The Biden Lead is Crashing Like the 1929 Stock Market

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Biden lead is crashing like the 1929 stock market. – Today’s Campaign Update has been predicting since April – when he formally entered the race – that Joe Biden’s polling lead would be gone by October and that he would leave the race for the presidency shortly after March 4, 2020, which is Super Tuesday.

As things turn out, the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator is right on pace to achieve the first piece of that two-pronged prediction. The three most current new polls out this week all now show him in a statistical tie with Fauxcahontas, the life-long fraud who is now the candidate with all the momentum in the race. The polls all come from legitimate polling groups – Economist/YouGov, Emerson and Quinnipiac – which are independent from major U.S. fake media outlets. That’s an important distinction, since those major fake news outlets produce their “polls” as a means to create fake news instead of any real effort to measure the state of the race.

Biden’s once-strong leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two contests in the race, have already disappeared into the ether, although he does still cling to leads in the most current polls in South Carolina and Nevada, the two contests that come after New Hampshire. Faced with this reality, the Biden campaign has now taken to saying that it is not important for their confused candidate to win Iowa or New Hampshire, which smart observers will note is exactly what the campaign of Rudy Giuliani kept saying back in 2008. How did that work out for the Mayor?

The big outlier in the national polls is The Hill/HarrisX poll. HarrisX is a legitimate polling group, and its poll, taken on September 20/21, came out before the controversy about Biden’s interference in the Ukraine on behalf of his ne’er-do-well son Hunter, broke into the news cycle. That one still had Biden’s support up over 30%, and Fauxcahontas way down at 14%, trailing even The Commie.

That is a real outlier compared to these three more-recent polls, and it will be interesting to see where it comes out in its next iteration. That may not happen until after October 1, since it has been on a two-week cycle.

Lots of other interesting stuff in these three most-recent polls, including:

Bernie Sanders is basically dead in the water at this point. He is stuck in the mid-teens, mainly because he has no new ideas that aren’t recycled from his 2016 effort. He just keeps on repeating the same tired Marxist talking points over and over again, and that just bores the short-attention-span Democrat voter base back to playing games on their IPads. Fauxcahontas has become the more interesting and energetic Marxist of the day.

Irish Bob O’Rourke has now fallen behind Andrew Yang. His strategy of attracting support by being the loudest, shrillest and most profane finger-pointer in the crowd has failed just as everything else he has ever tried in his life. He gone, he just don’t know it yet.

The same can and should be said of Cory Booker. He polls at dead zero in two of those three polls. His campaign recently let it be known that it is almost out of money and that he would probably have to leave the race soon if fundraising doesn’t pick up. There is no reason whatsoever why fundraising for the goofy Senator should pick up.

–  Like The Commie, Kamala Harris is also dead in the water. Her support numbers, which had been stuck in the 6-8% range throughout July and August, are now stuck in the 3-4% range. Like Booker, it is hard to see any reason why they  might suddenly pick up. As bad as she has been as a senator, she is even worse – absolutely horrible – as a candidate. For you college football fans, Harris is the Jim Harbaugh of the political world – blessed with more hype than Barack Obama, but unable to meet expectations on the field of play.

Then there’s Mayor Pete, or Preacher Pete as The Campaign Update prefers to call him. The little Deacon has one of the most loyal bases of support of any candidate in this race. The trouble is, that base of support has settled in right at 6%, and no one should expect him to move substantially above or below that level. He is the 6% candidate, waiting to become VEEP arm candy for Fauxcahontas in next year’s general election.

The only other thing worth noting here is that Tulsi Gabbard has now qualified under the DNC’s very mysterious rules for the October debate. Thus, there will be one actually interesting person on stage with 11 circus clowns for that one. Given Democrat voter preference for circus clowns, that will likely be Tulsi’s last stand.

All that having been said, the odds are now getting a little better for one of these candidates, most likely Fauxcahontas, to accumulate the necessary majority of delegates during the primary races to win on a first ballot at next year’s nominating convention. Biden’s rapid fall, combined with the inability of candidates like Harris, Booker, Preacher Pete or Irish Bob to gain any real traction, make it more likely that only 2 or 3 of those who survive into 2020 will be able to get to the 15% threshhold in each state to be awarded delegates.

This is now Fauxcahontas’s race to lose, which should come as no surprise to readers of The Campaign Update. We have consistently told you that Democrat voters love a good liar, and will pretty much always nominate the single biggest life-long fraud in the field. That has been the case in every nominating battle since 1992, and there was never any reason to think this one would turn out any differently.

Given that, here are my new odds for the ultimate winner of this race:

Fauxcahontas – Even money

Someone not in the current field – 2 to 1

Biden – 5 to 1

The Commie – 20 to 1

Preacher Pete – 50 to 1

Kamala – 50 to 1

The Field – 100  to 1

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Mensa Graham

I can’t help but wonder if this was all a setup by fauxahantas to remover Biden. The whistle blower is a third party story teller. And the whistle blower somehow or another managed to get it leaked to the press. Very smelly. Actually seems to be something Bernie the commie would do but….now if Warren gets accused of something serious I would believe Bernie has learned a few lessons since he was screwed in 2016.

Jimmy MacAfee

“Whistleblower” was CIA. Clinton op, Agency goon. (Don’t know why Haspel hasn’t put the squeeze on this kind of politicized shenanigan.) Clinton was the one who told Joe to stay the hell out of the race last time, with a threat of revealing his corruption; he continued in his corruption after withdrawing, like the rest of them, figuring she was going to win – otherwise, he would have covered his tracks (well, hard to say, since he’s dumb as a sack of rocks; maybe not.)

As I had written on another segment, likely the Dems are using “remote viewers,” (CIA) who told Hillary that she had it in the bag, and told the rest of the Democraps the same thing. (Hasn’t worked out too well, has it?)

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes, and if she can’t grow up and be Director, she should resign or be replaced.

There are some people in the Agency who like Trump, especially since he got Sabrina De Sousa released from an unjust prosecution!

But the Agency is top-heavy with politicized idiots and traitors; may have to do a Kennedy on the Agency if they can’t clean up their messes, before they do a JFK on Trump. Remember that President Trump allowed a lot of CIA information to continue to be kept classified, things that he COULD release if he chose. I don’t speak for the Administration, but it seems that they’re pissing in their own waterbottles and calling it Gatorade.

Jimmy MacAfee

The CIA, that is.


Quid Pro Joe is finished, It is only a matter of time.

Jimmy MacAfee

Fauxahontas was being used by HRC as a potential running mate (as a threat) to get Wall Street to help her; Wall Street (in their various mouthpieces) wrote that they would cut off her campaign from funds if she chose Princess Paleface. This was to seal the deal, and HRC dutifully chose a dud (not a real Virginian, but Senator from Virginia.) HRC used him as life insurance, if she should be elected, same as Obumbler used Biden-the-Unstable. Impeach Obumbler and end up with a certified moron? Life insurance, of sorts (plural.)

Not good news for the Dims that she’s a front-runner. Wall Street does not like her. In most relevant ways, she’s a cleaned-up version of Burnie the Burnt Out, only she isn’t thrusting a fist in everybody’s face and shouting; her voice is more like the crackle of dried corn stalks, abrasive but somehow easy to tune out.

BTW, I defended Biden the other day, when someone said he ate excrement sandwiches; I said that this was a damn lie: “Joe doesn’t even LIKE bread!” Old joke.

And, Dave? You’re getting some nice applause from Stroppy Me (whose YouTube videos I ALWAYS watch.) I recommend him highly.

Cameron Howe

I was very surprised HRC didn’t pick Cory Booker as her running mate in ’16. When she picked Kaine I was like “who’s this guy?”. Must have been more to that story.

Jimmy MacAfee

Virginia was a key(stone cops) state. And Kaine is Catholic (at least he CLAIMS to be) and Hillary is Jezebel: they needed a balance. And he doesn’t frighten Wall Street as much as a Cory Booger-type. Booger is irrational, not inspirational at all, and tends to run wild in bizarre directions, which is why NO ONE should want to hire him for anything.

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