Brexit’s Success is as Important to Donald Trump as it is to Boris Johnson

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Pay attention to Brexit. – While our fake U.S. news media establishment has spent the week obsessing over President Donald Trump making a mark on a map with a Sharpie, some major, real events have been taking place across the Great Pond, in jolly old England.

Ok, well, things aren’t exactly jolly in London right now, as a political war between the EU-captive elites and Brexit-favoring Prime Minister Boris Johnson has broken out into full public view. As we have seen in America with the “Never Trump” fake conservative subversives joining ranks with the radical, anti-Trump left, so are we now seeing the fake Torries unmasking themselves as the deceitful, compromised hacks they truly are. More than 20 of these EU useful idiots were ejected from the British conservative party this week for their failure to support Johnson’s efforts to affect a final Brexit from the EU by October, and several others resigned voluntarily, including Johnson’s own brother.

As you watch all of this play out, complete with video clips of the comical goings-on inside Parliament, it’s important to keep in mind that Brexit is in fact the law of the land in Britain, having been decided by direct election way back in the summer of 2016, an election that wasn’t really close. Yet, the party that was provided a majority to make it all happen keeps being sabotaged by the disloyal enemies within its midst.

Sounds a lot like the Republican Party, right? Right.

In reality, the ongoing debate over Brexit is a clear reflection of America’s debate over border security. While the U.S. does not have direct national elections over policy decisions, every poll ever taken on the border issue shows a vast majority of citizens favor strong action to secure the border with Mexico. There are no exceptions to this reality. Yet, when the GOP had majorities in both houses of congress and a President in the White House, all efforts to enact policy reforms to the nation’s immigration laws were scuttled by the disloyal enemies within its midst, including then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

In the U.S. immigration debate, the EU is personified by the partnership between U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its giant corporate members who want to keep the flow of cheap labor coming into our country regardless of the ultimate political consequences, and the national Democratic Party, which will be the ultimate beneficiary of those political consequences. This is all crystal clear and really not debatable.

Athwart all of that mendacity yelling “stop!” you have President Trump, the American counterpart to PM Johnson. Interestingly, President Trump may well be able to play a significant role in resolving Johnson’s current inability to move Brexit to final fruition. That potential ability all comes down – as it does with China – to trade and tariffs.

Like China, the EU nations have enjoyed the financial and economic benefits of 74 years of American stupidity in the trade arena, placing all manner of tariffs and other trade roadblocks on U.S. goods while America did little or nothing to retaliate. Several of the EU nations, most obviously Germany, who have been major trading partners with China, are already experiencing the power of U.S. retaliatory tariffs in an indirect way. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her EU peers are no doubt already living in fear of what their lives would look like in the face of direct U.S. tariffs placed on their own countries’ products.

But here’s the thing: These disloyal British MPs who are refusing to allow Johnson to comply with the voters’ Brexit mandate are heavily tied in with and influenced by the EU, whether monetarily or otherwise. Given that, President Trump has the means to influence those MPs indirectly by – guess what? – announcing retaliatory tariffs on EU member country imports, exactly as he has done with China.

Mr. Trump might also tie those tariffs to a new, simultaneous trade deal with Great Britain – a concept he and PM Johnson have already publicly discussed – a move that could incentivize a mass relocation of manufacturing operations and jobs from continental Europe to the British Isles. Think about it.

The President fully understands, better than anyone else, that he and PM Johnson are two lonely warriors in the battle against open-borders globalism. The ultimate achievement of Brexit from the EU is a vitally important front in that battle.

Don’t be surprised at all if, at some point this month, you see the President announce a new round of tariffs not on China, but on the recalcitrant and abusive nations in the EU. Because Donald Trump always plays to win, and in this case, winning for America means Brexit, and Johnson, must win first.

That is all.


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TexanForever Thompson

An EXCELLENT commentary and analysis. … Spot on !!

michael savell

I hope you are right Jimmy.I think the USA and the UK are going to need all the friends they can muster when the SHTF.With France and Germany getting together a european army and a major recession likely to take place because of negative bonds and interest rates Germany may well start making overtures to Russia and ,given german hate of inflation one can only guess her intentions,Germany is not called the fatherland for nothing.It would be good for Trump if he could help cool down and pacify Russia a bit ,the Uk has friends in the world but the odds are not great that peace will be maintained.The Uk will be sidelined after Brexit by Europe,at least for a while so we,in the UK are going to need you again ,this lot won’t stop at UK,especially if China gets involved.With opur relative services our ears should be kept to the ground from now on.

Jimmy MacAfee

And Dave, you are spot on about the US Chamberpot of Commerce. They don’t represent Main Street. And they’re not as smart as they believe. Conflating greed and ambition with intelligence and Freedom is a big mistake. The Chamberpot isn’t interested in Freedom. Nor the Constitution.

And Merkel? When China fails, Germany fails. And that leads to things that we’ve seen in the last century, and Germans know it: private gun sales are soaring. This is because the “refugees” (colonists) will rise up when they’re not fed and housed in a manner which they think they deserve. Germany will always be Germany. That’s not a compliment, but a warning to those invaders and to Germany itself.

Jimmy MacAfee

Italy (and even Leftist Greece) are anti-EU, so GB is not alone. We’ve also been working with Italy recently, after their intelligence service’s cooperation with Obama to unseat President Trump was revealed – (lots of head rolled after that was exposed!) Let’s hope MI6 will do some housecleaning as well, because they’re competence isn’t in question: their loyalties are. And 5 Eyes? What are they these days? SPECTRE? Some loyalties need to be questioned, the herd culled.

The nexus in all of this, believe it or not, is/was Jeffrey Epstein, who had a hold on loyalties (not to omit “Royalties”) in Great Britain and in the US, and in a great number of other places as well. Their king has fallen (or been kidnapped) and a lot of dominos are about to fall along with him. It’s all happening rather slowly, as it must, in orderly fashion. It’s a long walk to the top of the gallows.

Great Britain must free itself of its own Deep State, one that allowed a notoriously silly and foolish man to be elected Mayor of London: he must be removed; London is no longer London, and this must be reversed. There are lots of immigrants in London who are good Brits, and there are a lot of Khlanish filth who have made London putrid, like LA and San Francisco and Paris and New York and Baltimore.

All Boris needs to do is to keep moving forward, because retreat is deadly. Great Britain may not rule the waves, but she will rule her own island! And more.

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