America’s Second Civil War is Three Years Old

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The whole strategy revolves around wearing you down. – Americans who inhabit what the coastal elites condescendingly refer to “flyover country,” that vast center of the nation that turned into a sea of red on Election Day 2016 to elect Donald Trump to the presidency, are being forced to make a choice when it comes to their President. The relentless, neverending coup efforts being led by the Obama-loyal Deep State are designed to force you ultimately get to the point where you will throw up your hands and say ‘go ahead, get rid of Trump, just give me some peace.’

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Our nation today is in a different kind of Civil War, one that began in July, 2016 when James Comey’s FBI coordinated with John Brennan’s CIA to mount a spying and entrapment effort against the Trump Campaign. It is a war of attrition, a war built on the relentless pushing of Big Lie after Big Lie after Big Lie.

It is a war being mounted by squeamish, disloyal Republicans, the entirety of the Democrat Party, vast pockets of treasonous corruption within the Justice Department, the FBI and the Intelligence Community, 95% of the nation’s news media and about the same percentage of the entertainment industry. The war is supported by most of our institutions of higher “learning” and even filters down into our public schools.

It is a war on our senses, a war on our stamina, a war on our minds and a war on our children and grandchildren. It is a war in which we now cannot watch an episode of a sitcom or a crime drama without being assaulted with anti-Trump messages that insult us and our intelligence. It is a war in which we cannot wear a red cap or put a bumper sticker on our car expressing the desire to keep our country great without fear of being assaulted on the street or in a restaurant.

It is a war in which the simple fact of being white and male, or African American and conservative makes you a potential target of publicly-condoned derision and personal peril. It is a war in which you can lose your business or job if you don’t refer to a man wearing gaudy make-up and a dress as “ma’am.” It is a war in which giant social media monopolies are allowed to discriminate against you if their 100%-leftist staff do not approve of your thoughts and words.

It is a war in which associates of President Trump have their homes broken into in the middle of the night, are perp-walked before CNN’s cameras and held in solitary confinement while awaiting trial on charges that the DOJ investigated and refused to prosecute years before. It is a war in which enemies of President Trump can have multiple criminal referrals levied against them by the Inspector General and walk away scot free to lucrative book deals and six-figure “contributor” contracts with leftist fake news cable channels.

It is a war in which elected members of congress willingly do everything they can to prevent a duly-elected President and his administration from being able to conduct the nation’s foreign policy. It is a war in which the nation was held captive for three years by a “Russia Collusion” narrative tirelessly pushed by the fake news media and investigated by multiple congressional committees and a “special counsel” who conducted himself like the head of the American Gestapo. It is a war in which the special counsel’s report fully exonerates the President of any wrongdoing, only to have the Democrats and the fake news media double down on the Big Lie and pretend that it convicted him.

It is a war in which the Intelligence Community is now coordinating with the Democrats, the media and the entertainment industry in the next Big Lie, this one having to do with a phone call between the President and his peer in Ukraine. Even though it is now transparently obvious that this is just another Big Lie, we can count on the Democrat/media complex of propaganda to double down on their latest false narrative.

We can expect them to do that because the strategy here is not to have you actually believe any of the nonsense they’re pushing. The strategy is simply to wear you down, to ultimately make you bend the knee and give up on this silly quest to keep America a great and independent nation.

When this latest coup/impeachment effort crashes and burns in spectacular fashion, we can expect the forces aligned against Trump and his supporters to simply make up another false narrative and keep the coup going.

The same thing is happening right now in Britain, where Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister elected to complete the Brexit effort the voters approved three long years ago, is under a similar relentless assault by that country’s deep state, disloyal lawmakers and fake news media. As I wrote in one of the earliest Campaign Updates way back in 2016, Brexit and Trump are essentially the same political movement, a movement that pits those who love their country and want it to remain a strong, independent nation against the forces of globalism and one-world-government.

The Brits who support Brexit have held firm through all that time and grown stronger. Trump’s base of support has also held firm and grown larger. That base has remained unshakable not because they necessarily approve of every aspect of Trump’s personal behavior, but because they understand what is at stake here, and whose side Trump is on.

Because at the end of the day in this tiresome Civil War, Trump is on the side of Americans and America. I don’t know about the rest of you, but they won’t ever wear me down.

That is all.


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Warren Matha

Vote and buy guns.

phineas gage

It does feel like one of those significant pivot moments in history where all the forces are aligning.

Jimmy MacAfee

Paul Ryan wasn’t worn down; neither was Mitt Romney: they both became Benedict Arnolds. Both pretended to support Trump, and both stabbed him in the back. Same with Judge Napolitano, who wanted a SCOTUS seat and was bitter because he was denied. They all lie to his face – (Romney came to Trump years ago, begging for money, and how hates him?)

Trump reminds me of an old martial arts movie, where the hero fends off wave after wave of attackers, and finally makes the last of the lot flee in almost comedic terror. (Some parts of these are bloody.)

In this clip, Nadler is pretending to teach his boys how to fight:

This one is Trump, taking on the mob which thinks it has him helpless:

Jimmy MacAfee

It is no surprise that President Trump is Zatoichi – except to those who relentlessly attack him.

Learn from the master how to fight.

J Stewart

Let elected officials tend to their constituents needs and stop wasting time and money on trying to build their own power bases and incomes.

Jumper Bones

Mr. Blackmon, this was a very good summary. Might I recommend that you package this into something that persists at the top masthead of your blog-site, and add to it periodically as the Left adds more ridiculous fuel to their immanent downfall?


Just to say, thank you, DB. For your talent and your faith in our President and our country. Thank you.

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Dave. Amen!

The pervs and commies and traitors and liars and thieves and Globalists are all in alignment: how much easier to identify them, now that they’ve exposed themselves! They have hidden long enough, and now have boldly announced themselves, thinking themselves a Goliath! So they are! Pebbles brought down the giant, and pebbles will bring them down, too.

This is a fight to the death.

On our side: let feeble arms grow strong, let the weary be filled with energy; let the faithless grow Faith, let the humble rise up with humility intact and power beyond understanding; let us unite against the forces of darkness and take comfort that our sacrifices are not in vain: we hold fast for this generation and the next and the next! The line begins and ends with us, and the enemies of Light will not prevail!

In Jesus/Yehoshua we are strong, the world over; we are joined with people of other faiths who hate tyranny and oppression, and we will not submit nor bend our knees to the aligned enemy, our common enemy! Defeat witl be their middle name, and vileness their epitaph.

Rise up, ye generation, against the dark! Rise up and fight!


Some say the reasons the civil war was fought still exist today and are the same reasons Hitler went to war as well as just about every war that has ever been fought. Controlling your own money and the legal system. Both of these control mechanisms are still run by beholden people. This is why the first time the American people were allowed to form their own political party, rather than the the two given to them, was named the ANTI FREEMASONIC PARTY. Nothing new under the sun. People in power are beholden. Pecking order is Jews, freemasons, mormons, scientologists. At least in the blue states. These protective proxy groups are funded by the jews. If you live in a small town and there is a big mormon church, they run that town. Same thing with the other proxy mafias that have a huge building with marble and gold and expensive, impressive assets to fool the neophyte into thinking they are into something good. Well, it’s BS and if you are married with children and want out, forget it. They will use them against you. This is the real America we have to live in. Pick your local mafia that is run by the usurious ones at the top and sell out right? God bless.

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