The FBI Raids Epstein Island, Six Weeks Too Late

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

How is this just now happening???? – Jeffrey Epstein was taken into federal custody way back on June 6, six full weeks ago, and the raging dumpster fire that is Christopher Wray’s FBI just now finally got around to “raiding” the pedophile’s “Pedo Island”. That’s right, it took them six weeks to finally think, hey, maybe we ought to go see if we can, like, find some evidence or something on the island which was, if all the documents and flight logs and depositions and affidavits are to be believed, the epicenter of Epstein’s human slavery pedophilia ring. SIX WEEKS.

The FBI was so late in organizing its “raid” that some enterprising soul even managed to get away with the golden dome that used to sit atop the island’s alleged orgy chapel:

Pedophile Island: The golden dome that formally sat atop Jeffrey Epstein's temple on Little St James is gone in recent photos (domeless temple above)

Here’s what the “chapel” used to look like:

Hidden messages: The temple has been of great interest to members of the QAnon community, who had been talking about the island long before Epstein's arrest

That dome is probably now a trophy on a shelf in a big house somewhere around, oh, say, Chappaqua, New York. Just speculating, of course.

[Ok, the dome was actually blown off the chapel by a storm a couple of years ago, but it makes such a great metaphor.]

Given the FBI’s recent history, today’s visit to Epstein’s island by a dozen or so agents is just as likely to be a clean-up and cover-up operation as it is to be any sort of actual investigation. It is ridiculously naive to take anything this agency does at face value at this point.

The reports of the raid – the story was of course broken not by any U.S.-based news organization, but the the UK-based Daily Mail – came just a few hours after Attorney General William Barr made remarks about the case during a speech in which he promised his Justice Department would continue its investigation into the Epstein case and pursue justice for the victims of his depravity. All of which is great and I wish I had the capacity to actually believe Barr is really sincere. But at this point, after so much wasted time and such a dearth of any results at all, I find it impossible to summon up such faith in anyone associated with the DOJ any longer.

But let’s say this really is a raid in search of evidence. Six long weeks after Epstein was taken into custody, what in the hell would anyone think would still be on that island? Can Wray and his feckless troops really be so dim, so utterly inept and incompetent that they actually think none of Epstein’s customers would have had the presence of mind to hire some professional cleaners to get out there ahead of them by now?

C’mon, man, how naive do you all think we are?

Ok, don’t answer that. Nevermind. I really don’t want to know


That is all.


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FBI is a criminal mob. RICO and defund.

Jimmy MacAfee

If you’re a Calvinist, you know that Epstein was destined to die at exactly the same moment he passed – or he escaped at exactly the moment he escaped. Suicide or murder, it was written a long time ago, so Officer Barr Brady’s admonition to “move along, nothing to see here” proves that Southpark is actually a Calvinist comedy, taking extreme liberties with language – because it was always meant to be so. A good Calvinist says not to bother investigating his death, because it was inevitable. In fact, most people – Calvinist or not – agree that his death while in federal custody was inevitable!

Jimmy MacAfee

They FBI raids the island with less energy than they spent arresting Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Not six days too late: 6 months.

Jimmy MacAfee

Until Bill and Hillary are brought to trial, and their accomplices in the Deep State Coup are brought to justice, there can be no trust in either the FBI nor the DOJ. Barr may be trying, but he’s like Bond was described in Spectre: a kite in a hurricane. DOJ and FBI should be demolished, brick by brick, and remade.


The entire bureau is in disarray but I suppose that’s what happens when the leadership of government organs finally get caught and begin to be held accountable for misusing their authority in a treasonous coverup/coup attempt aided by ex-presidents and a presidential candidate, elected uni-party representatives and their committees (e.g. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence).


FBI probably gave notice first then came 6 weeks later.

David Farrar

It’s called “due process.” Once Epstein had assumed room temperature, there was no longer a legal obstacle to during their searches of his property.

Alan Woody


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