No Sympathy for the Devil, er, Robert Mueller

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Reminder: Arkancide can strike at anytime, anywhere. – Convicted and newly-accused pedophile and longtime friend of the Clintons Jeffrey Epstein was found “injured and in a fetal position inside his cell at a New York city jail” yesterday, according to officials involved in his current legal proceedings.

NBC Channel 4 in New York City reports that jail officials initially claimed the incident was the result of an attempted “suicide”, but Channel 4 says another source claims that “an assault has not been ruled out, and that another inmate was questioned.” Oh, you don’t say.

The story continues: “The inmate who investigators have talked to in Lower Manhattan facility has been identified as Nicholas Tartaglione, according to two sources. Tartaglione is a former police officer in Westchester County who was arrested in December 2016 and accused of killing four men in an alleged cocaine distribution conspiracy, then burying their bodies in his yard in Otisville in Orange County, according to court records.”

Sounds like a prince of a man. Hey, wonder if he’s ever been to Arkansas?

Sympathy for Robert Mueller? Sorry, I’m all out. – I was criticized yesterday for not showing proper “sympathy” for Robert Mueller, given his obviously diminished state. I received several notes pointing out that Mueller is after all an ex-Marine (we should all be grateful for that service) and that our real ire should be directed at the evil Andrew Weissman and the other Mueller bad hires who actually ran the two-year Witch Hunt and actually wrote the despicable final Mueller Report.

Well, sorry, folks, I’m not buying that nonsense. While Mueller is, as noted above, in an obviously diminished mental state and at this point appears to barely have his wits about him, let’s all review how he ended up in that witness chair yesterday:

  • It is well-documented that Mueller is in fact a very close friend of James Comey – despite his hemming and hawing on that yesterday – whose highly-justified firing was used by Rod Rosenstein as the pretense to create the Special Counsel investigation. That conflict of interest alone would have led an actual ethical person to refuse the appointment. Mueller didn’t care.
  • It is also well-documented that, in the week leading up to the appointment, Mueller held a series of meetings with Rosenstein – another close friend, another blatant conflict of interest – in which they discussed the prospect of his becoming Special Counsel.
  • Even worse, it is well-documented – despite Mueller’s half-hearted denial – that the day before he was appointed to become Special Counsel by his good friend Rosenstein, Mueller actually met with President Donald Trump himself, to discuss the open FBI Director’s position.
  • Mueller didn’t take this job on the spur of the moment, as so many in our fake news media have falsely claimed, he plotted to get this job.

Ask yourself: Are these the behaviors of an admirable man, a man for whom we should now have sympathy because he is obviously aging badly? But there is more, much, much more:

  • We are supposed to now be angered at Weissman, the “real” bad guy here (and he is a very, very bad guy), but who hired Weissman? Robert Mueller hired Weissman, knowing fully his sordid history of abusing his power and ignoring the law, and knowing fully his support of Hillary Clinton and personal animus towards President Trump.
  • Even worse than that, Mueller took the job knowing from Day 1 that, in the famous words of Super Duper ex-FBI Agent and aspiring Latin Lover Peter Strzok, there was no ‘there there.’ Mueller and everyone he hired knew from the first day on the job that “Russia Collusion” was a fantasy play invented by the DNC, the Clinton Campaign and Christopher Steele with cooperation from agents from a variety of foreign governments including – gasp! – RUSSIA.
  • Mueller took the job knowing that the job was in fact an attempt at a coup d’etat on American soil, an effort to remove a sitting, duly-elected President of the United States of America by whatever means he and his evil minions could concoct.
  • Regardless of who actually did the work, Mueller lent his name and reputation to this heinous enterprise, an act of mendacity of unprecedented scope and goal in American history.
  • Mueller’s name sat atop the Special Counsel’s offices, no one else’s. All the Gestapo tactics, all the despicable abuses of civil rights, all the early morning raids, all the torture-like imprisonments, all the bully tactics designed to force witnesses to lie to save their own skins – all of those things were conducted under the name of Robert Mueller, no one else.
  • The final report that was issued, the report that threw all semblance of legal ethics and due process so vital to our personal freedoms to the wind, is called “The Mueller Report,” not the Weissman Report. Regardless of who actually wrote the words in that report – words that continuously shocked and visibly surprised Mueller himself when read back to him yesterday – those words were written and published under the name of Robert Mueller, and Robert Mueller personally placed his signature on that report.

So, if y’all want to express your sympathy for Robert Mueller in his obviously-diminished state, you go right ahead. Do it and enjoy it and even signal your virtue about it on social media.

Me? I’ll reserve my sympathies for General Mike Flynn and Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone and George Papadopoulous and all the myriad other American citizens whose constitutional rights were abused and personal lives were destroyed under Mueller’s name. And I will remain angry about the evil fantasy play Mueller put our nation through for the last two solid years.

Damn him for doing it.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

I have a side-theory that Mueller was told by Attorney General Barr to avoid anything ongoing, else he be charged in various enterprises. (Not know about Fusion GPS? How could he not?) That will be part of a future report, and it won’t look good for the Clinton Crime Cabal. Aside from an FBI agent – (who dealt with the Clinton Foundation investigation, and who dealt with financial crimes as an Agent) – who was recently Arkansided on a dance floor, the Clintons are now mostly toothless. Mueller was their last desperate gasp.


Jimmy, I love you comments, and I follow this stuff pretty closely, but please refresh me on who was this Arkansided FBI agent. When did this happen and where was the dance floor?


To anyone showing sympathy for Mueller: I’ll buy that a director in charge of thousands of people or a top bureaucrat may not know what everyone in his agency eats for lunch…

But Mueller had less than 100 people working for him. And it was HIS ONLY JOB!

He also did not have to deal with budgets, HR issues, IT support, time constraints, deployments or any of the myriad BS that the typical director, or deputy director, has cope with daily.

ALSO, HE ANSWERED TO NO ONE!!! Thank you Jeff Sessions.

It (his mandate) involved the potential of the removal of the PRESIDENT OF THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! With these stakes, it was his duty to be hands on and know every aspect of his job, particularly when he agreed to appear before congress.

Way back, when he was presumably more competent, he let four wrongfully convicted people rot in jail for many years (I think two died in captivity and were permanently separated from their families) to protect a criminal informant decades ago; I remember hearing about the two wrongfully convicted victims getting millions of dollars in restitution for Mueller’s actions.

I believe he was the FBI director at the time when he was one of the “top bureaucrats” who signed off on SOS Hillary Rotten Clinton’s Uranium One sale of 20% of our uranium, a strategic material used to make bombs/weapons of mass destruction, that we actually have to import, to RUSSIA!

The other thing that has never made any sense in all of this is why would Russia/Putin NOT want Hillary as president! In other words: It was in Russia/Putin’s best interest to have Hillary (Obama’s third term) continue to “manage America’s decline” to Russia’s benefit, rather than a virtual unknown wildcard ln Trump, who campaigned to MAGA to the detriment of all the bad players on the world’s stage.

How can anyone who has a brain say, or express sympathy for Mueller with a straight face?

How can it be that Mueller is being portrayed as some kind of a victim of a health malady as some type of excuse, somehow explains his not knowing what the hell was going on?

I, as a taxpayer, want my share of the cost of his “investigation”.

Robert Gorman

Make no mistake, Muellar is a more than willing participant in this coup conducted by globalist criminals operating out of the city of London. A vast conspiracy of some of the most evil people that ever walked this earth control these “useful idiots”. Muellar may be losing his marbles but that is no excuse for treason.

Jimmy MacAfee

“He was woefully unprepared. He said a couple of things that were jaw dropping in terms of not knowing it, and then he never appeared again. They never exposed him to me again.”

Rudy Giuliani, on meeting with Mueller earlier in the (anal) probe in 2018:

So it’s not like this is new; Mueller has been non compos mentis for a good while.
Front man for the devil.

Jimmy MacAfee

“[Mueller] doesn’t pay much attention to [the special counsel investigation], he was the Wizard of Oz, he’s behind a curtain,” Giuliani claimed while suggesting Mueller’s chief of staff Aaron Zebley was actually leading the Russia probe.”

More rope, please.

Ricky D Church

Very well thought out blog. Just sent it to about 50+ folks who need this type of clarity.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mueller, like Comey, wanted the FBI Directorship to cover their own tracks, i.e. fox inside the coop.

Jimmy MacAfee

“In her op-ed, Powell criticized Weissman for the FBI’s raid of Paul Manafort’s home, a terrifying move usually reserved for drug kingpins and mobsters.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Mueller is partly playing senile. Question: why? Answer: he set the stage for non-answers in his testimony, for when he faces a Grand Jury on various issues in which he’s been involved . You cannot plead the 5th before a Grand Jury. Therefore, he is setting the stage to be constitutionally/mentally unable/incapable of giving answers to straightforward questions. Testimony was part façade, part dissemination of guilt.

I’ve said it before, on this blog: there is a length of rope and a trapdoor fitting for Robert Mueller. But he shouldn’t be alone. *(Ask Sidney Powell, who has a lot to say about Weissmann’s tactics.)
Let’s have a hangin’ party.


Amen. “Gestapo” Mueller’s a dirty cop. He’s disgraced himself. Time for the rest home.

Jimmy MacAfee

Epstein likely wasn’t attacked; his comfort chicken was allegedly found strangled and with abrasions. Lonely not having 15 year olds for company!

Jimmy MacAfee

No sympathy for Mueller, even if he was forced to be the face of the investigation by his complicity in Uranium One.

As far as who ordered the Gestapo tactics on Stone, Corsi, Flynn and Manafort, it’s all the M.O. of Weissmann – his record is clear, if you follow Flynn’s attorney. This doesn’t exonerate Mueller – not one bit. But I’d rather see this go beyond just a slap on the wrist for Mueller, and for an investigation into Weissmann’s actions while under Mueller. Dude needs to be disbarred.


Bravo. Love your site, look forward to reading the commentary every day. Missed you a lot this past week! Thanks so much.

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