The Mass Shootings Will Continue Because We Refuse to Deal With the Real Cause

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This is the cancer the political left represents in our country. – After another tragic mass shooting took place in El Paso early Saturday afternoon, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit reports that leftwing activists discovered the shooter had a profile page on “” on which he listed himself as a “registered Democrat.” Within an hour after the shooting had made the news, these activists had gone into his page and changed pretty much every element of his profile, including his party affiliation to “Republican.”

The new profile also now says he was a disciple of “Qanon,” “INCEL” and a conspiracy theorist, which of course conveniently matches him right up with the profile we learned this week that the FBI is now trying to have defined as a potential domestic terrorist. The same activists for some reason initially changed his ethnicity from “Caucasian” to “African American,” and then later went back in one more time to correct that idiotic error.

Folks, this kind of craven activity is a sickness, every bit the mental illness that the shooter was obviously suffering from. Luckily, these activists were caught in the act, but you can still be sure that talking heads on CNN and MSNBC will use the fraudulent profile page they created to claim the shooter was a Republican who was motivated to commit his heinous act by President Trump. Because those talking heads are also mentally deranged people who will do and say anything for political gain.

The politicians the activists support are, if anything, even worse. Within minutes of the shootings going public, pretty much every candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination had issued near-identical tweets ignoring the shooter’s obvious mental illness and claiming gun control was the only “solution” to the issue of mass shoootings. The most craven opportunist among them was failed South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who issued this despicable tweet:

But the sickness isn’t limited to the presidential candidates, oh, no. At a joint press conference held late in the afternoon, El Paso congresswoman Veronica Escobar made faces and shook her head repeatedly behind Governor Gregg Abbott’s back as he pointed to the real problem: Mental illness and the de-institutionalization of the dangerously mentally ill that took place during the 1960s and 1970s. When a member of the press saw Escobar’s antics and directed a question to her, she offered a non-answer in which she pontificated about guns and then promised that she and her Democrat colleagues would issue a “strong statement” later in the evening.

Democrats are now incapable of even presenting a united front in the face of mass tragedy, because their narrative does not allow them to do so. That’s a sickness. That is a mental illness.

This mental illness of protecting the narrative now even extends to local law enforcement. Because the El Paso shooter is a white male who meekly surrendered and who conveniently has his own “manifesto” that was somehow immediately released to the press, his identity was revealed to the public within moments of the shootings.

Late last night, another gunman used a high-power rifle to shoot up a bar in Dayton, Ohio. He apparently doesn’t have a ready-made “manifesto” or an easily-faked “MyLife” page, and probably also isn’t a white male since, as of this writing fully 8 hours after he committed his atrocity, local law enforcement officials are completely mum on any details of his identity.

When the facts don’t fit the narrative, it takes a little more time to get the story and talking points together, right? Right.

This is a sickness. It is a mental illness brought to us by the radical political left. And it, more than any other factor, is why our society is continuing to progress inexorably down the sad, tragic road to a second civil war.

The truth about this 21 year-old El Paso shooter is that, at some point during his early teens (if his “manifesto” is to be believed) he developed a sick, irrational hatred of Hispanics. On Saturday, he acted on that hatred, driving 650 miles from his upper-middle-class home in Allen, Texas to El Paso to carry out his demented mission.

The seeds of this act will not be found in politics – his “manifesto” clearly lays out his radical progressive political views, including his advocacy of pet leftist policies like universal healthcare and universal income – but in mental illness. As the days go on we will no doubt find out that he had serious issues in school, most likely was identified as a problem by his teachers and school officials, and had trouble socializing with other students. We will also almost certainly find out that local law enforcement in Allen was aware of his issues. But no one was able to take any real action to get him the proper care he really needed because of idiotic policies forced on our schools and law enforcement officials by the federal government.

In other words, it will be the same story we have seen so many times before, from places like Parkland and Columbine and Sandy Hook and on and on and on. At this point, this is all so predictable – it’s the same story over and over again.

But because of our national political sickness, we are never allowed to deal with the real problem at hand, because the real problem at hand does not fit the narrative that leftist politicians and their baggage-carriers in our fake news media prefer. That narrative mandates that guns – the inanimate objects involved – are the problem and the only problem that needs to be addressed.

So long as that narrative dominates in our society, these mass shootings will continue. It really is that simple.

That is all.

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This is an issue both R’s and D’s can gather around for solutions. Instead, dRATS are using this for purely political and partisan reasons. Disgraceful. The ‘lets get rid of Trump’ train is filled with loons.

rickey ricardo

So here’s my question. Your article, as informative as it is reaches how many people? Trump could have a press conference and announce he is going to make a short speech addressing the nation and the need for high tech media reform, break up and regulation as if it were an utility, citing the evidence you present.

Once again, Trump is absent, AWOL, found to be inadequate to what is actually necessary to save the nation, Mr. Soupy Sales, all blow and no go.

Old Marine

How is this for a conspiracy theory?: The Leftist freaks find these sick bazztards and encourage them to do these shootings—perhaps even pay and/or supply them with weapons and ammunition—in order to push their anti-gun agenda. You don’t think they are sick enough to do this? Have you been paying any attention to these idiots at all?

Jimmy MacAfee

They tried to pin the Jared Loughner murder on a rightist group, and they tried to pin it on Sarah Palin for “instigating it.” Getting tiresome – beyond tiresome – that they get away with this crap time after time. The majority of these mass-murders are done by (as with Loughner, who was schizophrenic) either insane or far Left, like the Bernie supporter who tried to kill numerous Congressmen. Also, many of the murderers also are/were on antidepressants (the use of these drugs are a known risk factor for suicide and acts of violence against others.)
Most people with mental illness are not violent, however. Look at Hollywood! They only use violent words and images! (putting Tom Arnold and Peter Fonda and Robert DeNiro in mental institutions seems reasonable, though.)

Dave Hunter

The final paragraph is absolutely correct. The El Paso shooter was known to all his friends and family as “not right,” although perhaps not to the extent that Nicolas Cruz was at Parkland.

The Left nutjobs changed the Antifa shooters MyLife page from Democrat to Republican after the shooting.

HomePeople SearchTXAllenPatrick Crusius

Patrick Crusius, 21
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Patrick Crusius is 21 years old today because Patrick’s birthday is on 07/27/1998. Patrick’s Reputation Score is 3.08. Allen, TX, is where Patrick Crusius lives today. We know that Patrick’s political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat Party; ethnicity is Antifa; and religious views are listed as Antifa. Prudence Liu, Megan Liu, Melissa Liu, Susan Davis and Susan Davis, and many others are family members and associates of Patrick. View All Details

Birthday: 7/27/1998
Political Party: Democrat Party
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Christian
Income: Info Pending…
Net Worth: Info Pending…
Relationship: Single
Kids: Info Pending…

Jimmy MacAfee

Great catch! Every single time some nutjob goes berserk, they try to paint him/her/it as a “Conservative” or “Republican.” False flags everywhere, and they’re trying to link him to Q’anon, which is bullshiite. This kid needs to be taken to Guantanamo and waterboarded.

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