Congress is a Plague of Liars, Skunks and Eunuchs

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

One problem with the testimony of Acting DNI Joseph Maguire. – Joseph Maguire generally did quite well in refuting the Democrats’ phony scandal-mongering, and made it very clear that he followed the letter of the law throughout the process of reviewing the fake whistleblower complaint he with which was confronted.

Just one problem, though: At several points in response to questions from both Republicans and Democrats, Maguire claimed he was “certain” that the leaks to the press related to the whistleblower situation did not come from “anyone in the IC (Intel Community).” Sorry, but that simply cannot be a true statement. There is no way on earth he or anyone else can be certain that no one in the IC leaked this information or caused it to be leaked, especially now that we know that the fake whistleblower is in fact a CIA agent, which means that some if not all of the people feeding him the largely-false information contained in his complaint were also employees of CIA or other IC agencies.

Granted, we also now know that Bug-Eyed Adam Schiff has had this complaint in his grubby paws since August, so it there can be no doubt that he and his staff have done at least some of the leaking. That’s what those despicable cretins do, after all. But there is simply no way Maguire can possibly be certain that zero leaks of this highly-classified information came from anyone in the IC. He should be forced by the Committee and frankly by the President to revise those remarks for the record.

Yesterday’s revelation about the fake whistleblower’s identity proves conclusively that President Trump has been right yet again with his ongoing complaints that he and his staff continue to be spied upon by the CIA and other IC agencies. At the very least, he should eliminate the ability of anyone from the IC to listen in on his calls with other world leaders. His ability – and the ability of all future presidents – to hold such calls in the future has already been irreparably harmed by the Democrats’ disgraceful behavior over this phony complaint. Getting the spooks off the calls might help to repair at least some of the damage done.

Trump also needs to find a replacement for CIA Director Gina Haspel. Obviously, she’s a worthless hack who, like FBI Director Christopher Wray, has done nothing to clean up her agency and its illegal spying activities. In a perfect world, both agencies would be broken into a million pieces and scattered to the winds, as John F. Kennedy famously threatened to do to the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco 58 years ago. Of course, JFK was conveniently assassinated just two years later, and the CIA’s problem was solved.

The truth about those two agencies is that both have been utterly corrupt institutions since the day of their founding, and that corruption was taken to new heights during the Obama years, culminating in a coordinated effort to spy on an American presidential campaign and then to mount a coup d’etat when their preferred candidate failed to win.

This fake whistleblower complaint by a reported Obama loyalist exists due to the failure to mount any real effort to clean the evil minions out of the CIA. That, of course, is due to the fact that anyone President Trump can get confirmed by the Senate must first be approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee led by deep state skunk Republican Richard Burr of North Carolina. Haspel, a loyal lieutenant to John Brennan during the Obama years, is in that job now because she could be confirmed. Coincidentally, Mr. Maguire is in his job rather than Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe – Trump’s first choice – because Burr gave his nod of approval to Maguire after promising to block Ratcliffe.

Wray is in his job for the same reason.  Are you seeing a pattern here?

The reality here is that the IC remains a collection of corrupt institutions who spy on their own citizens and even their own President not because of Democrats, but because of compromised/corrupt Republican senators like Burr who remain loyal to the deep state instead of the American people.

Damn them all to hell.

About that Adam Schiff soliloquy to start the hearing… – Many Republicans are whining and moaning this morning about Schiff and his statement to begin the hearing in which he completely fabricated what was said on the call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky. Yes, it was despicable, yes it was just another in a long line of treasonous acts by a treasonous Democrat, but why would we expect anything else?

And while we’re all whining and moaning about the fact that the Democrat-toady TV channels are all simply playing Schiff’s latest fabrications without critical comment, why aren’t we demanding to know why not one of the Republicans in that room spoke up and objected while he was doing it?

Devin Nunes, normally a stellar guy, was sitting 6 inches from Schiff throughout that false statement. At least 7 other Republican members of the committee were sitting there as well. Why didn’t any one of them have the presence of mind to raise an objection with the Chair, calling him out for literally making sh*t up? Indeed, Nunes didn’t even say a word about it when he, as the Ranking Member, was the first Republican to question the witness. We were half an hour into the damn hearing before one Republican, Mike Turner of Ohio, finally had the presence of mind to berate Schiff for his act of outright mendacity.

Thus, the reason why your fake news media has that squeaky-clean, uninterrupted video of Schiff making his false statement to brainwash the masses with this morning is that the GOP members of that committee were all sitting there like a bunch of damn eunuchs while he was doing it.

Good lord.

That is all.


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I don’t know that I would agree that those two agencies have reach “new heights” of corruption. After all they assassinated a President in 1963 and a Presidential candidate in 1968. If they seem more prolific, I believe that this is the result of now having an independent media that is exposing them.

Jimmy MacAfee

New Whistleblower Complaint (from anonymous sources and news feeds, to be corrected at 6 am tomorrow when the stories prove false or misleading)

-Adam Schiff’s staff has to work to keep him away from marmots, because he allegedly does awful things to them. (Transcript available in 2 years, considered Classilied)

-Nancy P. brows erephants (from crAP news)

-Senator Schmucker eats Ding Dongs (from I.ce C.ream sources)

-Nadler has a penchant for having a penchant, a wooly furry creature that likes the raw carnality of penguins. (CNoNews)

Jimmy MacAfee

And John Brennan sang The Lumberjack Song daily, to go along with his very fashionable lanyard that he wore at the CYA to prove how “woke” he was.


The difficulty cleaning up the crooks at CIA/FBI is they all carry concealed weapons.


Declass bathhouse barry’s records, all of them, transcripts, birth certificate, everything.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s a great suggestion!

Leo Smith

Arrest,convict and execute the Coup members. Start with Schiff, Obama, Clinton,, Holder, Lerner, Lynch.


President Trump could and should play hardball by doing the following:

1) Fire every SES he can – they all serve at the pleasure of the president and most are worthless, if not corrupt.

2) Have acting directors assume the leadership – keep pruning the tree every month until you find a GS 15 who actually cleans up their department/agency.

3) Make recess appoints when you find decent leaders.

4) Rescind all of Obama’s EOs that allowed all 17 or so “intelligence” agencies to monitor and “share” his phone calls.

5) Defund these agencies as needed. Money talks – especially in Washington, DC.

6) Get AG Barr off his ass and start prosecuting the Members of Congress, the IC and the DOJ leakers, the PACs and law firms who provide support to the leakers and launder PAC (Soros’) money, and the press for sedition and/or treason. Even if you don’t win some of the individual cases, you will force the culprits to spend gazillions of dollars defending themselves and bankrupt them ala Flynn.

7) Fulfil your most important campaign promise and drain the swamp; these cretins must be defeated soon, or they will ultimately defeat you and America as we know it, and the rule of law.

If you rid the departments/agencies of the deadwood and corrupt hacks someone (the next in line) will lead/run the department/agency with or without official confirmation and eventually, hopefully clean up DC.

Jimmy MacAfee

Defunding the CIA won’t do anything; they have “private” sources of income, if you know what I mean.

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump: declass the entirety of the report on the assassination of President Kennedy, even if the CIA doesn’t like it.

Jimmy MacAfee

And re-open the investigation into 9/11.

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