Chris Cuomo Goes All Sonny Corleone in Public; CNN Applauds

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*WARNING: NSFW* Ok, don’t watch the video below if you are sensitive to the “f” word. – Because the “f” word appears to be about half of CNN host Chris Cuomo’s vocabulary whenever he is not on air. On Sunday, some Trump supporter called him “Fredo” – the nickname Rush Limbaugh hilariously bestowed  on the dimmest Cuomo sibling years ago – at a public venue, and Chris decided to go all Sonny Corleone on the guy

Here’s the full and uncensored video – be sure to get all the kids out of the room before you launch it:

Of course, if Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity or Bret Baier or any other Fox News personality outside of Shep Smith got caught on video behaving like this in public, every fake journalist in our fake news media would be going berserk demanding they be fired and run out of the business, and frankly I’d agree with them. But because this is a certified high-profile member of the Democrat activist media establishment who works for the Democrat Party’s main TV propaganda organization, and because he was going after one of those evil, deplorable Trump supporters, well, let’s just say no one at the New York Times or MSNBC is making any such demands.

You might – and it’s a big “might” – see CNN make Cuomo take a week or so off to let the situation cool down, but you won’t see him taken off the air entirely or otherwise suffer any major sanctions, for the simple reason that his program is regularly CNN’s highest-rated prime time show. Not that it’s highly-rated in the grand scheme of things, given that Cuomo and CNN’s entire lineup consistently lags way behind their competition at Fox and MSNBC, but in the context of CNN’s pathetic, mind-numbed, airport-monopoly-based audience, he’s like a TV god.

I’m old enough to remember when CNN was actually a respectable news organization, one that actually had standards and stuff. But that all ended during the Bush Administration. The first Bush Administration.

Incidentally, during the course of his rant, Cuomo claimed that being called “Fredo” is the Italian equivalent of African Americans being called the “n-word.” Very predictably, the peabrains at CNN backed him up on that ridiculous notion:

A CNN spokesperson told Mediaite in a statement, “Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup. We completely support him.”

Here is a shot of actual Italians reacting to that idiotic claim:

You just cannot make these liberals up, folks. You really can’t, and honestly, why would you want to?

Let me guess: Was he a former state trooper from Arkansas? – As part of their ongoing “investigation” into the incredibly suspicious alleged “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein, prison officials told the Associated Press that one of the guards assigned to keep watch over the federal prison system’s highest-profile prisoner was “not a trained correctional officer.” Go figure.

Hey, look, here’s Beto pretending to be a real person or something! – As always happens whenever Irish Bob O’Rourke goes into his regular guy mode, unintentional hilarity ensues. Here he is, making like he’s ever actually had to change a tire in the course of his white-privileged life:

If Beto O’Rourke were Italian rather than Irish, he’d be more of a Fredo than Fredo Cuomo. Please, someone who actually cares about this guy, do an intervention with him and let him know it’s time to stop this madness and go home. This is just pitiful at this point.

That is all.


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Whisperin Pints

“Leave Britne-, I mean, Fredo alone!!”

guy boike

Chris Cuomo seems to exemplify a case of severe masculine toxicity that is so prevalent and problematic in our society today. He seems so angry and unhinged. If New York has red flag laws someone should definitely visit his home and assess his gun ownership status. I wonder if he has ever been referred for evaluation before.

Christian Mark

LOL, Fredo goes all Sonny Corleone! Very clever.

M Allen

Cuomo’s steroid abuse is starting to take its toll…

Brian Nickel

Actually Henry Hill was an Irishman, and was not a Made Man in Goodfellas because of that.

Jimmy MacAfee

I love CNN: they hire the unemployable, those who cannot work anywhere else. If they didn’t, many of these people would be homeless or living in a halfway house. Chris Cuomo might be a step up, managing a car wash or acting as Maitre D’ at some pretentious place where reservations really aren’t necessary, but are maintained to improve the air of (nonexistent) sophistication – (with apologies to car wash managers.) Don Lemon is unemployable, except as (perhaps) a towel manager at a Chicago bath house. At MSLSD, the plight is very much the same, with Rachel Madcow most resembling a girls’ field hockey coach – Peter Principle at work. Or is it Peterina Principle? Can’t tell the gender without name tags, which is an open suggestion to the current culture.

Cameron Howe

[quote]”they hire the unemployable”[/quote]

Oh sorry, thought you were talking about our education system there for a moment.


CNN stop being a news organization shortly after the Air Florida flight hit the 14th street bridge

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