Bernie Sanders’ Dorian Tweet Proves he is an Ignorant, Shameless Hack

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Grand Bahama this morning looks a lot like Galveston did on September 9, 1900. – On September 8 of that year, the deadliest hurricane in American history slammed into Galveston Island with winds in excess of 140 mph – which would make it a Category 4 hurricane – and a storm surge that inundated the entire island.

Captains and sailors from ships coming into port had been warning islanders for days in advance of a large storm lurking in the Gulf, and a prominent local weather man, Isaac Cline, also tried to warn locals that a big storm was coming. But government officials assured residents that a major hit on the island was virtually impossible due to the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and other factors, and predicted that any storm in the Gulf of Mexico would be most likely to make landfall in Florida. Thus, few people evacuated Galveston in advance of the storm, and, without air travel or gasoline powered automobiles, evacuation for most residents would have been difficult if not impossible in any event.

Thus it was that more than 8,000 Galvestonians died in the resultant inundation. Cline himself lived in a two-story home near the downtown area, and was only able to survive the rising flood waters by climbing onto the roof of his house along with his family. The destruction of all but the sturdiest of buildings on the island, like the famous Moody Mansion and many of the downtown business establishments, was utter and complete.

For many months afterwards, the refuse and debris from those buildings that had been carried out to sea was washed back up onto the island’s shores, along with the rotting carcasses of human beings, farm animals and pets who had perished in the storm. The cleanup operations were grim and seemingly unending; the stench was horrible and reportedly lingered for years afterwards.

The story we see coming out of Grand Bahama this morning is similar and tragic. The island was largely inundated by the storm surge, and thousands of houses and non-sturdy buildings have been destroyed. The refuse and debris from those buildings that was carried out to sea will wash back up onto shore in the months to come.

But that debris and refuse will not be accompanied by the rotting bodies of thousands of dead human beings. Many of the island’s pets and other animals were also taken to safety and even evacuated off the island, thanks to volunteer animal rescue operations. That happy result is largely due to modern means of predicting the path these storms will take days in advance. But it is also due to the existence of modern means of travel that allowed so many of the residents there to evacuate the island.

Virtually all of those means of travel, whether by boat, by plane or by automobile in the case of mainland U.S. residents in several states who are evacuating their own homes in advance of the storm’s path, are powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. Almost 100% of them. Even the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads now obtain their charge from power stations whose electricity is generated by a U.S. energy grid that is more than 80% powered by fossil fuels, including coal.

These modern, fossil-fueled means of transportation are why, when the ultimate death toll from this very strong hurricane is totaled up, the number most likely will consist of two digits instead of four or five.

So, when you see craven Democrat/Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders issue a tweet like this:

…remember that the deadliest hurricane in American history occurred in 1900, when Americans were traveling using horses and buggies, almost a full century before the climate change scam was invented by the global socialist political movement.

Next time you run into someone who works in America’s oil and gas industry, thank them for producing the fuels that help save so many human lives in advance of these terrible storms. I guarantee you they will appreciate the gesture.

That is all.


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I would like you comment on this thought:

As you should know by now via my comments on your excellent blogs, I am a Trumper, an independent conservative, and an unapologetically pro “America first” citizen, but I do have this question:

Big Oil, just like big pharma, big insurance, big health, and big education etc. is not immune from self-serving corruption. Why were most, if not all, fuel saving developments blocked from competing on a level playing field as a true capitalistic society would allow?

I remember the contrived gas shortages of the 1970s and I also remember hearing many rumors that “big oil” was buying up any and all patents on virtually any device or alternative fuel that would make travel either more efficient and / or compete with “big oil’s” monopoly (hydrogen peroxide as a auto fuel comes to mind).

Ultimately big government saw an opportunity to get involved and use its authority / power to further control our lives via emission standards (which are never enough for the enviro-wackos), health insurance (Obamacare), garbage “education” for the last forty years since Carter established the Department of Education etc. Virtually EVERYTHING government has gotten involved with or gained control over has gotten worse and has cost more. I believe Big Oil is complicit in most of the EPA regulations that control virtually every aspect of our lives under the guise of “caring” about pollution, safety, efficiency etc.

If we had a true free market, there would be real fuel savings technologies developed that would not be funded / subsidized by our beloved government, for no real gain except for the connected elites of both parties.

I used to repair and overhaul car engines as a shade tree mechanic and could make my 1979 Mercury Cougar and other cars pass 1990 “Clean Air Act” emission standards by a wide margin.

My 1972 Ford Galaxie got the same gas mileage as my current 2006 Ford Crown Victoria and it was heavier and had a much larger engine (351 vs 281 CID V-8). Unfortunately all cars built after 1990 are much too complicated for me to do anything more than an oil change, which I believe was by design by big government to force a more conformist society. The more complex cars are, the much more expensive they are to fix and maintain which prevents most Americans from being independent and able to repair their own cars, but that is for another commentary.

I’m all for American businesses doing well and am glad that we are now (thanks to Trump) an net energy exporter, but it would have been nice if the PRIVATE people who ran / run big oil and most other businesses (example: Nike) would (have) use(d) their assets to push back against this oppressive government and not be so willing to sell America and its’ citizens down the tubes to further their own wealth.

President Trump is truly a lone wolf fighting this unholy alliance of government/business and I thank God every day for his presidency. Why can’t American big business spend some real money to support and promote his pro-America, pro-growth agenda to their ultimate benefit, and push back against the numerous Soros et al funded radical organizations? The Supreme Court ruled recently that corporations are viable political entities and are allowed to exercise the same political freedoms that every other PAC can.

Big business seemingly has no problem with the “tax the rich” and “make corporations pay their fair share” charlatan hack politicians who want to increase such taxes realizing that they don’t really pay any taxes; they just pass the tax on to the customer in the overall cost of the product, and the ignorant / stupid PEOPLE who often support these fraudulent politicians ultimately bear the cost of ANY tax!

All big business could improve their reputation if one, just one (hopefully many), would break from the paradigm and START SUPPORTING AMERICA AND EDUCATING ITS’ CITIZENS rather than wasting billions on buying congressional and regulatory influence to concentrate on their short term bottom line and deny others entrepreneurial success.


Thanks Dave for your response, I appreciate your blog and insights very much

Chris Brown

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

Christian Sweeny

In 1776, there were (perhaps) 1 billion people on the earth, and virtually no industry. We had no electricity, no cars, etc., therefore no “human caused” climate change. Today there are almost 8 billion people, most of them in physical, if not mental, poverty, yet all (equally) demanding modern technology. Maybe the “human caused” climate change Bernie’s talking about, if actually significant, is caused by too many people depleting our natural resources. So shouldn’t we limit human reproduction, i.e., one child per family, until we get back to only one billion people. Why not reduce the need for both farm land and modern technology so future generations can all live better?
What! Bernie wants to double the number of people to 16 billion people and eliminate cars. Whoa, something wrong with this picture. Are you sure he’s not lying about his ultimate goals? The Dems lie about everything.

Jimmy MacAfee

Respectfully replying to your comment: agree, the Dems lie about everything, and there is something wrong with the picture. However, there is an alternate “population bomb” in the making, and even China turned away from the one-child policy because of it: the 1st world is simply not reproducing enough to replace those who are aged or dead. The story is the same in Korea, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Russia and every other technologically advanced nations. In India and China, both, there are too many males born because the females are unwanted and murdered in the womb. Chinese and Indian and European and Asian transsexuals might claim that they’re females, but they can’t add one single female baby, because they’re NOT WOMEN! That aside, the regions with the most population gains are also (mostly) the least educated, the most likely to endorse Shariah Law and the ones who suppress and oppress women in a myriad of ways and means. The population bomb will result in massive depopulation.

To put this together: the world may be on the verge of the collapse of civilization, as the 1st world stops reproducing, is dying of old age, and the 3rd world becomes increasingly violent, incendiary, and hostile to Freedom. Not to mention the fact that polluted waters combined with overpopulation will inevitably ensure that new and far more lethal diseases will develop from these major population centers. No one will have to limit the number of offspring for us to be catastrophically reduced to a billion people (or less.) Just do what we’re doing. Climate change will not have any role in the (likely) disasters to come.

Bernie and AOC would just kill us off quicker than we see with the current demographics and projections. To Bernie the Butcher and AOC the Mass Murderer: you first.

Jimmy MacAfee

Not to pee on a little community in Virginia, but Sanders’ claim that man=made climate change is the cause of the hurricane is as ridiculous as the silly nonsense from some oldsters from a small community hit hard by the remnants of Camille: they’ve claimed that the flooding came “because G-D was mad at us for the moon landing,” while other said that “the rocket ships poked holes in the sky,” and it rained 25 + inches because of that.

At least they’re naive, maybe little silly and superstitious: Sanders – and all the other AGW proponents – are corrupt, evil and full of the sin known as envy.

Rick Darick

to paraphrase bernie:

The democrat/media complex is now the equivalent of the communist party. It creates death and destruction, then spends billions denying its responsibility.

Let us be clear: Hurricane Dorian has nothing to do with climate change, which is the most colossal hoax of our time.


Excellent take on energy saving lives! Never thought of it quite like that. Abundant energy makes life better, not worse.

Jimmy MacAfee

Look at the old curmudgeon (visualize him shaking his cane like Ebenezer Scrooge, minus the repentance) and AOCrazio (who speaks in a prepubescent little voice that was easily mimicked by a 9 year old before the little girl was threatened) Both are doom-and-gloom, and whose only solution is to ransack the wealth of others.

Grampa and his (figurative) grand daughter are both screaming about the hurricane, like twin devils who are about to be cast out into a herd of swine. Good riddance! Bernie’s appalling anger and lack of positive solutions, and AOCrazio’s hysteria and lack of knowledge and ability will soon turn off the youngsters who might once have thought them “cool.” Go to your swine, you two. Although even swine deserve better company.

Don Philips

Just another example of the Leftist’s M.O. – ‘Never let a tragedy go unexploited.’

Don Philips

Just another example of the Leftist’s M.O. – ‘Never let a tagedy go unexploited.’

Finbar O'Shaunnessey

Obviously, Bernie Sanders is caused by climate change.

Don Philips

Leftist M.O. – ‘Never let a tragedy go unexploited.’

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