Greta Thunberg Needs a Caring Adult in her Life

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Ok, so, you’re saying nothing’s changed, then? – The Washington Post breathlessly reports today that 1 in 7 adults in New Orleans has a warrant out for their arrest. This is “news” in Washington, D.C., but in New Orleans it’s called laissez les bon temps rouler.

Whatever happened to Matt Drudge? – The Drudge Report once was a great place to get a balanced cross-section of actual news. For many years it was the best news accumulator site on the web. But about two years ago, Drudge went completely off into the fake news establishment universe. Maybe he was threatened, maybe he was bought off – who knows? Whatever the motivation, his site is useless at this point. Here’s what it looks like this morning:

Who needs the Weekly World News anymore when Matt Drudge is around?

In all seriousness, there was a time when Matt Drudge had a good nose for when the Democrats and establishment media were lying to us in unison. That’s the only reason why the Monica Lewinsky story ever made it into the public domain, in fact, given that several major establishment news outlets had had that story for months but intended to keep it quiet.

But now Drudge just uses his site as a tool to push out and perpetuate these Democrat fantasy plays. Which of course is why everyone should stop visiting his site and rely on instead.

Everyone should feel nothing but sympathy and pity for Greta Thunberg. – Not sympathy for anything she has to say about “climate change” – that’s all just parroting alarmist talking points prepared for her by a bunch abusive adults. If you missed it, take the 2 minutes required to watch her very deranged speech given at the UN on Monday:

No, we should feel sympathy for the way this 16 year-old child has been abused by those adult activists who put her up to all of this and by pretty much every other adult she has ever had in her life. As Tiana Lowe, writing in the Washington Examiner, put it recently:

“The case of Greta Thunberg is even more egregious. Thunberg began suffering from depression as a child, by her own admission, in part because she learned about climate change at age eight. She was later diagnosed with autism and obsessive compulsive disorder and gradually became despondent as she obsessed over her fear of climate change. She developed mutism and an eating disorder so severe that she once went two months without food, and she stopped going to school. Her only sibling, a sister named Beata, also suffers from Asperger’s and OCD, as well as ADHD.

“Now tell me, does it seem healthy to place a child with this many mental illnesses under the spotlight of public scrutiny, with a sole focus on the very phenomenon and associated alarmism that triggered her in the first place?”

Indeed, her mother – a former opera performer – is so desperate for attention that she actually wrote a book about her child’s many mental issues. Both of her parents – her father is an actor and director – are so uncaring about their child’s well-being that they have allowed her to be used as a poster child for a what is without any real question anymore a global religious cult.

The leaders of that global cult, having succeeded in frightening this poor child and millions of others across the globe with their alarmist nonsense that has spread throughout our education systems and news media, are only too happy to put her up on stage at a global event. There, she comes across to any thinking person who is not a part of the cult as exactly what she is: A very frightened little child who has no adult in her life to cares enough about her to offer her some comfort.

She deserves our sympathy. She deserves our pity. And the adults who surround her deserve nothing but our scorn.

In his opening monologue Monday night, Tucker Carlson got it exactly right when he compared the religious cult’s use of Thunberg to terrorists’ use of children as human shields:

“When you use children to demand power, they become a kind of human shield. You can hide safely behind them. No one can criticize you. Anyone who would do that is someone who would literally do anything to seize control, and that’s exactly what they are doing.”

This is child abuse.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Does Mommy show signs of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy? Just askin’.


I suspect that this whole thing will not end well for Greta, given her stated mental conditions. She will eventually implode. The pressure will, sooner or later, bring about a more serious display of psychotic symptoms making her unfit for further exploitation by the globalists. At that point, she will simply disappear. No longer available for appearances before the nutjobs of the climate alarmists. She will become too undependable to follow the script written for her by her handlers. The leftists will destroy her and any chance she may have of a normal life.
Child abuse. Sad.
Just sayin’.


The Chinese and the Russians have been trying for years to dismantle our economic system and our way of life, with very little success. We are now in the process of destroying ourselves from within, while they are certainly sitting back and laughing at us. This is madness! The left has been fairly successful using children as a means to achieve gun control. They are simply using the same tactics regarding climate. We have put children at the forefront of all that we do, when we should have the adults lead the discussions in moving us forward as a Nation. This madness needs to stop YESTERDAY!

Jimmy MacAfee

It is entirely possible that Greta was gaslighted by her parents – impossible to say for sure, but the linked video of a woman who was gaslighted by an artistic parent reminds me of Greta’s parents, at least superficially. At the very least, the parents should be held responsible for permitting others to turn her into a talking seal:

As someone who was gaslighted myself, and who recognizes the methodology, I do feel profound sympathy for Greta, and a great deal of anger at those who have misused this little girl for their own evil purposes.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, as to your title: “Greta Thunberg Needs a Caring Adult in her Life,”
it won’t be long before she’s going to need a Group Home. Just sayin’.


That hag is 40 years in need of a facelift. Hope she finds dumb Swede to marry. All the smart ones went to Thailand.

Cameron Howe

Laura Ingram last night had, what I thought, was a perfect summation of the use of children to push the climate change agenda.

Since the readers here all know the climate agenda is really a disguise for wealth redistribution, I was pontificating on some of Greta’s comments as they pertain to Orwell’s book Animal Farm, specifically the part about how her generation would more or less take care of the problem. I mentally went down a rabbit hole briefly and said to myself “wow, this didn’t turn out very well for Boxer”. All of us that go to work every day and pay the taxes that will be redistributed under this plan are of course “Boxer”.

Sorry if that’s not a coherent statement, I’m still waking up.


I’ve always thought Drudge turned against Trump because he (Drudge) is gay. For some reason virtually all gay men appear to have great antipathy toward Trump. Some people speculate that it was the policy on transgender individuals in the military.

A simpler reason is he went to the dark side for the same reason as many others (cough, John Roberts, cough)–the money and leftist adulation.

Jimmy MacAfee

Don’t know much about this site, but the pictures are pretty unnerving:

And the handler of this little urchin: Luisa Marie Neubauer.
Evil incarnate, funded by Gates-Soros, allegedly.


Another despicable act by leftists? Using children to stoke fear with climate hysteria?

Color me shocked…also we should just ignore her and her parents….I’ll file this with Christine Blasey Ford and the rap phenoms Kriss Kross.


16 year old Thunberg had dilated pupils. And her delivery too points to stimulants.

Jimmy MacAfee

Some ADHD drugs cause dilated pupils.

Jimmy MacAfee

Isn’t this something we’ve seen already? Ocrazio-Cortes? The actress who auditioned to be Congresscritter? Next up: sea lions with a seal-human translator?

“Arf arf honk arf!”
“You’re polluting our sea!”

“Arf honk arf arf!”
“More abalone!”

“Honk arf arf!”
“Here comes a Great White! Flee!”

This youngster is a human seal on display.
Kind of like AOC.

Jimmy MacAfee

Not to be mean, but I thought she might have an issue relating to chromosome 21.

Jimmy MacAfee

“How many times are we seeing the Left/Elite use teenagers for their ugly purposes, and in how many ways?” From an earlier post I’d written.

As I satirically stated, we see the Left (all buddies with Jeffrey Epstein) who used children for hideous purposes. Considering what she’s being instructed to do, the current abuses they’re setting for this child is every bit as bad as what the Left has done through Epstein, through trafficking. Yes, I AM saying that she was trafficked (on a sailboat, no less) for utilitarian purposes. What has been done to her by her comrades and her parents is a form of psychological [email protected], a violation of the innocent.

I’d noticed from press pictures that this was no ordinary 16 year old; she appears to be more like 12, (and that could be a high estimate for her psychological age, if someone is actually willing to do an analysis; her conditions certainly indicate something abnormal in terms of maturity.)

She does appear to be slightly more mature than Beto, though. There’s that.

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