Don’t Forget Hillary Clinton, America – She Hasn’t Forgotten About You

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Not that anything this clown does actually matters anymore, but what the heck. – Irish Bob O’Rourke, the arm-waving, tire-changing, dental-cleaning-streaming failed senate candidate from Texas, just keeps going lower and lower in his desperate attempts to attract attention to his failing presidential campaign.

Yesterday, as an obvious virtue-signal to the New York Times and CNNs of the world, the fake Hispanic had his staff forcibly remove Joel Pollack, a reporter for Breitbart news, from an event at Benedict College, a historically-black college in Columbia, S.C. The reason why Pollack was removed? None given by the candidate, mainly because none of the other supposed “journalists” in attendance from Democrat toadying news outlets could summon the journalistic integrity to simply ask the question.

Pollack said one O’Rourke staffer claimed he was being removed because he had been “disruptive” at past events, but that is manifestly untrue. Ultimately, he was given the option of either going quietly or being arrested by a campus police officer on the scene.

This is how the radical left treats news organizations who don’t just parrot their daily talking points. One would think the press might have learned this lesson after so many of its people had been spied upon and had their homes broken into and illegally searched by the Obama Administration, but they are obviously blinded by their own political biases.

Again, nothing O’Rourke does really matters in the overall context of this nominating race – he lost any chance he had to be a factor months ago – but this incident provides just one more example of the rank socialist/Alynskyite thuggery on open display by the various candidates for the Democrat nomination.

Hey, what happened to the pantsuits? – The Daily Mail this morning has a photo-filled report on the Pantsuit Princess strolling with a friend around the Hamptons, wearing what appears to be someone’s bedroom drapes:

Oh, and to think we could have had her representing the United States at the G-7 this past weekend. What a missed opportunity!

Ok, let’s move on.

Oh, wait. No, let’s think about this for a moment. How do you think photo spreads like this one make their way into the Daily Mail? Do you think the Daily Mail employs thousands of reporters all over the globe to just follow people like the Fainting Felon around to get the fab photos of them on their daily strolls?

No, these photo spread pieces happen because the subjects of them want them to happen. The subjects either know the stringer paparazzi are around and go out of their way to get photographed, or they actively hire a photo-journalist to take the photos and pay them to get them over to the Daily Mail, the Star and other similar tabloids.

The Grasping Grifter is looking for attention. She hasn’t been in the public eye much lately, ever since her world talking tour with her hubby and Jeffrey Epstein’s best buddy Bill fell apart due to lack of interest and paying customers.

The Coughing Crook is desperate to remain in the public’s consciousness. Why? Because she continues to maintain hopes that the Democrat nominating process, with its new, proportional awarding of delegates in the primary process, will end in a hung convention. She is most likely working behind the scenes to secure support from the “super delegates” who will end up being the deciding factor in such a scenario. That support will only be there if she remains a currently-relevant public figure.

So, hey, she’s got her a new look, and she wanted to show it off.

Hey, remember me? Hillary? I’m still around, and look! No more pantsuits, America! The bedroom curtain look is now in! Don’t forget about me! I certainly haven’t forgotten about you!

Guess I’m going to have to come up with another nickname.

That is all.


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special glasses with horizontal slits to keep that herky-jerky seizure demon at bay. Half-acre dress to keep that shoulder support brace hidden. She’s a physical wreck, and like those old string-section toys press the bottom and she’d collapse.


Hitlery’s plan? Become sleepy, creepy, crazy, lazy Joe’s running mate. He won’t have to commit arkinside. Some months into his administration Joe’s gonna be declared unfit to be president due to dementia and she’ll finally be the potus. All she has to do is rig the election as she’s tried to do before.
Too bad that won’t work with Trump.


Carlos Dangler! I love it!



Seeing that reminds me of an old military expression/slang: A Blivit – ten pounds of sh.. in a five pound bag.

In her case, it is 300 pounds in a 200 pound bag.

That aside, who in what nursing home is dressing these days – sheesh; makes me almost feel sorry for Bill, almost.


Correction: dressing her these days

Also, the shape of her new wardrobe makes her look like one of those round bottomed toys that one can keep knocking over but they keep bouncing back.

And what is with those glasses she keeps wearing in public? She needs a cane and a seeing eye service dog – is Huma still available?




Wait…what? The theory is that she is mucking up the dem nomination behind the scenes so she can swoop in and become the nominee??

I’m not sure it will work. Her 2016 platform is too centrist for today’s left wing owned dem party. That would be a pretty abrupt course correction for 2020.

That’s bold, even for her. And more probable of an outcome than her ever being prosecuted for anything.


Wait….what? So the theory is that Hildabeast is working behind the scenes to muck up the Dem nomination so she can swoop in and save the day and become the nominee??

That’s pretty bold, even for her. And I don’t think it will work. The dems are controlled by the hard left, and her platform from 2016 is way too centrist to fly in 2020. It would be a pretty abrupt course correction.

Still…its more probable than her ever being indicted for anything (deleted emails, classified material viloations, etc)

Carlos Dangler

How about Pup Tent Princess?


Hillary is still hiding the colostomy bag.


I’ve had a colostomy bag and after it collapsed I had and emergency Iliostomy …endured that for 18 months until my surgeon reconnected my colon and bags were small and easily concealed…hers must be like a hefty bag with the amount of crap in her


Heck, you could honestly hide a 747 under that drape concoction. Nevertheless, something device is being hidden.

Jimmy MacAfee

As I recently predicted. Another way of putting it: she’s just “waiting in the wings.” (yes, and if pigs had wings, they’d fly.) I imagine the losers presently running will start hammering her – or trying to deflate the balloon – as soon as her intentions become clear. Think Lizzie is gonna sit by and watch Jezebel try to use the DNC to run interference for her? The old curmudgeon Burnie? Little Joe?

Warren will be merciless, and the name “Seth Rich” will come up a time or two; Burnie will shake his cane at her and his already thick accent will get thicker; Joe will pretend not to have heard of her (believably.)

She’ll try, but the pig won’t fly.

Ricky D Church

She uses a little know fashion designer by the name of Omar the Tent Maker.

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