Here’s Why Angela Merkel Hates Donald Trump

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Are you ready for some football?????  – We may be, but the NFL itself may not. The league’s season opened Thursday night with a snooze-fest 10-3 Green Bay win over da Bears. I don’t have time to go back through the entire major league baseball season, but I’d be willing to bet the Yankees, Astros and Dodgers have all played at least a dozen baseball games this year that ended with higher scores.

Of course, the NFL can’t juice up the ball the way MLB did this season, but still, c’mon, guys – if you want people to stay up late watching the game, there needs to be a game going on. Knowwhatimean?

In the “Are We Supposed to Care About That?” news, the Washington Post reports that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced on Thursday that he won’t be running for president. Ok, so, he’s just like Bill DeBlasio, Amy Klobuchar, Julian Castro and Michael Bennett, then. Good to know.

If you wonder why German Chancellor Angela Merkel hates President Donald Trump, look no further than this article in Reuters: “Recession risks rise for Germany as industrial orders plunge”

Here’s the first paragraph:

Weaker demand from abroad drove a bigger-than-expected drop in German industrial orders in July, suggesting that struggling manufacturers could tip Europe’s biggest economy into a recession in the third quarter.

And this:

Contracts for ‘Made in Germany’ goods fell 2.7% from the previous month in July, data showed on Thursday, driven by a big drop in bookings from non-euro zone countries, the economy ministry said. That undershot a Reuters consensus forecast for a 1.5% drop.

This economic dynamic is a direct result of President Trump’s trade war with China, which is the key to his efforts to reset U.S. global trade. After 74 years of U.S. wealth flowing to the rest of the world as we have stupidly allowed every other nation to place tariffs on our goods without responding in-kind, Mr. Trump’s new trade agreements and retaliatory trade policies are now beginning to bring wealth back into our country.

Germany’s big problem where industrial orders are concerned is that China has been one of the largest purchasers of German goods. But China’s ability to buy those imported goods has been reduced dramatically over the last 18 months, as it has responded to U.S. placement of tariffs on its own exports by devaluing its currency in a doomed-to-fail effort to keep its products price-competitive.

The combination of this devaluation and the slowing of the flow of U.S. dollars into its economy due to the tariffs and many businesses relocating to other countries means that China has less wealth of its own with which to purchase foreign goods. Bad news for Germany and Merkel.

Another excerpt from the Reuters story:

With its sales abroad hit by a worsening trade climate, a global economic slowdown and the increasingly chaotic run-up to Brexit, the bulk of Germany’s growth momentum is now being generated domestically – a dependency that leaves it exposed to any weakening of the jobs market.

So now Germany, which, along with Japan and China, has been one of the major benefactors of U.S. post-World War II largesse since 1945, is suddenly having to try to stand on its own economic feet, by generating growth domestically. Note how the leftist Reuters writer refers to this sudden, forced economic independence as “a dependency.” Globalism is a disease that distorts every facet of our lives, perhaps especially “news” reporting.

As I noted a couple of weeks ago, the post-WWII Marshall Plan was intended to be a temporary measure. It originally called for the U.S. to contribute about $12 billion in aid to help rebuild European economies after the great war came to an end. But then the Truman and subsequent presidential administrations and congresses started to see all sorts of strategic military and political advantages in extending and expanding the outflow of U.S. wealth to other parts of the world, ultimately turning a very limited plan for temporary rebuilding aid into a global social welfare program.

It should surprise no one that countries like Germany came to feel entitled to continue to receive this U.S. welfare into perpetuity. It became like a narcotic to their economic body. It should also come as no surprise that the leaders of these dependent nations resent the U.S. leader who is systematically forcing them to begin to fend for themselves in the world of global trade.

Everything you see happening vis a vis trade with China is simply Donald J. Trump keeping a major promise he repeatedly made throughout his 2016 presidential campaign. Everyone should understand that, once this global economic and trade reset has been completed with a new trade agreement with China, President Trump will next begin to draw down the 79-year-long U.S. military deployments in German, Japan and other parts of the world. Because he repeatedly promised to do that in 2016, too.

This President is unlike any other we have ever seen, mainly because the promises he made during his campaign are promises he has tirelessly worked to keep. There may be some short-term pain related to his trade war with China, but the long-term gain for America once it has resulted in a trade agreement will be enormous.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Merkel is a traitor to Germany and all of Western civilization. Serving her elite-class masters that wench has led Germany down the path to eventually becoming a caliphate ruled by the Moslem overlords.


Germany has high tariffs on US imports and Germany has an undervalued currency. Shortly after Brexit President Trump will tariff German auto imports. Add 25% to your $35,000-$135,000 BMW.


David, excellent article. My daughter just asked a question related to the issues of the China tariffs. You give a necessary historical explanation to explain the benefits and costs of this issue to her. Thanks from a dad!


There is a paralell here on Merkel’s hate for President Donald J. Trump. In our own welfare system. The left hates Trump because of the success of his economic policies removing folks from the dims plantation due to increased employment opportunities. They are no longer dependent upon the dims(commiecrats) largesse to get along, therefore the commiecrats can no longer count on the minorities to vote them back into office forever. Of course they are gonna hate on Trump. He is blowing up their whole schtick. With their help.
Now the countries which have been milking the US for 7 decades are losing their stipend for just being sorta allies, and are not doing well with the realization that they must make it on their own.
The globalist are freaking out cuz their plan of domination seems to be crumbling around them. Google, et al, are still under the impression that they are immortal, financially speaking. So they continue to sell technology to China and others. What happens when those countries experience a recession, or a depression, due to Trump’s excellent policies? Those tech midgets will not get paid. Cuz China has already proven, time and again, they are not honorable and will not honor any agreements with anyone. Least of all, some company based in the US.
The techies are being foolish and ignoring the facts of history. And, they and the rest of their ilk will pay for it. Probably, dearly. I hope.
The Pope? Eh, another old commie who needs a lesson in humility. He should stick to issues related to his religious brand and stay out of politics. Always sticking his finger in the wind to see which way to go. Much like most politicians in the world. Deal with the pervs in his organization and focus on cleaning up the church’s messes. Lots of work for him to do without sticking his nose into world politics. Especially in the business of the US.
Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

Not just what happens to tech when they have a recession: what do they do with all the “refugees,” most of whom aren’t worth a crap to begin with? They’re unemployable, and they are a drain on their social services. Germans are Germans: look for some real nasty stuff to begin happening next time they have a depression. “Refugees” beware: you live in Germany.

Reggie Smith

Monday Night Football has not been the same since they fired Hank Williams Jr over an off the cuff remark where he compared President Obama to Hitler. Wow! I am glad no other entertainment people have ever had the temerity to compare or refer to the president as Hitler. Hmmmmmm. Wait a minute…

ESPN and the NFL can both go suck eggs.


“Virtue signalling” is rampant amongst the elite. NFL was just another example of how to try to be a brave “social justice” warrior and shoot yourself in the foot. Walmart’s recent attempt to do the same thing will have an impact on their business. The board should fire the idiot who decided that one. Think of who the everyday Walmart customer is and what they buy when they go in to just buy ammo. And, end up with a cart full of other stuff. Stupid move by a large corporation which should know better than to listen to the small loud voice of the left.
Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yeah, it was convenient to purchase handgun ammo almost any time of the morning or evening, when other stores are closed. Because they think so little of the inconvenience they’ve now created, I think I’ll do my grocery shopping at their nearest competitor most of the time, for staples.

As far as the NFL, they were already on probation (inexplicable calls, ridiculous calls even in light of instant replay.) The halftime shows at the Superbowl are insufferable, and the PC crap is unbearable. I have better things to do. Exercise, read a book…clipping my nails is time better spent than watching that (now) stupid exercise in frustration.

Jimmy MacAfee

China has built an aggressive military behemoth – which it uses to bully its neighbors and the US – funded by the U.S. businesses, and Google is still helping China build a worse-then-Orwellian state, while Google simultaneously refuses to help the US military. Seems like the only solution is to bankrupt the corrupt Chinese system, which is phonier than a greenback with Hillary Clinton’s picture on it. At the same time, the corrupt US officials and businessmen who continue to sell/give technology to the Chinese are still getting rich off their treasonous corruption. Meanwhile, Germany uses Russian natural gas, while insisting that we stop our own use of fossil fuels in order to prevent “climate change.”

Merkel can go find someone else’s blood to suck.
Same with the Pope, who wears with pride Americans’ dislike of the old perv-protector.
Go back to your lair, the “Vatican Audience Hall, you old serpent.
And take Merkel with you.

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