Well, of Course Jeffrey Epstein Had a Portrait of Bill Clinton in a Dress on his Wall

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

What, you expected anything else after all this time? Courtesy of the UK Daily Mail:

The color of the dress seemed to be a pointed reference to Clinton's former intern Monica Lewinsky who a blue dress during their infamous sexual encounter in the White House. The painting seemed to show Clinton in the Oval Office, with the presidential seal on display

You just cannot make this stuff up, folks. From the article linked above:

Jeffrey Epstein had a bizarre portrait which appears to be of Bill Clinton hanging in his Manhattan mansion, depicting the former president lounging on a chair in the Oval Office wearing red heels and a telling blue dress, a source exclusively told DailyMailTV

The color of the dress seemed to be a pointed reference to Clinton’s former intern Monica Lewinsky who a blue dress during their infamous sexual encounter in the White House. The painting seemed to show Clinton in the Oval Office, with the presidential seal on display

That’s some sick, sick stuff right there.

Have you also noticed that literally no one in our mainstream news media is putting any pressure at all on the Justice Department and FBI to get to the bottom of the Epstein “suicide?” Notice that their focus instead is on demonizing anyone who points out all of Epstein’s connections with notable liberal politicians and celebrities for being “conspiracy theorists?” Do you find it ironic that that particular line of demonization is coming from the very same media outlets who have spent the last three years obsessing over the debunked “Russia Collusion” conspiracy theory?

Do you think they’re projecting much?

And how about today’s non-crisis crisis diversion over the short-lived yield curve inversion? Wasn’t that a convenient way for the media to collectively avoid reporting anything about the Epstein case?

Can’t wait to see what the non-crisis crisis is tomorrow.


That is all.


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The post about Prince Andrew is from a parody account….he post about

Jimmy MacAfee

True or not, the Royals are deeply embedded in the Savile story. Pun intended.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bill is pointing his finger at the viewer (kind of like Bernie Sanders poking his finger or raising his fist angrily, argumentatively, the finger soon to be replaced by Bernie poking a cane at the “damn whippersnappers.”) Bill is smiling, the kind of smile which is usually the result of eating a fine dish (or the converse.) Most of Bill’s earliest conquests were with adults. (“Jennifer Flowers, hours and hours…”) As is sometimes the case with those who seduce, young men prefer older women, and when they get old, they prefer younger ones. And younger.

lindsay zipprich

But no comment on Bill’s red shoes and their symbolic connection to satanic child sacrifice and ll this child trafficking.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think Bill just really likes red pumps with big heels.

lindsay zipprich

Last part should be, and its connection to child trafficking. Poor proof reading skills.

S Keith

Big deel…what a dum coment…..how ia that for proof reading…but I’ll bet you got the idea

Jimmy MacAfee

Not sure Clinton didn’t actually pose for the picture!

Seriously, though, all cults have one thing in common: they make the novice reveal something(s) horrible about their past history, things that can be used for blackmail. The newer cults, like Epstein’s, are done differently: they have the “pledge” perform some ungodly act or acts, something really awful, and then they can be a member of the club. Most do this willingly, not unwarily, and some engage in the same behavior with enthusiasm repeatedly. They also have a common bond with others who are also deviants. This is the nature of the Epstein cult. Don’t feel sorry for the people who have knowingly participated; feel grief for their innocent victims, and watch without horror as the sickos are stripped of their power, their wealth and their public persona. Jimmy Savile was one of these, and death prevented him from facing justice – (though flames and outer darkness will be his ultimate fate, regardless of his escape from consequences.) It’s all a cult, by membership.

James E Lennon

Jimmy just like MS-13 !

Don McCoy

Somehowthis portrait will be Trump’s fault.

Jimmy MacAfee

The rats are sinking faster than goose poo in a pond (trust me, it sinks.) They can no longer flee; nowhere to go. They can only wait. Even if Epstein’s computers were stolen, the presence of the NYPD on the island is interesting, since they had a treasure trove of deadly information from Anthony Weiner’s computer, some of which had files (or a file) called “life insurance.” Remember that?

Pizzagate isn’t the conspiracy theory they tried to say it was. This stuff is putrid, foul, and because Barr has the data, the rats are going to begin to try to leave the country, leave office, or leave the planet (with a “celestial discharge”) as quickly as they can. Only thing is, their hiding places have long been shuttered. They have nowhere to run.

Every single rat who yelled “Russia Russia Russia” was doing so because they hoped they could remove Trump before they were exposed. They even tried sending someone up from Georgia – think January 17. Remember if you will my posts on the 13-14 about bunkers. I’d also emailed the Whitehouse with those concerns. They caught him before Madame Pelosi could be in the air, preparing to be sworn in. Remember Donna Brazille’s tweet: Congratulations Speaker Pelosi; soon to be President Pelosi; hopefully sooner rather than later.” Then she referenced MLK. Every plot against the President’s life (and the VP in that same incident) was thwarted. The FBI had no choice but to stop it, because it became public and the Whitehouse was warned. No, I am not CIA, nor IC, but I had a vision, and they thwarted the attempt – whether or not I had anything to do with stopping the planned operation. I reported what I saw; you have it, Dave, from Jan. 13 and 14th. A warning.

The plotters can’t count on Epstein’s “death” to stop anything that is about to happen to them.

S Keith

Jeez…I hope you are right!!!


Devil with a Blue Dress on is the song that comes to mind.



What’s the point of a comment section when you don’t let people read the comments?

Jimmy MacAfee

One of the advantages of this site is that you don’t have to be a Fakebook user to post – or a member of other social media.

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