18 Years Later, The New York Times Still Can’t Honestly Identify the Enemy

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Garbage newspaper gonna put out garbage news:


So, just as they do in the debate over gun control, our fake news media parrots the DNC-approved narrative that the inanimate objects – the “airplanes” – were the bad things here, not the radical Islamic terrorists who flew those airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

What a disgrace.

After the perpetual outrage crowd on social media blew up over the tweet, the Times changed the wording in a subsequent tweet to read “Eighteen years have passed since terrorists commandeered airplanes to take aim at the World Trade Center and bring them down.”

So, at least the Times staff is capable of being shamed into grudgingly writing the word “terrorist,” which I suppose is progress given that the weasels at the DNC most likely didn’t even want them going that far. But what kind of “terrorists” were those people that day? What was their motivation for committing the atrocities that murdered 3,000 people?

This is a national illness, folks. This national illness that prevents our fake news media, one of our major political parties and even many Republicans from properly identifying freedom’s existential enemy of modern times has led directly to multiple supporters of that enemy – radical Islam – now representing congressional districts from Minnesota and Michigan. That national illness, this refusal to properly identify and appropriately deal with that enemy in the harshest of ways is why our soldiers remain stuck serving in faraway lands 18 years later, with some coming back in body bags every year.

Many Americans, however, still retain clear eyes despite the media/Democrat onslaught of distraction tactics and messaging over the last 18 years. Here is one of them:


We have an enemy. The enemy’s identity remains crystal clear all these years later. If we cannot as a nation properly identify that enemy, we can never hope to defeat it.

The people at the New York Times know that, and don’t care. They are a big part of the problem. They were enemies of the people 18 years ago, and they remain enemies of the people today. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise.

That is all.


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What I always have trouble believing is the PC undercurrent that the left employs and which facilitates the islamic encroachment in our great republic. Do the left really not know they are being used? The consequences far outweigh the feel good image of tolerance. We know the left hates most religions and Christianity specifically, but why the love affair with islam and muslims???

It boggles the mind.

Charles Aronowitz

Do not insult weasels! The Times editors and reporters are evil.

Never Forget

Even you did not write “Muslim terrorists” in your article. We are either afraid to tell the truth, or are censored when we do.

Jimmy MacAfee

Islamists wanted us over there. Why? Because historically, those who are invaded eventually follow the invaders home. (London anyone? The Roman Empire?) It’s called blowback, and Turkey sent millions of people into Europe as invaders/colonizers, mostly because we gave them the opportunity to follow us to our homes and countries.

Think: long term; think Islam.
Think: why do we have Omar and her ilk here at all?

Jimmy MacAfee

Wasn’t the Muzzies alone: FBI agents tried in vain to report their activities, but were stymied. Fact is, SOMEONE’s intelligence agencies used the 15 hijackers (4 were later found alive in Saudi Arabia) to facilitate the event. Remember that the Deep State is not just US, but multinational Globalists.

If you think 2 planes took town 3 buildings in New York, you don’t know what you don’t know: listen to Donald J. Trump the day after the event:


Worth watching.

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