The Climate Scammers are Coming for your Vacations

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The only thing “green” about this stunt was the 4 million British pounds it cost to build the contraption. – 16-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg has been hailed globally as a “climate change” hero for crossing the Atlantic recently on a solar-powered boat. The trip took 15 days to complete, and got her more free, fawning media coverage than Irish Bob O’Rourke received last year in his failed race against Ted Cruz.

But it turns out, as all these Climate Scam stunts do, that the stunt was just a stunt and not “green” at all. Nevermind the decidedly un-green way in which solar panels are produced; now, the sailing team who accompanied Thunberg on her journey will fly two of its members on a carbon-spewing jet all the way across the Atlantic in order to bring the boat back. Because, see, there are no solar-powered planes capable of making that journey.

When asked to comment by the fawning Associated Press, team spokesman Holly Cova said that it was “an imperfect solution,” then said the team believes offsetting the emissions by funding carbon-reducing projects elsewhere “is better than doing nothing.” That of course is the same dodge celebrities with carbon footprints larger than Uganda’s – like Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio – employ to justify their lavish lifestyles.

Thus, Ms. Thunberg is revealed to be just another in the long, sad line of child tools employed by cynical adults to push the global socialist agenda. But we really knew that all along, didn’t we?

Speaking of Climate Scammers, they are now coming for your vacations. – Don’t say we didn’t warn you about this. The leftist activists at The Atlantic have a piece out this morning lecturing you on the evils of taking vacations that require air travel. This is of course in keeping with the the fake news media’s tireless efforts to prop up Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s ludicrous “Green New Deal.”

The piece, written by a guilt-ridden travel writer who is no more worthy of being named here than the Odessa shooter, contains this outright fabrication that illustrates its deceptive agenda:

Yet optional travel is also a major contributor to ecocide. Last year, a University of Sydney study examined the environmental impact of the many activities involved in tourism—including transportation, shopping, and more—and found that it accounts for 8 percent of all global carbon emissions, far more than previously imagined.

Given that all man-made sources only account for less than 4% of global carbon emissions, it is pretty much impossible for vacation travel alone to account for double that. The author employs the classic Climate Scammer trick of leaving out the whole “man-made” part. If the study cited is accurate, then the correct percentage caused by “optional travel” is 32/100ths of 1% (8% of 4%) of “all global carbon emissions.”

In other words, it’s a rounding error.

But that’s what the Climate Scammers do – everything they say is a lie couched within carefully constructed, high-minded rhetoric about “saving the planet.” The entire Green New Deal outline is a wonderful example of this tactic.

Your vacation isn’t killing the planet. What is really happening here is that international vacation travel has become a booming capitalist enterprise in recent years, thus making it a target that the global socialist Climate Scam must seek to destroy. Any private enterprise that produces profits and economic growth automatically becomes something these people must attempt to kill. Unless, of course, that enterprise is engaged in by the Gores, DiCaprios and other fabulously leftist heroes of the Climate Scam.

Here’s another very telling quote that illustrates that dichotomy of targeting:

“Going someplace far away, we now know, is the biggest single action a private citizen can take to worsen climate change,” the journalist Andy Newman wrote recently in The New York Times. “One seat on a flight from New York to Los Angeles effectively adds months worth of human-generated carbon emissions to the atmosphere. And yet we fly more and more.”

Ok, so, “one seat on a flight from New York and Los Angeles” is now something to be vilified using false, deceptive claims attributing a jumbo jet flight’s entire emissions to a single passenger. But nowhere in the Atlantic piece will you find the author similarly excoriating the globalist Climate Scam heroes for flying hundreds of private jets and sailing dozens of gigantic, gas-guzzling yachts to half a dozen or more international “climate” conferences each and every year.

Whose carbon footprint is bigger? Is it the footprint of the middle class couple who occupy two seats out of 300 on a Lufthansa flight from Dallas to Rome to embark on their bucket list European vacation, a trip for which they have planned and saved for the last 20 years? Or is it the billionaire climate huckster who occupies one of six filled seats on a private jet from New York to Geneva? Or is it the hundred-millionaire movie star who chugs across the Atlantic with a couple dozen friends and hangers-on on his 200-foot, diesel-powered yacht?

Your vacations are not killing the planet, folks. Ignore these evil scammers. Enjoy your life.

That is all.


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This is the first winter of an extreme solar minimum. Expect an early frost and a cold winter. Previous solar minimum extremes have lasted a hundred years. The Thames River froze so hard that merchants build shops on the ice. The sea between Denmark and Sweden froze hard and the Swedes invaded across the ice. Napoleon invaded Russia with 600,000 men and returned with only 25,000 frost bit and hungry.

This is the last gasp of global warming before dell freezes over.

Steve Coerper

The line “far more than previously imagined” says it all – the operative word being “imagined.” Science has been hijacked by loonies. Imagine that. Of course, imagining that all this design came about purely by accident is the most “imaginary” thing of all.

Chris Brown

Just booked a trip to fly around the world.

Screw them……

Don McCoy

“…Cova said that it was ‘an imperfect solution,’ then said the team believes offsetting the emissions by funding carbon-reducing projects elsewhere ‘is better than doing nothing.’”

So…to “prove” there are “greener” ways to travel…this little girl “spares” humanity the jet exhaust of her ONE plane ticket so she can sail on a boat created with fossil fuels and then buys TWO plane tickets to fly the crew around!? LOL! How on EARTH is this scam “better than doing nothing”?

Jimmy MacAfee

Won’t be long before the “little girl” cuteness wears off (although AOCrazio keeps up the schtick.) She’ll be just another haranguing, foul-mouthed, self-appointed goddess (or princess) who nobody listens to. Or maybe she’ll grow up, and figure out the whole thing is a scam. The cuteness aspect gets old. (Cue Puff the Magic Dragon.)

Jimmy MacAfee

They’ll be coming for our vacation vehicles of other kinds too, though: automobiles. Eventually. And then they’ll ban even the mention of automobile travel for vacation: “American Vacation” (the first movie) will be banned because the family used a car to travel across the country. The horror! Gramma (and the fake Republican’s dog) can’t be seen stashed on the roof of the car anymore! Verboten!

Nah, they want us Deplorables to sit on our front porches, in wife-beater shirts and worn trousers, drinking beer on those weeks the Elite have chosen to “give” us for vacation. (Insert loud belch here.) Better yet, they want us to all lose our jobs, as they’re cheerfully trying to dump a recession on us. Pass the Bud! the cooler is right over yonder.

Jimmy MacAfee

Everybody is missing the point: the Chinese and India are pumping out increasing tonnage of carbon dioxide, and they’re not part of the equation? Well, that is if you believe carbon dioxide is bad. (Which it is not: it’s what helps keep plants alive.) European contribution to carbon is down; the US is not increasing.

So does this make the Chinese and Indians heroes? Given that the Amazon actually NEEDS carbon dioxide to thrive? No. Because they want us to continue to sabotage US and European economic systems, while they do what they damn well please. Everything is designed to funnel money from us to them.

So when you see Hollyweird protesting carbon, they’re actually acting as agents of Red China. No joke. And Russia is watching the show with glee, because they don’t have to get their hands dirty, while they sell natural gas to Europe. And they have 20% more of our uranium stocks, because Hillary…

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