Trump’s New Hampshire Rally Shows Why His Opponents Are So Desperate

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You may have been wondering why your support for Donald Trump has suddenly resulted in your being labeled a “white supremacist.” Doesn’t matter whether you happen to actually be white, or whether you are latino, black, male, female or one of the other mythical genders now being invented by the political left, if you support the sitting President of the United States of America, that means you will be labeled a “white supremacist” by the Democrats and our fake news media.

Don’t laugh at the notion that President Trump actually has Latino and Black supporters: A just-released Zogby poll shows the President’s support among those two demographics rising substantially in response to the ongoing “white supremacist” campaign. According to Zogby, 28% of registered Black voters and fully 49% of registered Latinos approve of Trump’s job performance.

Which of course is one more reason why the Democrats and their media toadies are frantically attempting to marginalize you as being some sort of inhuman monster. If the President were to win just 30% of Latino votes (he won 28% in 2016) and maybe 12% of the Black vote (he got 6% in 2016) next year, he will be re-elected in a massive landslide, and sweep in new, larger majorities in both houses of congress with him.

The Democrats cannot countenance that, so they believe they can counteract that growing public approval rating by labeling the President as a hater of Latinos and Blacks. But because ordinary Americans are not nearly as stupid as Democrats invariably assume them to be, this transparently cynical strategy is backfiring.

If you can remember all the way back to last week, Democrat members of congress and presidential candidates like Joaquin Castro (a guy who doxxes his own supporters), the pathetic Irish Bob O’Rourke, and Spartacus Booker rushed to argue that because Trump was a racist bigot who literally caused the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, why, that means he simply must cancel all future rallies like the one we saw Thursday night in New Hampshire.

Why do you suppose they would make such an outlandishly laughable leap of logic? Because they know just how effective those rallies happen to be, and understand how critical they are to the President’s chances of being re-elected. Other than his Twitter feed, those rallies are the only means President Trump has of cutting through the fake news media fog and talking directly to the American people.

But, you might be thinking, how does that work, since the only media outlet that televises the rallies is Fox News? New York Times best-selling author Larry Schweikart answered that question in his book – co-authored with Joel Pollak – “How Trump Won”:

[I’m not active on Twitter anymore, but if you are and you aren’t following @LarrySchweikart and @joelpollak, you are missing out.]

Note what Larry says in that tweet: “the main value of the rallies was NOT Trump speaking to those in attendance but the local news coverage into large regions that allowed Trump to get his message out in short bursts without national anti-Trump ‘panels’ commenting.”  Bingo.

The President doesn’t really care that CNN and MSNBC don’t televise his rallies, in part because their audiences are rapidly shrinking since their “muh Russia collusion” narrative crashed up on the shoals of the Mueller Report, and in part because anyone watching those two fake news networks is already completely brainwashed anyway.

What Trump cares about is that he spoke to 12,000 New Hampshire voters Thursday night, and anyone who draws a crowd of 12,000 in New Hampshire is going to get gobs of coverage on every local newscast in the state. That coverage is going to largely consist of out-takes of key messages from his speech. That is an incredibly valuable means of influencing hundreds of thousands more potential voters.

Note also that, while Schweikart and Pollak say the local coverage is the “main value” of the rallies, they do not say that the attendance at the rallies is not important as well. Quite the contrary: The President spoke to more individual voters in that arena last night than any of the Democrat candidates have spoken to through the course of their entire campaigns at this point.

Even more valuable, every one of those 12,000 potential voters left that arena pumped up and ready to go try to convince their friends and family to vote for Trump. They’ll all be talking for weeks and months about the excitement he generated in that arena.

So, you wonder why you are suddenly being labeled a “white supremacist,” an inhuman monster who must be shunned and punished? It’s because if you are just a regular patriotic American who loves your country and wants it to be great again, then the Democrats have literally no hope of defeating you and President Trump in 2020.

It really is that simple.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time. 

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Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump’s persistently gigantic crowds show something that the press ignores: enthusiasm. Those of us who support him know that he’s fighting against an entrenched enemy, an enemy that has infiltrated Law Enforcement (FBI,) Intelligence (CIA and others) and in international organizations and governments (5 Eyes, parts of NATO.) The crowds reflect a growing disenchantment with the Deep State – not just in the US, but around the world. The Deep State is not merely an American phenomenon, but an international phenomena. Macron and Trudeau are doomed, and Boris has taken the place of May, and Italy has turned against those in their regime who participated in the war against Trump.

We recognize that as there is a war against the Constitution – the best document of Liberty anywhere in the world – they wage it against President Trump and the American people. The rallies are only going to get larger, and more international. The mainstream press has distinguished itself as an unseemly fraud, a nightmare entity, printing none of the news that is fit to print, but turning out horrendous piles of offal and calling it “news.” That is some sh%+ that we will not eat.

Jimmy MacAfee

When is the last time any Democrat candidate had this kind of enthusiasm?
Oh, right: Obama. But the enthusiasm waned, unlike Trump supporters’. That’s because President Trump has actually accomplished something – without the docile, toadying press supporting his every word (Obama has a fly landing on his face, and the press, if they had commented at all, would have said: “animals love him!”)

JK Brown

I’ve been concerned with my local news going a bit CNN in their Trump coverage. Even when he spoke locally it seemed tilted, if not slanted. But I realize that any local slanting works to Trump’s favor. The news report will cause discussion, someone who attended will pipe in, discussion will ensue. An any rational discussion works in Trump’s favor. Discontinuities provoke curiosity, curiosity provokes research, research reveals the media bias and worse for the Left, thinking.

Kenneth M. Langdale Jr.

Had to mention that FOX was not the only network carrying President Trump’s rallies, OAN, an outstanding relatively new conservative network does as well. Actually, I have curtailed watching FOX for over a year now as they continue more and more their lurch to the left. The takeover of FOX by the Murdoch brothers has cemented my choice to quit with FOX and use OAN as my primary news source, along with Whatfinger on the web.

Jumper Bones

I was going to say the same about OAN news televising the entire rally, without commercial interruption, where I live outside of Lowell, MA (not far from Manchester NH where this event took place). Many New-Englanders don’t know that Verizon FiOS carries OAN news on channel 616, so I want to add that tidbit of info to you all as well. It’s a news channel like I used to enjoy decades ago before it became uber-liberal and and one-sided. Fox news is degrading itself in the same manner.


Epstein was murdered and then it was made to look like suicide, Clinton style.

Jimmy MacAfee

Just in: Epstein’s death ruled “suicide.”

In a case of interesting word choice, read the following from the AP report:

Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson issued a statement Thursday in response to those articles, saying: “In all forensic investigations, all information must be synthesized to determine the cause and manner of death. Everything must be consistent; no single finding can be evaluated in a vacuum.”

While she probably thought she meant “synchronized,” she used the word “synthesized.” Freudian slip.

Jimmy MacAfee

While synthesize CAN mean “combining a number of things to make them coherent,” we also use the word “synthetic” to describe something not naturally found, like synthetic oil, synthetic gemstones, synthetic…verdicts?

You’d think they’d be more careful with their words. Was it a Freudian slip?

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