Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Latest Health Scare Has Obama World Very Worried

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

How you know the latest health scare for Ruth Bader Ginsburg is probably very serious. – Within minutes after initial media reports about the latest cancer treatments for 86 year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg went public, former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod issued the following messages on his Twitter feed:

Now, if you think this is Axelrod expressing his sincere concern about Justice Ginsburg’s health, think again. Note that said expression got only afterthought mention in his first tweet. I mean, “all good wishes to Justice Ginsburg of course. But this could be a prelude to an absolutely titanic political battle” is kind of like when, after you’d gotten a bad grade in 6th-grade math class, you mother used to say “I love you, but you’ve got to do better.” Your mother, like Axelrod, was mainly concerned about the part that came after the “but.”

No, this is a loyal, very senior operative in Obama World issuing a shot across the bow. It’s a clear warning to both President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that, should they attempt to fill a vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the street violence and character assassination efforts mounted against Brett Kavanaugh last year will seem like a walk in the park. Actually, it isn’t a mere threat: It’s a promise.

Those peremptory tweets from someone as senior as Axelrod are also a clear indication that he believes that Ginsburg’s condition is truly serious, despite yesterday’s media reports that her doctors had given her a “clean bill of health.”

But that is not what those doctors said, not at all. Here’s the actual release the Supreme Court sent out yesterday on the matter:

The key phrase is “no further treatment is needed at this time.” For someone who, like Ginsburg, has been bravely surviving repeated cancer scares for 20 years, that could mean a lot of different things.

It is quite likely that Axelrod knows what Ginsburg’s situation truly is. His rush to get out that opening shot across the bow tells us that he is very concerned indeed.

We should all pray for Justice Ginsburg’s health, and also pray for our country should her health fail.

That is all.


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Wow, the Dems were sure Ruth would outlast President Trump’s presidency just as they were sure Obama’s presidency would live through Hillary’s winning the White House and the Dem’s staying in power forever.
I would say they are nothing but fools who have no realistic concept of the real American people.
We now have a real stable genius as our President.Thank you God and the Deplorable s.


Anyone who truly loves this country will pray that Ginsburg vacate the Supreme Court as soon as possible.
I wish her no suffering or illness, but the first consideration (for her as for the rest of us) is the urgent need of the country.


Anyone who truly loves this country will pray that Ginsburg vacate the Supreme Court as soon as possible.
I wish her no suffering or illness, but the first consideration (for her as for the rest of us) is the urgent need of the country.


Dims should be shopping for a taxidermist.

Who cares if they burn every urban minority ghetto? They never riot into the suburbs because you don’t talk to the man with a shotgun in his hand.

James Sullivan

The Biden rule refers ONLY to a vacancy in the final year of a LAST term, IE: 7th years in.

Steve Coerper

More threats from the left. If there is a vacancy and another Kavanaugh event (or worse) it will be Trump’s fault. Trump needs to start playing some offense, and that means bringing charges against these leftist, America-hating, Antifa-supporting thugs in the Democrat (and, sadly, a few Republican) party. Indict Hillary, Feinstein, Pelosi and the rest of the “leadership” and see how quickly they abandon their Supreme Court resistance and start trying to save their own hides. I mean, DAMN! Hillary should get the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, but what does it take to indict someone whose record of public misbehavior is 20 years long? What if one of us “common folk” had pulled 1/10 of her (alleged) stunts? It is long past time for Trump to put these people on notice that he’s serious about his little swamp-draining party. Yes, the swamp may be bigger than he thought, but if these criminals are left alone, Trump’s SC nominee will pay the consequences, as will the rest of us. Justice!

Jimmy MacAfee

September is coming. Be ready.

Jimmy MacAfee

Pancreatic cancer is tough, and is often extremely painful. Watch for jaundice in the eyes, if you must.

I personally am grateful for her kindness to Justice Kavanaugh more recently. I wish her the best. Should she step down for personal time and space, and to recover as well as she can, that would be her decision. The Court is not the same as life itself.

Axelrod has shown himself to be inhumane, petty and a stirrer of pots. He should know better.

Show me

Will just need to take the doctor’s word on treatment of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s pancreatic cancer. There’s no statement on prognosis.
People were concerned during Obama’s presidency about whether she should retire during a Democrat administration so the President could nominate a person of his choosing, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg chose to stay on the court. I’m sure she will stay on the bench as long as she is able. Even if the cancer recurred, I would expect her to stay on the bench till after the 2020 election, hoping for a Democrat to win, or to stay on the bench even through another Trump term.
There’s not term limit clause in the Constitution for federal judges, so it’s going to be like marriage, till death do we part.
I agree, there would be a lot of public interest if there is another Supreme Court appointment during Trump’s term, no matter what judge is replaced.
The Kavanaugh hearing was especially vicious, so Supreme Court Justice confirmations have turned into political drama. This can have consequences. The public perception of the hearing became so negative that it affected the 2018 elections, and likely contributed to at least one Senate seat being converted from Democrat to Republican.

Warren Matha

My father died from colon cancer; my mother died from lung cancer, my aunt died from pancreatic cancer. After several months of “chemotherapy,” my mother died from the cancer four months after the oncologists said her lung tumor was gone. My aunt lasted three months after all the chemotherapy known to man. It is the same cancer turning up in different places. The long term survival statistics for persons undergoing chemotherapy for cancer that lodges itself in the colon, the lung, or the pancreas remain dismal. There is a reason that the final illness medical bills for medical doctors remains the lowest of all strata of those who succumb to this illness. They know “the cure” isn’t worth the trouble. Please do not pray for her demise. Pray only that her end be peaceful. She is a goner. Probably soon. Pray for the United States.


Why should a SCOTUS appointment tear the country apart? Because tearing the country apart has been the Dem goal for years. This will just be the latest excuse.


The various leftist Trump assassination games? Karma is sure a bitch, or is that divine intervention?

Michael Jones

She’s got six months, tops. The surgery to get the cancer would kill her so, no surgery.


Jeez. I wonder what programs for Collins, Ernst, Murkowski & Romney taxpayers are going to have to fund in order to get their votes. Whatever it is will cost billions. “Principles” are expensive…

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