America Needs Mental Care

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Thanks for that, Joe. We know you’re so darn sincere. – Elderly Democrat presidential front-runner Joe Biden, speaking at a high-dollar fundraiser in San Diego on Sunday, comforted the mourning people of El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio by offering his heartfelt sympathies over the “tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before.” You just seriously could never make these people up, folks.

That Dayton shooter? He was an Elizabeth Warren fan. – So he said himself on his Twitter profile, which was dug up by law enforcement officials on Sunday. A registered Democrat, fan of Fauxcahontas. The shooter in El Paso, who developed an irrational hatred for Hispanics during the Obama Administration for whatever reasons – most likely having to do with his upbringing and nothing at all to do with politics – left behind a manifesto advocating for all manner of pet leftist Democrat causes and a profile at that showed he was a Democrat before some Democrats got into it and altered it.

Yet, our fake news media and every Democrat in America wants you to believe that both incidents are the fault of President Donald Trump. This is a very sick attempt at brainwashing, folks, so nothing really new since that’s what our fake news media attempts to do to us every day of the week.

The brainwashing efforts are especially sick, however, when they come in the wake of mass shootings in which 30 people were brutally murdered by a couple of deranged lunatics.

How sick are these people? CNN’s fake news host Jake Tapper dug disgraced, fired ex-FBI Agent Andrew McCabe up to claim it’s all Trump’s fault on his despicable Sunday program. Irish Bob O’Rourke and failed South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Spartacus Booker were all over the Sunday morning shows calling the President a racist and a white supremacist, blaming him for both incidents without evidence. And fake news hosts like Tapper and Chris Wallace and George Stephanopoulous and Chuck Todd lapped it all up and egged the politicians on, all in craven efforts to drive up ratings.

Blaming President Trump, Elizabeth Warren or any current politician for a 50-year phenomenon in our society that began in the late 1960s is a despicable, depraved political tactic that should be condemned by any thinking American. Before the late 1960s – coinciding with the advent of the effort to de-institutionalize dangerous mental health patients – our country had experienced exactly two mass shooting events in the 20th century: The Camden shootings in 1949, and of course the University of Texas Tower shooter in 1966. We equaled that in about 14 hours on Saturday, and would have surpassed it on Sunday had law enforcement not thwarted a planned copycat effort in Florida.

That de-institutionalizing of severe mental patients culminated in a 1975 Supreme Court decision in a case brought by the leftist ACLU, and the frequency of these events, which had already become a trend, has accelerated ever since. Also not coincidentally, the nation’s homeless population has blossomed during that same period of time.

Many of those mental health institutions were awful, abusive places and definitely needed to be reformed and better-regulated. Instead, the ACLU decision resulted in simply shutting them down and pouring patients, many of whom were dangers to themselves and society, out onto the streets. Many had no support system outside of the institutions, no place to go, and were left to simply fend for themselves. The process of treating new patients inevitably devolved into a process of prescribing drugs to try to control their behaviors and little else.

Both of these most-recent shooters – like so many before them – were known by local school and law enforcement officials and their friends and families to be highly-troubled individuals. They needed real mental care, and did not get it. We will almost without any doubt at all find out that instead they were consuming several different prescription drugs as panaceas to “correct” their behaviors. We will also no doubt find out they were both heavily into violent video games, and come from dysfunctional families.

This is all so clear, and all so utterly, depressingly predictable. And yet, all we are going to be allowed by our fake news media, the Democrats and the online PC culture to talk about is beefing up background checks at gun shows and confiscating ill-defined “assault weapons” from law-abiding citizens.

As if on cue, even the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has decided to try to quell the despicable effort by the political left to blame him for these shootings by playing that same game:


The President will deliver a speech from the White House on the matter at 10:00 ET today.

I have no problem with beefing up background checks, but they would have done nothing to prevent these two most recent tragedies or any of the others that came before them, because the inanimate objects that play roles in these acts are not the problem.

But that’s what we are left with because no one in our fake news media or our popular culture wants to deal with the real issue at hand. Our entire country is desperately in need of focused mental care.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, because your government damn sure isn’t going to do it for you.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Selling firearms to an Incel with an attitude (perpetually rejected individuals) seems like a very, very bad idea: Klebold, Dylann Roof, and about every mass shooter you can name are Incels. This is the red flag authorities should be looking at in order to begin to formulate a plan to stop such events.


Do not look to the academy for much help, it no longer holds truth as an objective just the will to power for one side.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s why Jordan Peterson is such a hit: he uses data, not just narratives, and he’s a unique voice among the land of the lost.

Liberals can’t deal with actual data, for the most part, if we’re describing liberals as people whose biases are based upon feelings. Peterson has a lot to say about the social “sciences,” not much good, because race-and-gender studies are almost completely devoid of facts and verifiable, quantifiable data. Like the fact that most of the de-institutionalized, in the late 60s, are already dead or dying: some people just feel like the de-institutionalized are the ones to blame for the violence, when the numbers suggest that young men, detached from mores and relationships, many of whom are unable to form social connections, are the main ones committing these heinous acts.


In the late 60’s it was decided that the mentally ill should be ‘mainstreamed’ with the rest of society. Today we can all too plainly see the result of that failed experiment.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ve worked with those types of de-institutionalized people: most are victims, not perpetrators. I worked with them while they were in institutions, and afterward. MRDD is not a predictive factor. And most of the schizophrenic population are low-IQ, and have little capacity for planning – and many end up homeless. They SHOULD be institutionalized, but not for the danger they present.

None of the perps in the mass murders would have been institutionalized, except maybe Adam Lanza.


There is not one gun law which could’ve prevented any of the shootings either this weekend or in the past.
It seems that the shootings take place in areas which are “gun free zones”, the perfect situation for a deranged armed individual determined to kill innocent folks. Target rich environment for the nutjobs.
Solution. Remove such designations for areas and allow concealed carry, or open carry. Think about one good guy with a gun at the WalMart in El Paso, or the venue in Dayton, Ohio. Could have been a different outcome.

Jimmy MacAfee

The only common link between all the young shooters is that they are all Incels (involuntary Celibates)
Whether being an Incel is a result of their disturbed personalities, or whether being an Incel dissociates them from society and makes them more prone to violence, it is a common factor worth noting and observing.

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