Remembering the Great Inversion Recession of August 14, 2019

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, remember that day when we were going to have a huge economic recession because of the inverted yield curves? – You remember that – it was, like, Wednesday, right?

For an entire day, our mainstream “news” media focused on pretty much nothing else. The yield curves had inverted and by golly that meant we were about to have a massive recession!!!!!! Why, it was just around the corner!!!! Or maybe – just maybe, all the fake journalists reported with bated breath – we’re already in it!!!!!!  Oh, happy days are here again!

But then, on Thursday, those pesky yield curves de-inverted, Wal-Mart had a fantastic earnings report, and consumer spending – which happens to account for about 2/3rds of the U.S. economy – blasted past projections by the always-wrong “experts”, with growth for July coming in at .7 percent, more than double the estimates of .3 percent.

Suddenly, the Great Inversion Recession of 2019 had come to an end. But what a 24 hours it was! Why, every leftwing journalist in America (which is about 95% of all journalists in America) spent the day in ecstasy. A recession is coming! Every pundit who has spent the last four years claiming every random event is “the beginning of the end for Donald Trump” suddenly felt vindicated.  “At last, I’m right!” they all thought, “It only took me 1,223 tries!”

But no, they were all wrong again. The Trump economy just keeps steaming along, doing all those things that leftist journalists feel are terrible, things like creating full-time, good-paying jobs for every class of American, bringing actual manufacturing back to our economy, creating trillions of dollars of wealth for ordinary Americans who the Democrats all want to be lifetime government dependents, and marginalizing the Chinese economy that every Democrat and leftist journalist in America has spent years hoping would ultimately overtake our own, thus relegating America to the second-tier status it, in their warped minds, deserves.

Sorry. No recession. The Great Inversion Recession of August 14, 2019 turned out to be just another diversion by our fake news media, an excuse to avoid doing any real reporting on matters that reflect badly on their Democrat heroes. Call it the Inversion Diversion.

Think of what a sad existence it must be to spend your every waking hour actively hoping to be able to report bad news for your fellow Americans. When Bill Mahr said on his show the other night that he is actively hoping for a recession between now and next November because he thinks that’s the only way President Donald Trump can be defeated in his bid for re-election, he was just expressing the hopes and desires being quietly held by pretty much everyone on the American left.

So what if a recession puts millions of Americans out of work? Why, Elizabeth Warren will gladly create an array of new multi-trillion dollar programs with money borrowed from our grandchildren that will be designed to ensure that those millions of Americans become lifetime dependents on government largess, and thus, reliable Democrat voters. And all of those babbling heads you see on CNN and MSNBC every night will be thrilled to death with that result.

That was what Wednesday’s feeding frenzy of joyful “the Great Inversion Recession is Coming!” reporting was all about.

But this morning, all of those millions of Americans were still able to get up and go to work, thanks to the Trump economy.

Too bad, so sad for everyone at CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times, but another great day of WINNING for normal Americans.

That is all.


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The yield curve is not subject to market forces therefore the yield curve is not a signal. The yield curve is set by the Fed and USTreasury according to how much interest they can afford to pay on debt that must be defaulted.

Tanna Paulson

When I click on the link to follow you on Twitter it says the page does not exist. What is going on? I’ve been following you on Twitter for months and suddenly you’ve disappeared from my Twitter account and I can’t find out a way to get you back on it.


I fully expect the talking empty heads who predicted a recession for today, will no doubt have a talk fest about the recession just being delayed for a while for some reason or another.
Usual excuses for their incompetent reading of the forces which are guiding this great economy.
And, they get paid good bucks to bs about what their crystal ball tells them. Sheesh.
I went into the wrong business when I was younger. Coulda been retired in style by now.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Left is in a state of great terror: Declass is happening bit-at-a-time; Epstein’s cult (where they had to commit atrocities in order to “buy-in”) is exposed; all the relevant data obtained from Weiner’s laptop involving the cult is in safe hands (you didn’t think he stupidly texted a 15 year old, did you? It was to get the laptop to the Investigators and to keep from being another casualty!) and the world is turned upside down for Fredo and Lemon and Nadler and the entire DS. DS used to stand for Deep State, but now it means Deep S%i+

All they have left is to hope for a dystopian catastrophe. Pretty sure this means another false flag is coming. Expect it, look for it and prepare for it – and stop it from occurring, with prayer and open eyes and ears.


I trade interest rates for a living . The curve was inverted for maybe two minutes, and that could have been the result of some one buying a lot of two years and selling 10 years . Meaningless. The spread is now + 5 basis points.

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