FBI “Investigation” of Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Comes to the Most Predictable Conclusion Possible

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This was so predictable that you wonder why they even went through the ruse. – Attorney General William Barr announced yesterday that his intrepid FBI “investigators” have managed to find no evidence that would dispute the coroner’s finding that serial pedophile pal of the Clintons Jeffrey Epstein committed “suicide” in a New York federal prison. Because of course that’s what our dumpster fire FBI found.

So, a couple of prison guards and the prison warden have been “reassigned,” Barr has ousted the head of the Bureau of Prisons (sacrificial lamb) and installed another one, and the whole thing will be blamed on “incompetence” and “irregularities” in the holding of the federal government’s most high-profile witness. Which is pretty much exactly what I told you was going to happen the day after Epstein was found dead in his cell.

If you are expecting actual “justice” here, you’re going to need another Justice Department, because the current one was irreparably corrupted by 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama.

As a reader notes, we should expect the cremation of Epstein’s body to take place soon and receive only passing mention in some remote crevasse of the New York Times.

How pathetic is Bill DeBlasio and his presidential campaign? – So pathetic that even the Democrat Pravda Channel CNN is making fun of his sounding like a chipmunk while calling into some poorly-attended labor event yesterday:

Now, that’s pathetic. And funny.

Farethewell, Jay, we hardly knew ye. – Washington State Governor Jay Inslee told MSNBC fake host Rachel Maddow that he will be leaving the presidential race, a race that 99% of Americans didn’t even know he was in. Not that anyone really cares, but the irony of 0%-polling Governor pulling out at this particular moment in time comes in the fact that he’s leaving the race just two weeks before Democrat Pravda Channel CNN hosts the long-awaited-by-no-one “Climate Change” debate for which Inslee has advocated for months.

Indeed, Inslee’s entire campaign was based on his pushing of the Climate Change scam, which he sees as so desperately urgent that we must all become just like Venezuela in order to fight it. No one at CNN or anywhere else in the fake news media will point this out, but that’s probably why Inslee consistently polled at 0%. Because, repeat after me, MOST AMERICANS DON’T WANT THIS COUNTRY TO BE VENEZUELA.

The good news for Americans is that no one outside of Washington will ever have to worry about hearing Inslee’s name again. The bad news for Washingtonians is that now Inslee can re-double his efforts to turning their state into a socialist utopia, just like Venezuela.

That is all.


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Jimmy MacAfee

According to people from nearby islands, Epstein illegally purchased the island(s,) and therefore the federal government should seize all assets on the islands and prosecute the corrupt dealings that led to Epstein purchasing the islands.

Jimmy MacAfee

I want to see the following evidence:

1. Dental records, compared with the corpse, to prove this is Epstein
2. DNA analysis for the same reason
3. X-rays of the spinal fractures that no one seems to want to describe
4. Blood tox studies

5. Analysis of all his visitors, including the “cute female” he spent 8 hours with – apparently alone. Was she his “last meal?” His lawyers need to be held in contempt if they refuse to answer these questions about her identity and her “job.”

In addition, his change of the will should be nullified, especially if he committed suicide, because it was changed by someone who was not in his right mind (in his case, he never was in his right mind.)
If Barr can’t accomplish these items, then perhaps he’s part of the coverup. We know Chris Wray is on the dark side: Barr has a lot to prove, and these are the things that should make it all crystal clear.

Sheila Plourde

So sorry Barr, I don’t buy it. Epstein was murdered.

phineas gage

Strangulation should be evident in the fracture pattern of the hyoid bone.

A finding of suicide would thus require a corrupt coroner/medical examiner that was threatened or bought off.

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