Trey Gowdy Warns Us Not To Expect Any BOOM From The Horowitz FISA Report

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

In case you missed it, plodding, thus-far-inept DOJ IG Michael Horowitz sent a letter to congress yesterday notifying key committee chairs that he has finally, at long last, completed the initial draft if his eons-awaited report on FISA abuse. The report now goes to Attorney General William Barr and swamp rat FBI Director Christopher Wray to begin the internal review process. That process will likely consume another month or so, maybe even longer, before the public will finally, at long last, be able to see the fruits of Horowitz’s glacially-paced labors.

This, of course will set the stage for all manner of leaking and self-puffery by the subjects of the IG’s report, including John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe, to name just a few of the Usual Suspects who the public record already available clearly demonstrates defrauded the FISA court repeatedly during 2016-17.

It also sets the stage for wild anticipation and irrational optimism among Trump supporters who have been paying attention to all of this that Horowitz is somehow about to deliver the goods on all the participants in the Obama DOJ/FBI Cabal, the foundation that will result in all of them being tried for treason and shipped off to prison for the rest of their lives.

Like clockwork, former prosecutor and ex-congressman Trey Gowdy appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night to caution everyone to cool your heels and tamp down your expectations. Below is a video clip of that appearance, with a partial transcript to follow:


Here’s a partial transcript for those of you who still like to read stuff:

Gowdy: “It’s hard to convince 12 people of anything – I used to have to do that for a living. It’s tough. You’ve gotta dot every I and cross every T.

“Candidly, it is more difficult if it is a high-profile defendant. So, if they go forward with McCabe, it’s going to be a tough trial. You don’t want the U.S. government going to trial and losing on a regular basis. They lost the Greg Craig case, and that’s not good. If you’re going to go to trial, you need to win.”

Hannity shifts the subject to the IG Report producing indictments:

Gowdy: “You have to find a criminal statute if your objective is indictment. That is why I’m very clear every time I appear on your show that we cannot live in a society where an indictment is the only thing that carries any stigma [valid point there –  more on that at the bottom of this piece].

“Most of the names in this FISA abuse process have already been fired or publicly called to task. Jim Comey, twice now, the IG said ‘you did not meet our expectations. You failed to follow policy. You violated your employment agreement.’ All of that has to be significant.

“I used to try to make representations in court, and I tried real hard to be honest and fair about it. But let’s assume that I didn’t tell the court something. The remedy for me is not indictment. The remedy is I may lose my law license, I may be held in contempt.”

[Hannity interrupts, which is what he is good at, but makes a good point about the use of the unverified Dossier as the basis for the FISA warrants being a conscious fraud on the court, which it was. Repeatedly.]

Gowdy: “Well, if you were a lawyer, you’d lose your law license, and the court could hold you in contempt. You would be held in contempt of court, absolutely and you can go to jail for that. But I don’t know that lawyers who make factual misrepresentations in front of judges get indicted. You’re gonna get punished, you’re gonna be held in contempt, you may get sent to prison.

“I’m not minimizing anything they’ve done. I’m saying we’ve gotta attach the right punishment to the right offense.”

[Hannity visibly angry now: “But by signing that, they’re denying an American citizen their constitutional rights. They’re literally using that lie to spy on a presidential candidate, and then transition.”]

Gowdy: “Aha! We’ve identified a statute! Using the color of a government official – it could be a 1983 action. And that’s all I’m saying – we have gotta match up the conduct with an official code violation. What you just laid out is a 1983 violation.  Now, we’re getting somewhere!” [Note: U.S. Code Sec. 1983 allows prosecutors to pursue a civil action against anyone acting “under color of law” to deprive an American citizen of their civil rights. It is not a criminal statute.]

[Hannity: “I’ll send you Greg Jarrett’s list, he’s identified a whole bunch of violations.”]

Gowdy: “Don’t sent it to me, send it to Bill Barr.”

[Hannity dissembles about not knowing Barr. Interview ends.]

So, if you’ve been reading all those Twitter-based tick-tock conspiracy mongers and and watching Hannity air the same program every night for the last 18 months, leading you to believe the IG’s report was going to lower the BOOM on all the participants in the Obama Cabal, well, sorry. Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor who never lost a case is here to tell you to dampen those expectations and go watch some football this weekend instead.

Finally, let’s review this passage of Gowdy’s comments:

“That is why I’m very clear every time I appear on your show that we cannot live in a society where an indictment is the only thing that carries any stigma [valid point there –  more on that at the bottom of this piece].

“Most of the names in this FISA abuse process have already been fired or publicly called to task. Jim Comey, twice now, the IG said ‘you did not meet our expectations. You failed to follow policy. You violated your employment agreement.’ All of that has to be significant.”

Of course, Gowdy’s absolutely right there. Public stigma used to be a vital aspect of punishing bad actors like the Cabal participants whenever the government couldn’t succeed in actually prosecuting them under criminal statutes.

The problem, though, is that that stigma no longer exists for anyone who is opposed to President Donald Trump. That stigma can only exist if our society has a real, working news media establishment that is willing to lay out the truth of their acts to the public and shame them for it. Our fake new media no longer serves that function related to anyone opposed to Trump. In fact, those bad actors are not only NOT shamed by the media, many of them are handsomely rewarded by the media with big “contributor” contracts. Witness Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper as prime examples.

Peter Strzok and Comey were fired, but then were rewarded by the media with big book deals. Strzok and McCabe were both able to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from demented leftists when they set-up online funds for their legal defense. On and on the depravity on the political left and in our fake news media goes.

So, while what Gowdy says there used to be correct in a U.S. society of decades ago, it is utterly irrelevant in today’s world. Absent indictments – or, as Gowdy repeatedly implies in this interview, being held in contempt by the FISA court and spending jail time for that – all of these co-conspirators will just keep laughing all the way to the bank with money largely provided them by our fake news media.

Sad, but true.

That is all.


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Cameron Howe

I think what Gowdy and Hanity failed to mention is this:

The FISA process is conducted, perhaps necessarily, without representation of the defendant (sorry, legal term escapes me at the moment). This puts, or should put, an added burden on the FBI to either prove their case or to play devil’s advocate for the non-represented defendant. At a minimum, they should have to present exculpatory evidence. (Ironically, if they have exculpatory evidence, they shouldn’t be asking). Otherwise what you have is The State (the FBI) asking The State (the Judge) for permission to spy on American Citizens. If the whole FISA fiasco has taught us nothing else, it should be that the FISA process, and in fact, the entire Patriot Act should be tossed out (I don’t care if it’s by legislation or by SCOTUS). I’ll take my chances with “public safety” because the alternative is THIS, and WORSE.

Remember, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”.

Also, granting the Government additional power results in three things:
1) The power will be used incompetently
2) The power will be abused and used in the most malicious form possible
3) The power will be used for the Government to secure more power

The FISA process is fits this rubric to a “T”.

Jimmy MacAfee

Seems like they get prosecutions for average Schmoes, but not for the Gilded Class. If we have a FISA Court, maybe we need a similar court with which to try professional liars like Comey and McCabe and others?


This is all so sad.

Trump (reportedly in your prior articles) is reshaping the courts for decades to come with a record 150 new judges. Even that concerns me, after seeing the performance of many of his cabinet and DOJ appointments. So far, EVERYONE of his appointments having anything to do with the DOJ are big bags of nothing. I had some hope with all the flack that the left gave Sessions and Barr that some heads would roll…

What is it with Republican appointees? They get routinely trashed by the left and if they actually survive the nomination process, they often side with the left; amazing how that has worked since at least the successful borking of Reagan’s third SC nominee. These turn of events leave me confused and frustrated on two accounts:

1) If I got my ass kicked by my ideological enemies and my reputation slandered and ruined by leftist hacks who aren’t fit to shine my shoes, I certainly wouldn’t rule in favor of their wishes, yet many do much of the time…

2) Why is the left always so angry and opposed to GOP appointments since 1987? when so many of then meekly go along with their agenda.

For every good judge a GOP president appoints (it appears almost accidental on their part when they do appoint a Scalia or Thomas) we get a bad one; yet every judge appointed by a Democrat is a certified leftist, anti-American communist. Funny how that works… Same for special counsels, directors and advisors etc.

President Trump, where are the DiGenovas, and Levins, in your cabinet? Why does worthless Wray still have a job at the FBI? Save your presidency and FIRE EVERY SES IN WASHINGTON, DC and appoint vetted GS 15s to acting roles, give them a month to clean house and if they fail fire them too until some good people (who I keep hearing are actually in the FBI) actually make the FBI/DOJ run as it should. And make recess appointments!

At this point I would rather have Gracie Lou Freebush, (Sandra Bullock), or Frank Drebin (Lindsey Nelson) running the DOJ and FBI. At least hey were honest and got the job done.

Jimmy MacAfee

Leslie Neilson (RIP) who also played Joe Biden (President Baxter Harris, Scary Movie 3 and 4)
Other than that, you’re spot on!

Jimmy MacAfee

Soooooo hard to prosecute the powerful! Well, not really: they went after – and succeeded – in prosecuting Martha Stewart.

They fraudulently prosecuted Ted Stevens, and but for a wise judge, would have gotten away with it. Same with the at-first successful prosecution of ENRON, overturned 9-0 by SCOTUS. They didn’t bother to prosecute the Branch Davidians: they just burnt them to the ground, and they used FBI snipers to help the effort. They do as they damn well please. But prosecute one of them – just one – and they tell us to shut up and expect nothing. Or very little. That’s because they can “smell the Trump voters.” We are nothing but rancid garlic to them.

What these dumb feather-nesters don’t realize is that Donald Trump prevented a revolt; he stood up for us Deplorables, scheduled for extinction – like coal miners, but the rest of us, too. He has been the only thing standing between them and us, and they don’t like it: they hate it, and can’t wait to put one of their little clowns in charge over us so that they can steal our nation’s resources (oil, gas) and our jobs and our Freedom. But first, the guns! They always come for the guns first.

Watch the video; pass it around. Make your own choices on the day when they come for our rights, our guns, our lives, our families.


Trey Gowdy seemed to be an attack pit bull, a way back. But the reality is that he was nothing more than a bark with no bite, a word smither, a photo opper. His leaving Congress proved what a wimp he was and furthered the demise of the House in turning from a Republican Majority into the Farce we have today under Pelosi. Thanks, Trey. You are a prime time a-hole.

Htos 1

WHEN, Pentagon???? Am M-15 butt removing their teeth will MOST certainly get their attention.

S Keith

Bo (Jackson) knows ….. more …… than the that bag of hot air Trey


Don’t worry, I stopped expecting any booms long ago. The Deep State is huge and has dirt on everyone with power. Like Chief Justice Roberts, who changes his opinions on demand.

Silas Lester

Sorry, but Mr. Gowdy has no room to talk. He had his chance in Congress and I don’t recall anything but hearings and more hearings under his watch. Lots of upbraiding of various political figures who blithely sat there and obfuscated, then off to the press for a photo and soundbite op. As you so aptly pointed out, the bastards are laughing all the way to the bank.

rickey ricardo

Trey Gowdy is the rankest of opportunists, always was. Otherwise, he is a notorious POS with a beard, now without a beard, once again with whiskers, and now again without. He’s a real POS

Jimmy MacAfee

It had to be pointed out to the good Congressperson that the coup plotters did three things: tried to prevent a candidate from being elected; attempted to keep the elected President from taking office, and then tried to unseat him after he took office. Up until that point, he seemed oblivious to the issues at hand. Same with Goodlatte, who finally had a fire lit under his skinny butt. But it seemed that everybody was content to run out the clock, particularly the evil Paul Ryan. Screw ’em all.

Jimmy MacAfee

The scuttlebutt is: Wray has some serious problems with the decent people who are left in the FBI. They. Have. His. Number.


Jimmy MacAfee

Yep. Other news is that Epstein was taken from his cell, brought back in a wheelchair and then was carted off on a gurney – but still alive. And other cameras were also “inactive,” not just the one proximal to his cell. I think there’s some credibility to this claim, but…evil prospers while the good do nothing. And far too few good people left these days – decent people, honorable people. Lizzie Warren is right about the corruption, but fails to note that she’s more corrupt than most of the people she criticizes.

Of course, we could all just park our vehicles on the Beltway and surrounding roads, tens of millions of us, and stop anyone from going into or out of the nation’s capital. Been done before. Close down the airports. Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

Witness what happened recently when someone suggested a mob-event at Area 51.

Jimmy MacAfee

Ruby Ridge cost the government 3 million dollars. Small change compared to the potential for a Trump tort.

What if President Trump sues for their attempt to smear him with a fake dossier, organized with the help of several foreign intelligence agencies and our own IC and LE principals?

Their intent is clear, it’s in their texts, so intent is not even a question.

General Flynn will be exonerated, and his tormenters will be sued – or their agencies (a la Ruby Ridge.) Any punishment for the vile Andrew Weismann? Others? Maybe not, but all of Flynn’s legal bills will be settled – this is why Chris Wray and the Department of Injustice (or just “the Department”) won’t release exculpatory evidence. Too damning. I hope President Trump, General Flynn and Roger Stone sue the damn feathernesters into oblivion, and the participants who committed these crimes against the innocent will have their assets seized in order to pay the compensation (I can dream, can’t I?)

Steve from Missouri

This will all boil down to whether there is a case prior to the 2020 election.
The coup has been delayed, not terminated.


DOJ and FBI would hide behind Prosectorial Immunities.

Jimmy MacAfee

So I’m guessing the FISA court doesn’t mind that they were lied to, spied upon (yes, that happened too) and made to look like a chunk of monkeys at the Atlanta zoo? This includes John Roberts, who chooses the court and monitors it. Think they’re pissed? If not, they’re part of the coup itself.

Declass may put the IG report to shame, if the report is a whitewash. And there are a LOT of things that can be declassified that are humiliating enough for the Deep State that they’d better just commit themselves to seeing justice being practiced against the coup plotters.

Ollie North got off on appeal. His real crimes had to do with REX 84, an assault on the Constitution. These crimes were not punished, and were even suppressed when Rep. Jack Brooks brought them up in the Iran Contra hearings. Iran Contra was a joke, but REX 84 was more than a readiness exercise: it was treason. And so it’s wise to listen to former Congressman Gowdy, because these things will have to occur slowly, deliberately.

Steve in Missouri

Yes, I do think the courts were participants. I think it’s the new normal for the courts.
The courts have become activist, beyond constitutional. They make the law as they go along.
So if there was some violation of FISA court regulations or legislation, it only becomes important if the court says the FISA court application was a violation. Then I think they issue a citation.
So they could issue a contempt of court citation, but it’s pretty much out of the hands of law enforcement, since it was law enforcement which was the participant.
I have never heard of an IG inspection of the courts, and I don’t think I ever will.
David A Kaplan wrote a book, The Most Dangerous Branch.
There really isn’t any oversight of the Supreme Court. They now are routinely rewriting laws so they fit on the books.
The Trump era is an aberration, and likely a short lived one at that.
Even the 2016 presidential election was really just an indirect route to the courts, and the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court diverts the Republic from a constitutional republic to a monarchy ruled by 9 judges with life times appointments, who in former times would have been referred to as kings, essentially invulnerable to the democratic or republican process.
While kings are commonly perceived as there being a single king, the nine judges of the Supreme Court are reminders of the four kings of Narnia, referred to in C.S. Lewis’ series of books, The Chronicles of Narnia.
While the Chronicles of Narnia are thought of as children’s books, some of the underlying themes, such as the contest between good and evil is a recurring theme throughout history.


In other words it’s a nothing burger because the warrants are completely legal and above board.
ps: Appeals court rules proceedings against Trump’s emoluments crimes can proceed. So the net tightens on the Crook in Chief.

Silas Lester

The warrants were based on a nothing burger,

Those are the words of a Democrat pundit who has been around the DC talk show circuit for some time and considered as a man who knows what’s what when in comes to inside DC politics.

Your precious, oh so vaunted special counsel came up with a dry well.

No criminal intent, no obstruction, No matter how hard your MSM propagandists
try to spin it.

As for emoluments, keep dreaming.

I have been following politics since the eighth grade, I am now 62. And I can tell you this:

The left has been playing all of you for suckers since FDR was in office.

Jimmy MacAfee



Roberts is Deep State, Blackmailed, and Controlled. If you can’t bring to Justice a Criminal in DOJ or FBI then SHUT THEM DOWN NOW!

rickey ricardo

Neither will happen. Bet on it.

Jimmy MacAfee

FISA either needs to be cleaned up, or shut down – if they allowed 4 illegal submissions, and if there are no repercussions for defrauding the court. Perhaps they will remand the submitters of false documentation to a military tribunal? Recall if you will Lindsay Graham’s questions to Judge Kavanaugh on military courts. That was the basis of the opposition to Kavanaugh, not abortion.

And with this, certain things may occur behind the scenes. Elements of classification are involved.

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