Media/Democrats Will Try to Parlay the “Whistleblower” Into Another Special Counsel

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

“Whistleblower” a real crisis? No, just more fake news. – Let’s all understand this latest effort by our fake news media and the deep state to harm President Donald Trump for what it is: A desperate attempt to protect Creepy Uncle Joe Biden and to trump up a pretense for a second special counsel.

Here’s the background: When the Unfrozen Caveman Senator was Vice President for Barack Obama His Own Self back in 2016, he allegedly threatened Ukrainian officials that the U.S. would withhold foreign aid funds unless the government fired a prosecutor general named Viktor Shokin, who was investigating the activities of Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in that country. Lo and behold, weeks later Shokin was fired and Hunter was home free.

In a recent phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Trump allegedly asked him to take a look at the issues surrounding that improper action by an American Vice President, as well as other issues surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings in that country. Rudy Giuliani admitted on CNN yesterday that he made a similar request on behalf of president Trump earlier this year.

So, which would you consider to be a “scandal” here: A Vice President strong-arming a foreign government to protect his son, or a President asking a foreign government to investigate that Vice President’s obviously improper actions? This is not a hard decision for anyone with any sense of personal ethics.

For our fake news media, acting on behalf of the Democrats and the Deep State, the choice is easy and perverse: Bad Orange Man is bad, Crazy Uncle is good. Thus, Bad Orange Man’s action is the “scandal.”

The Democrats and their media toadies will now attempt to use this request by the President as the next “Russia Collusion” narrative. No fewer than three separate House committees opened investigations into this “scandal” yesterday, demanding documents and testimony they know they will not receive.

You can be sure that calls for a special counsel will come next, perhaps as soon as later today. It’s part of the Deep State Kabuki Theater, after all. If Attorney General William Barr agrees to such a request, then we will know for certain sure he is no different or better than Jeff Sessions.

This is all these people have. It is who they are. This is what desperate animals do. Enjoy the show. I’m going to read a good book.

That is all.


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Just wonderin how long people are gonna take this…

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m guessing that any attempt to deal with Biden’s son’s alleged crimes vis a vis China will also be used against President Trump, and the 17 operative in China who were exposed and killed (allegedly) resulting from copies of HRC’s emails will also be used against him. Anything the Dems have done, past, present or future, “it’s Trump’s fault!”

The more they push crap, dung, offal, lies, smears and distortions, the stinkier they get. If you think they can’t get any smellier, wait until the next crap-bag blows up in their face. (A big one is coming!)

Jimmy MacAfee

Even Nancy Pelosi said this: Nadler was chasing a white whale, from Melville’s story.
That’s rich! A whale chasing a whale!

Don McCoy

The sad thing is that as BLATANTLY fraudulent as the entire Democrat party has become…the Right still all pretend to take them seriously and allow them to continue to obstruct and interfere and interlope and grift and leave a wake of destruction and debt. But GOD FORBID anything is done to reign them in…

Jimmy MacAfee

This is actually good news: it’ll bring to the dim light of the press what Biden did on behalf of his son, a story which Biden would rather see snuffed. Of course, this may be an attempt to get Biden to leave the race by the Dems who are concerned about his increasing senility.

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