How Long Before Biden Bows Out?

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Great dates in American Politics. – Exactly 32 years ago today, on September 23, 1987, Joe Biden, hair plugs intact, withdrew his name from consideration for the 1988 Democrat presidential nomination:

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Biden’s withdrawal from his first run for the presidency came after it had been revealed that he had plagiarized from a speech given in the UK earlier that same year by British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock. Biden didn’t just lift a word here and there from Kinnock’s speech, mind you – he stole almost the entire thing. Which is pretty amazing, considering the Kinnock’s speech was an autobiographical recounting of his own life. That’s what kind of a brazen thief Joe Biden proved himself to be at the tender age of 44.

As this whole fake “whistleblower” non-scandal being promoted by the Democrat/Media propaganda complex continues to have the unintended effect of causing the reality of Biden and his family’s self-dealings to profit from the office of the vice presidency from 2009-2016, I’m beginning to think the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator and least-favorite Creepy Uncle might end up having to deliver another similar withdrawal speech within the next week or two.

Bear with me here.

As I have written these Campaign Updates almost every day for the past three years now, I have repeatedly reminded readers of several recurring realities in our nation’s politics. Two of those recurring realities are especially relevant here. They are:

Projection is the Democrats’ favorite Alinsky tactic – Whenever you see Democrats accusing President Donald Trump or some other Republican of bad behavior, it is a near-100% certainty that the Democrats are in fact themselves guilty of that exact behavior; and

Whenever you see the Democrat/Media propaganda complex ridiculing Donald Trump for something he has said or Tweeted, it is a near-100% certainty that whatever Trump is saying or tweeting is absolutely true.

Think about how this whole fake controversy began last week: A fake “whistleblower” who has zero first-hand information lodges a complaint against the President, alleging that he intimidated the President of Ukraine in a discussion about corruption in that country. Now, think about what everyone paying attention has learned since: That Joe Biden actually did intimidate Ukrainian officials in 2016, blackmailing them by withholding $1 billion in U.S. aid until they fired a prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company. We know without any doubt that Biden did this because we have video of him bragging about doing it at a public forum.

Oh, hey, the President tweeted about that tape on Saturday:


Let’s take a look at some of President Trump’s tweets in response to this fake controversy, tweets that have been ridiculed by the Democrat/Media complex:

That was tweeted early on Sunday, and by the end of the day, the stories about Hunter Biden and other Biden family members becoming fabulously wealthy in sketchy business deals while Creepy Uncle Joe was VEEP were floating all over social media.

But wait, there’s more:

Here is the simple, inescapable reality: Just as Rudy Giuliani told John Roberts on Fox News Sunday, the Democrats and their media toadies have fallen into a trap here. No matter how hard they try, the fake news media outlets cannot contain this story on behalf of Creepy Uncle Joe and his ne’er-do-well son.

This all exposes the real Achilles’ Heel of the Democrat/Media complex: They keep acting like it’s still 1988 here. They keep thinking that the “media” is just the three broadcast networks, CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post, and that as long as they have those outlets in their pockets they can control any story. The world doesn’t work that way anymore, boys and girls.

Biden was clearly rattled when confronted by a Fox News reporter on Saturday to explain his and his son’s activities related to Ukraine:

That is the bluster of a confused and panicked man. He has no idea what to do or how to answer, so he lashes out at the reporters to “ask the right questions.” He also probably lied outright when he said he and his son Hunter Biden had never discussed Hunter’s business dealings in the Ukraine, a claim that Hunter directly contradicted over the weekend.

Joe Biden is closing in on 77 years-old, and he is not in any way young for his age. He is in the midst of his third run for the presidency over a span of 32 years. His once-sizable polling leads in Iowa and New Hampshire are now gone, and Elizabeth Warren keeps slowly closing the gap with him in the national polls.

He now finds himself being caught in the middle of a corruption scandal that is not only of his and his son’s own making, but that he bragged about at public events. On camera. All his buds in the fake news media keep parroting their talking points, but fewer and fewer people are buying what they’re selling with every passing hour.

All of this is happening with next year’s Democrat convention still 10 long, long months away and Election Day more than 13 months hence.

Does anyone really think this very old, frail man has the stamina to last through all of that?

Not likely.

That is all.

P.S.: Right as I was posting this up, President Trump issued this tweet:

I’m just sayin’.


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Jimmy MacAfee

The so-called “whistleblower” is IC – (probably CIA, probably one of their remaining “remote viewers.”)
He’s been off-target repeatedly, and Sneaky Schitt and Mark “Mr. Burns” Warner have been relying on this fraud for far too long. It’s not just a matter of projection; it’s not just a matter of cognitive dissonance, nor is it only confirmation bias: they really believe this idiot.

The “remote viewing” sniper just got nailed in his reticle. Bang.

Jimmy MacAfee

I figure Biden will refuse to withdraw anytime soon, because his ego is too big, and because he’s simultaneously terrified of what is coming as a result of his strong-arm tactics and his corruption vis a vis his son. He’ll try to take his lies inflate them to beyond absurdity (he’s always there already, but this time he’ll become unhinged in a way that he’ll actually become the laughingstock of the press itself, which can no longer defend him.)

Hillary – as Nunes said (and as I said months ago on this thread) – was the one who first opened up the Ukrainian angle: this is how she kept him out of the race, or from even thinking about running. With her out of the picture, he thought he was home-free, when presently he’s more like burnt home fries.

The fake polls can only cover his butt for so far and for so long. When the polls are unable to hide the truth, he’ll be forced out. And may face prosecution.

phineas gage

If the DNC had a clue, they would give Yang or Gabbard a chance. But they won’t.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yang is too bizarre; Gabbard is too independent.


Ying Yang is just that, a Ying-Yang.

Gabbard had her moment, but was too honest in the debate when she (Trumped) the round-heeled AG and senator from CA.

Maybe Steyer can buy the nomination in a brokered convention, and then let the fun begin.

It is amazing that in a country of over 300 million, with fully a third of whom either will vote for (D) by default or total buy into their crap agenda, that they can’t come up with a likeable charismatic candidate to sell their message.

I despised everything about Bill and Hillary, but I have always said he was the best politician in American history – could sell air conditioners to Eskimos.

Obama could do much the same (Hillary: not so much) with the help of a fawning media, but media doesn’t have the influence it did in 2008, and no thinking person would buy another Obama type “blank slate”.

My only fear is that massive voter fraud will be in play next year and steal the election.

phineas gage

Trump is egging the media on with his Tweets. He clearly would rather face Warren, a purse-mouthed radical leftist liar who ranks on the political charm scale at the same level as Hillary Clinton.

Then again, maybe a brokered convention will give us Hillary again. Or someone worse.

It is 1972 redux for the Dems.

Jimmy MacAfee

Lizzie is as appetizing as stale potato chips stuck between the cushions.

Charles Aronowitz

KEEV? It’s Kiev, you idiot


What are you referring to? Dave never mentioned KEEV or Kiev in his article. If it is mentioned in the videos, (I didn’t hear it) a little context from you would be nice.

Jimmy MacAfee

Glad to hear! Not many trolls here, at least not very often.

Jimmy MacAfee

Troll alert! Did this on JWR recently. Could be same character.

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