Why Are Democrats Trying to Foment More Violence?

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Everyone needs to understand what this is. – We all need to comprehend and digest the full and utter mendacity of what the Democrats and their toadies in the fake news media are trying to use these very convenient mass shootings to achieve right now. They are attempting to brand the President of the United States and anyone who supports him as “white nationalists” as a means of irreparably damaging his re-election campaign.

Two Democrat contenders, Cory Booker and Julian Castro, through his brother and campaign manager Joaquin Castro, gave up that game yesterday. Booker used his New Hampshire campaign chairman to issue a call for President Trump to cancel all future rallies because they are “a breeding ground for racism and bigotry that inspire white nationalist attacks like the one in El Paso on Saturday.”

This cynical, self-serving demand should surprise no one, since the crowds lining up to attend Trump’s rallies continue to attract more and more citizens as time goes on, and serve as the most effective way I’ve ever seen for a candidate to build and maintain enthusiasm. Those rallies are the centerpiece element for Trump’s campaign, and thus the Democrats have no problem heinously slandering half of the American population in order to try to kill them. It’s despicable, it’s disgusting, it’s disgraceful, it’s the Democrats.

As if that bit of utter mendacity isn’t bad enough, Julian Castro and his twin brother Joaquin – a San Antonio member of congress – stepped up to Joaquin’s Twitter feed late Monday evening and knocked it out of the park. Check it out:

The 44 San Antonio citizens listed there include housewives, retirees, blue collar workers, many of whom live in Joaquin’s district. Thus, Castro is doxing and painting targets for intimidation on the backs of his own constituents, something we’ve never seen even another cynical Democrat do before. Castro later lamely tried to defend his act of rank mendacity by saying, again on Twitter, that lists of political contributors are public information, which is true. What is despicable in this instance is the false message of intimidation from a sitting member of congress that accompanies the disclosure. This is not complicated.

The behavior of the fake journalists in the fake news media was no better yesterday. The news-fakers at the New York Times did this:

Despicable Democrat activist Joe Scarborough supported the Castro brothers with this:

And serial liar and former George W. Bush staffer Nicolle Wallace, after reprehensibly claiming on-air that President Trump has called for the “extermination of Latinos”, was obviously ordered by her superiors at MSNBC to issue this lame apology:

Then there was this from noted Democrat activist and CNN and New York Times contributor Wajahat Ali:

As I noted in yesterday’s Campaign Update, Democrats always try to exploit tragedies for political purposes. Always. It’s part of their DNA at this point. They believe they are superior to everyone else, and thus are entitled to engage in this despicable behavior because their intentions are pure and they know what’s good for you.

But what we have witnessed them collectively doing in the wake of these two shootings – one committed by an overt, avid supporter of Elizabeth Warren, the other committed by a mindless anarchist who expressly disavows any support of the President – has gone a step further than anything we have seen from them in the past.

It is one thing to turn the funeral for a dead Democrat Senator, Paul Wellstone, into a raucus campaign rally, as they did in the midst of the 2008 presidential campaign. It is quite another thing to respond to the tragic killings of more than 30 Americans by two lunatics with conduct and statements that are so outrageous, so utterly beyond the pale that they appear intentionally designed to move our nation to the precipice of a second civil war.

We can only hope that cooler heads will start to prevail soon, but in today’s Democrat Party, it becomes increasingly difficult with every passing day to identify just who those cooler heads might be.

Watch your back. Protect your loved ones. The Democrat Party and its media toadies are moving our country into a very dangerous time, and doing so with careful and obvious intent.

That is all.

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Wellstone funeral was 2002.If you link to an article, probably a good idea to read it first.


Great post Dave, as usual, but there was one mistake: “It is one thing to turn the funeral for a dead Democrat Senator, Paul Wellstone, into a raucus campaign rally, as they did in the midst of the 2008 presidential campaign.”

Wellstone died in a plane crash in 2002. The Funeral/Memorial/Rally was held before the 2002 mid-term with the Dems holding a 51-49 edge in the senate. It was a 50-50 after the 2000 election when the GOP lost five seats, until Jeffords (R)ino NH, defected to the Dems in 2001 to screw conservatives and W., even though the GOP gave up its right to control the senate (VP breaks ties) and willingly split power/control with the Dems.

The 2002 election cycle was a difficult one for the GOP in that they had many more seats to defend, just like this year. But the Wellstone spectacle was so over the top, and the Dems were so feckless after 9-11, the GOP gained about two seats, including, I believe, Wellstone’s MN seat, giving Bush the senate; an advantage he frittered away in 2006 by blowing up the deficit, fighting two endless wars badly, and NOT FIGHTING BACK AGAINST the vicious attacks by the usual suspects thereby ensuring an Obama win with an overwhelming Dem controlled congress in 2008. That is Bush Jr’s. real legacy! Damn him! And he has the nerve to critize Trump, buy said nary a word during the reign of Barack the Obama!

Jimmy MacAfee

I have a few questions for the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Never Trumpers, the media networks:

Why do you support those who want anarchy, violence, catastrophe, while demonizing honest, Patriotic, honorable, decent Americans who support President Trump? What is there to gain from a civil war? Mr. Bezos: do you want your empire to come down in ruins? Google: do you expect us to lose to the Chinese in the war the Chinese are obviously trying to start? Is this why you want us to destroy ourselves first? Will it help the FBI if no one trusts them? Mr. Wray? What say you? Same with George Will and the Never Trumpers – including the Koch brothers: what benefit do you think this will give you when we are in flames? With no government capable of governing, how will the CIA survive?

You had all better begin to pull away from the insane Left and the anarchists, before it’s too late, and let those who must be prosecuted for the attempted coup to fall where they stand. It is not too late, but the hour is near.


Yes, the Dems are desperate, but as Dave mentions above, when will cooler heads in the Dem party prevail? Who are the cooler heads? It seems they are willing to push this right to the brink, but do they know where that line is? I expect that the rhetoric and violence will get worse before the election. If they cross it, things could escalate quickly. Conservatives are pretty good at keeping calm and not retaliating, but that may not hold in the coming months. Conservatives will be vilified by the dems and their media mouthpieces for anything that happens. So many ways this can go bad.

Very dangerous times indeed.


Q – “Why Are Democrats Trying to Foment More Violence?

A – The Ferengi law of profit; “In chaos there is profit”.


The plan is obvious. Foment violence and then blame white supremacists and the president. Blame it on racism and xenophobia while at the same time advocating for flooding the country with dependent people who will be in the democrat voting bloc. They hate white America and are determined to change it demographically.

Red Potato

Save America, deport ALL Democrats!!

Matthew M

I am not saying to take this stuff lightly, so have no misunderstanding about it, but everything these democrats are doing stems from desperation. They have failed to convince the majority their policies work and now they find themselves fighting against someone on the same terms as them, the politics of personal destruction. That battlefield is the one they’ve been fighting on for decades and one republicans refused to get on because they thought they were better than that, yet lost at every turn. As Rush has said for over 2 years, THIS is what push back looks like! It is also going to get A LOT uglier in the coming months, there WILL be political fights in the streets, knockdown-drag-outs.

Much like the Civil War, this has to happen because democrat leadership cannot peel back their rhetoric for a little common decency. Prepare for the ugliness of a potential Second Civil War, the rhetoric is there, the bombs in some places have already begun to fly in the form of concrete laced shakes. They have no shame in trying to physically harm us. We must be prepared for war in all of its ugliness, truth and goodness can no longer sit idly by on the sidelines while evil runs roughshod, many more good people must make a stand.

Even democrats who may think this rhetoric from your leadership has gone too far, if you don’t get off the sidelines and stand up for good and right and decency, you will not even have a country to fight over politically. The anarchists are controlling your party, stirring up the youth with revolutionary war rhetoric, only you can stop this war from happening. We as conservative, or at the very least, non leftist minded people have been taking this abuse for too long, We now have a leader that will not tolerate the abuse, and so in turn, we will not tolerate it either.

Before any softy republican or liberal minded democrat starts harping about trump, trump has only been on the scene 4 years politically, This problem is multiple decades old, Trump is the result, not the cause. We will not come close to asking Trump to back off of his rhetoric until the leftists not only back off of their rhetoric, but also condemn, universally all political violence from their side, instead of trying to bury it like it never happens.

We have had ENOUGH, this is coming to a head, be prepared.

The General

When will this stop? When the civil war between those who love this country and those who wish to see it fall ends…


The commiecrats are stooping to this tactic cuz they got nothing else, and they know it. And so does at least half of the citizens of this nation.
These scumbags will rue the day they went this low. The train is coming toward them and they are too caught up in their own self-congratulations to see the impending disaster for them and their ilk.
Just sayin’.


Craven behavior. And what the hell happened to Nicole Wallace? What a dolt.

One of the best side effects of DJT’s Presidency is that he’s grinding the last four presidential admins into dust.

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