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I honestly don’t know what to make of this, so I’m just going to let you watch and judge for yourselves. – Overstock founder Patrick Byrne resigned his CEO position at the company on Thursday, and shortly thereafter appeared on Fox Business’s Varney & Co. program. What he had to say about his alleged involvement in several FBI domestic espionage efforts against various political campaigns would, if true, amount to grounds for scattering the raging dumpster fire agency to the winds.

Here’s the clip of the interview:

The interview is too long to do a complete transcript, but here are the highlights:

Byrne claims the following:

  • “Because 17 years ago, I helped them crack a murder…they knew me, and they called me in 2015, 2016 to assist in something. I didn’t know who the orders came from, but I assisted.
  • “I took some orders that seemed a little fishy, didn’t know who the orders came from, but last summer while watching television, I figured out …that the name of the man who sent me the orders was a guy named Peter Strzok.”
  • Question: Are you working with the Attorney General? “Let me be clear: I’m not working with anybody.  The last time I talked to a federal office was five months ago. I explained everything to them between April 5 and April 30, and then I disappeared.”
  • “Bill Barr – there’s gonna be a sculpture of granite of this guy somewhere – I couldn’t come forward for three years until there was rule of law in this country. I wasn’t gonna come forward when this guy Jeff Sessions…Truman said of an opponent I can carve a better man out of a banana, that’s how Americans should feel about Jeff Sessions.”
  • ” Now, we have rule of law and I came forward to them in April. There are other whistle blowers within the federal bureaucracy with similar stories.
  • The bottom line is there’s a big coverup, there was political espionage conducted against Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.”
  • ” I was in the room when it happened. I was a part of it. I thought I was doing law enforcement. Sorry.”

That’s all in the first 4:30 of the clip. Byrne does not get more specific about exactly what activities he undertook for Strzok and the FBI, but goes onto say that he has told the whole story to Barr and that his information has been rolled into U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the whole Spygate scandal. Byrne says he resigned because he expects to soon become very publicly embroiled in the scandal as the Horowitz Report on FISA abuse is rolled out and the results of Durham’s investigation begin to bear fruit.

Byrne in fact claims that Barr’s decision to appoint Durham on May 13 was in part motivated by the story he delivered to Barr on April 30. Byrne also claims that he decided to resign now after consulting with his “guru” Warren Buffet, who advised him to do it now because if he didn’t, the Deep State would use his company to “grind me down.”

Byrne appeared again on Fox News later with Martha Macallum, but did not reveal any more details.

Another very interesting facet of Byrne’s statements is his contention that another reason why he was approached by the FBI was the fact that he was carrying on an affair with Russian lawyer Maria Butina, who has popped up in several places during the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy play.

Readers may remember that Butina was arrested by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s thugs on charges that she was a Russian agent. After reaching a plea deal amid claims she had become a “cooperating witness” with the Mueller team, she had curiously been held in maximum security isolation until May 9, when she was suddenly moved to a white collar facility. Byrne claims that that move was also made due to his testimony to Barr.

No further charges against anyone have come from Butina’s supposed cooperation with Mueller’s thugs. Byrne’s story, combined with this curiously harsh treatment of a “cooperating” witness makes one wonder if Mueller’s people had isolated Butina in order to prevent her from making any public statements.

The clear outlier in all of this, however, is Byrne’s contention that the FBI wasn’t just spying on Trump and other Republican candidates, but on the Hillary Clinton campaign as well. While such a massive domestic spying operation within Obama’s corrupted FBI and Justice Department is certainly not difficult to imagine, given everything else we now know, the motivation they might have had for spying on the Pantsuit Princess is a mystery until we have more data.

If Byrne is to be believed, we will begin getting that additional data from Horowitz, Durham and Barr after Labor Day.

After so many previous false promises of such damaging new data, all I can say is that I will believe it when I see it.

That is all.


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What happened to you (David Blackmon) on twitter?

Jimmy MacAfee

The reason it’s important for Byrne to appear now is to put another angle on the spying. CNN acts like it’s the first time they’ve ever heard of such a thing, and MSM is looking for a way to post the story without admitting that Trump was right all along. The MSM frauds eventually, with the release of the IG report, will have to find a way to report without being completely submerged in their own complicity in the case. I predict that this won’t work, and Byrne’s claim that Hillary was spied on is just a way to get MSM to publish when both IG and Declass are revealed. The FBI didn’t need to spy on Hillary; all they needed to do actual investigation. The 7th floor should be hermetically sealed, with all occupants (involved in this case and others) locked inside forever, a tomb.

Jimmy MacAfee

The troubling part, as others have noted, is that Byrne claims Hillary Clinton is a victim in this illegal spying. Especially troubling is the fact that it was HER CAMPAIGN which paid for the dossier the FBI was spreading through the press and to other agencies, with the help of the CIA and State and DOJ. Hillary Clinton is in NO WAY a victim. Maybe he’s putting her name out there in order to give her wiggle room, but she deserves to find her end like Barzan al Tikriti. She is NOT a victim.

Jimmy MacAfee

Alliances are made in two forms: one is mutual interest, with mutual benefits; the other involves mutual destruction, with each having a tight grip on each others’ sensitive parts, in which no one dares let go.

Huge Heffner

” the motivation they might have had for spying on the Pantsuit Princess is a mystery …”

It’s very simple. The FBI was already ‘compromised’ by the illegal domestic spying directives of the Obama DOJ, and the “Hillary set up” was what could be called another “insurance policy” if she wins the Presidency and wanted to throw the FBI under the bus were any of these illegal acts were to be exposed.


The corruption inside our government is worse than we ever imagined. I hope it is all exposed but the forces against that are strong.

Francisco Machado

“the motivation they might have had for spying on the Pantsuit Princess is a mystery” – Leverage to execute control over whomever held the office of President. The whole operation is a confederacy of control freaks and the principal goal of Progressivism is totalitarian control – once achieved, the only remaining issue being the internal fight for who gets it.

Will Hunt

his story is bizarre. The Deep State wanted him to romance/sleep with some russian honeypot… what?????

Jimmy MacAfee

Ever hear of George Papadopoulos?

Sarah Lafreniere

He’s is scared


I hope he has a place to hide so the Arkancide group doesn’t find him!

Silas Lester

Dave, the reason the FBI was spying on Hillary is simple: blackmail. It’s what the FBI elite do best.

Huge Heffner


Don McCoy

Not sure WTF to make of this guy…

Jimmy MacAfee

I believe it.

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