The Fakest Fake Scandal in FakeNews History

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

How fake is the “whistleblower” scandal? The “whistleblower” in question doesn’t even possess first-hand information. – At least, if you believe the Washington Post’s reporting on the matter. This little nugget was buried deep within the bowels of a Saturday WaPo report on the subject:

“The whistleblower didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications, an official briefed on the matter told CNN. Instead, the whistleblower’s concerns came in part from learning information that was not obtained during the course of their work, and those details have played a role in the administration’s determination that the complaint didn’t fit the reporting requirements under the intelligence whistleblower law, the official said.”

Oh. Helps to know facts, doesn’t it? Too bad our fake news media refuses to focus on those facts, preferring instead to harp on the bullsh*t being spread by the Democrat Party.

Here’s another fact: The intelligence whistleblower law everyone keeps referring to doesn’t even apply to the President of the United States in any event. That law applies to people within the intelligence community and their conduct during the course of their jobs. The POTUS is not a part of the “intelligence community.” Attempting to apply it to the President would have huge separation of powers issues, given that the law is designed to give congress oversight related to the intelligence community.

The POTUS is the POTUS. Period. The POTUS has unique constitutional authority to conduct the foreign policy of the United States of America. The conduct of foreign policy includes phone calls with foreign leaders like the one in question in this fake news fake scandal.

Such calls are attended by an array of senior intelligence, State Department and other officials who listen as a matter of course. None of the officials who were actually on the call and actually listened to the conversation lodged any complaint or concern about it. The supposed “whistleblower” – almost certainly a holdover from the Obama administration – has no standing at all here.

This is a fake news fake scandal. Period. It is simply one more in a long line of unending efforts by the Democrats and their media toadies to harm this President and his ability to conduct the nation’s foreign policy. These are subversive, seditious actions by disloyal people who don’t give a damn about the health and survival of this country.

These are Democrats. This is who they are, and what they do.

That is all.


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The Whistleblower is working off second hand information? Think about that. It would certainly be political genius to have planted the bug in the Whistleblower’s ear, that resulted in the Democrats sinking the Biden campaign. What are the odds? Frankly, I believe the Biden Boys should be in prison for their corrupt activities.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, a “Whistleblower” is be definition a witness, not a second-hand recipient. Kind of reminds me of the Pulitzers handed out to Wapo and NYTimes for info (fake info) that was, at best,5th or 6th hand, redistributed through the grapevine like a virus that uses RNA. The phony dossier was circulated, recirculated and then recirculated again – using the press, Senators, LE, IC and others. “The Man who Corrupted Hadleyburg.”

But this new narrative is different, maybe: or maybe it isn’t. Remember that second hand information is called “hearsay,” inadmissible in a court of law.

Maybe the systems which attempted to set up the President for a fall were themselves pre-destined to fall. It’s a very long-game view. Doesn’t matter, though: the collaborators (Comey, Brennan et al) conspired to set the President up for removal. What’s funny is that the press can’t see that this new Fake News is designed to make them – (the press) – fall for yet another easy target. The Second Hand Whistleblower will see to it. Biden will be a casualty, mostly because he’s a moron, and a corrupt moron at that. But the press is the target in this latest scam against the President.

Because the 1st Amendment doesn’t protect the press when it’s involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the elected President. Let that sink in.


I don’t know if I would call the press an actual target. POTUS simply keeps trudging on with his agenda, and when they screw (almost always) he says Fake News and I told you so. If the press is a target, they painted it on themselves for sure.

Kulak the Deplorable

These are Bolsheviks. This is who they are and what they do. Complete and total destruction of the U.S.A. as it was founded is their goal. That is all.

Jimmy MacAfee

Here’s some fake news (or is it?)

“Dear Greta,
You probably have heard of me; they’re saying I’m dead, but I’m not! But I AM dying to meet you! I’m so impressed by your age and maturity, and I have a lot of people I’d like you to meet – princes, lawyers, Bill Clinton! You can even come to my new island in a new plane I’ve acquired, which has some really fantastic sleeping quarters (if you get tired.) I can even introduce you to some movie producers, if you want to be in the movies! You’re a star! I’m a fun guy with a lot of connections!

“PS: (I do advise, however, that you stay away from Hillary Clinton. She has ‘different’ tastes, if you get my meaning.)

Yours Lovingly,
Jeffrey E.”

Well the fake news is not all fake: how many times are we seeing the Left/Elite use teenagers for their ugly purposes, and in how many ways?

Fred Ward

I watched the series “Victoria,” in which Churchill was calling a longtime rival to ask him to return to his former job, as he was needed. The rival lead Churchill to nearly beg for his return. When Churchill asked his motives, he replied the begging wasn’t for him, but for those monitoring the call. Then camera then cut to a series of people listening on headsets. Anyone who thinks these calls are conducted otherwise is a fool.

Jimmy MacAfee

A Summary

1.How do you get the Fake Media to look at the problematic (likely illegal) activities of Joe Biden?
2. How do you get the Fake Media to look at the unconstitutional motives of the Dems/Leftists?
3. How do you get the Fake Media to look at the Deep State as an enemy of the people?
4. How do you get the Fake Media to look at the actual racism/anti-Semitism of the Dems?
5. How do you get the Fake Media to look at the corruption/politicization of the FBI/DOJ and the IC?
6. How do you get the Fake Media to look at human/drug trafficking (and Jeffrey Epstein?)

1. Have a “whistleblower” try to pin it on Trump
2. Have people like Beto get so desperate and hysterical, he openly admits his party’s goals
3. Have the Deep State develop fake crimes that they try to pin on Trump
4. Promote the four anti-Semites in Congress, so that the words they utter come out for all to see.
5. See number 3
6. Try to pin Epstein on Trump (who did not like Epstein and was actually a witness against Epstein.)

As Q has said repeatedly: “These people are stupid.”

The more the Fake Media thinks they have on Trump, the more they damage their own side.
(“How did this hole get in my foot? Is it from my own gun?”)
The Fake News is getting played, and they and the Left are being forced to eat their own crap.

Jimmy MacAfee

As I wrote before: this all goes back on Biden; his tape (here) at the 45 second mark, where he brags about strong-arming the Ukrainians:

As has been said in some circles: “Quid Pro Quo”

One dirty hand washes the other in Biden’s world. With hands as dirty as his, it is even more of a horror that he puts them all over children, other men’s wives…(I wouldn’t let him pet my cats or dogs!)

So with this so easily turning on them, you have to wonder: was it an attempt by someone to get Biden out of the race? The fake news wouldn’t know anything about that: they’ll print a picture of a cabbage and tell us it’s part of a high-protein diet, if the fake government dietary sector tells them to. Likewise, fake news is found in Big Pharma, where they have a “Journalist” of the night writes a story or stories about how statins cure cancer, prevent diabetes, and can help improve marathon times (when the truth is that statins cause diabetes and cause muscle pain, dysfunction and damage, and are unnecessary for 97-98% of the population!

Fake news is everywhere, driven by the Deep State and Big Tech and Big Pharma and Big Agriculture (the latter of which was selling “veggie burgers” loaded with partially hydrogenated oil and soybeans!) Trust no one. .

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