself! Dubya has already; your turn!)

Not gloating; it’s really going to be a horrible sight when the SHTF. But a necessary one.

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