Banning Plastic Straws – Just Another Climate Scam Strawman

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You don’t sayyyy… – The people who run McDonald’s were forced to admit yesterday that the company “may have exaggerated how eco-friendly their paper straws are.” Oh.

It seems the giant hamburger-with-fake-onions maker has spent the last year claiming that its paper straws are “100% recyclable” when in fact they are not recyclable at all, as in “0% recyclable.” These vaunted “solutions” to the issue of plastic waste polluting the oceans turn out to be just another piece of garbage, and not any real “solution” at all.

Now, I have nothing at all against paper straws – I’m old enough to remember that, way back in the 1960s, they were the only form of straws we had available to us in my little Texas hometown and we managed to drink our Dairy Queen Dr. Peppers with them just fine. But this mania growing across the United States of America to shame companies like McDonald’s into using them instead of plastic straws and further to push states to go so far as to issue outright bans on plastic straws is just one more fake crusade by a bunch of fake eco-crusaders.

Here’s the truth about the problem with plastic in our oceans: The United States and Europe COMBINED produce about 2% of the total waste, with the U.S. producing about half of that, or 1%. Meanwhile, fully 82% of the waste emanates from Asia and its rapidly-expanding economies, with the remaining 16% coming from Africa, South America and the rest of the world.

World map showing where plastic in ocean comes from

In other words, the plastics issue is just like the carbon emissions issue: The United States could eliminate ALL use of plastics and not even make a small dent in terms of solving the problem. In other words, the entire issue is – excuse the pun – a classic straw man.

The folks at McDonald’s got caught up in the virtue-signaling fever that is sweeping the Western World on this issue, got caught exaggerating their virtue, and embarrassed their company as a result. So goes another day in Climate Scam world.

That is all.

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Russell Scott

The world is full of scamarama. Create a problem that doesn’t exist, create a solution that isn’t needed, then fill your recycling center (bank account) with Federal Reserve paper or plastic.


The reason the Asia % is so high on the map is because they’ve been buying our “recycled” plastic and processing it there. They have to sort it to pull out the material they can use. Then they discard the rest of it.
As of last year they will no longer purchase our recyclables and that has cities scrambling to dispose of it. It’s piling up and creating a big problem. We really do need to find another material to replace the huge amounts of plastics being used, sometimes only once, and discarded.

Jimmy MacAfee

There are technologies being developed to turn plastic back into a petrol product. In an old Omni Magazine article years ago, they featured a quote:

“Today’s waste is tomorrow’s treasure,” (or something akin to that.)


They banned plastic straws but are OK with plastic knives and forks. Brilliant Lefties do it again!

Jimmy MacAfee

One day there’ll be a Leftist Superhero called “Strawman.” He won’t have any real superpowers, except for a deafening whine, which he’ll use to identify non-Identitarians.

Jumper Bones

“…deafening whine…”, that’s a good one!

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