Robert Mueller’s Unmitigated Failure to Prop Up the Russia Collusion Fantasy

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Robert Mueller failed miserably in his mission for the Deep State this morning. His assigned mission today was of course to create in a few hours what he could not find during his 20-month long Witch Hunt: The pretense for impeaching President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words).

Rather than carry out his assigned duties, Mueller instead presented the stark reality of a doddering, bumbling figurehead who doesn’t even understand what his duties as special counsel were, or of what the final report with his signature on it contained. The last time Americans were treated to so many instances of “I don’t recall,” “I don’t remember,” and “I’m not going to address that” was the last time Hillary Clinton testified before congress while Secretary of State. In fact, here is a video of Mueller presenting himself to the House Judiciary Committee this morning:

What little memory Mueller does still possess in his waning days was also revealed to be highly selective. He could remember minute details about whether and how the weasel Andrew Weissman was involved in picking the team of Trump-haters who filled the special counsel’s staff; he had no problem at all recalling the specific reasons why he dumped the Trump-hating Peter Strzok and his illicit lover Lisa Page from his staff; and he had no problem recalling the exact details of the meeting he held with President Trump and Rod Rosenstein on May 16, 2017 to discuss the open FBI Director’s job – which just happened to be the day before he was appointed to become special counsel by Rosenstein himself.

Yet, this upright man, this pillar of integrity and Washington, DC decorum, had no recollection whatsoever of the series of documented meetings he held with Rosenstein from May 10 through May 15, the week leading up to his appointment.  Funny how that works, huh?

Mueller did his best to stick with his obvious script that the only reason why he didn’t seek to indict President Trump for obstruction was due to the DOJ policy preventing the indictment of a sitting President, but he had to give that one up over lunch when his lawyers likely reminded him that he repeatedly told Attorney General William Barr back in March that that DOJ policy had no bearing on that decision. As a result, Mueller meekly corrected the record during his opening afternoon statement to the House Intelligence Committee.


Perhaps Mueller’s most astonishing representation during his morning testimony was his statement that Christopher Steele and his phony Dossier were “not in my purview” as special counsel.  Huh? Beg pardon? Did I hear that right?

Think about that for a moment: The Steele Dossier, funded by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC, was the event that started the entire Trump/Russia Collusion fantasy. Without that fake Dossier, there would have been no allegations of collusion, no illegal entrapment efforts by the Obama FBI/DOJ/CIA, no illegal FISA warrants, no Rod Rosenstein, no Special Counsel.

But in Mueller’s perverted way of DC Swamp Thought, he had no obligation to spend a moment looking into the origins of the events that led to his appointment in the first place. That statement in and of itself is an outright admission of the despicable bias that bled throughout his entire operation from cradle to grave.


Today was a disaster for the Democrats, plain and simple.  I will leave you with a couple of clips, first of Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe – himself a former U.S. Attorney – exposing Mueller’s warped views of DOJ rules:

And second, of the great Jim Jordan leaving Mueller flustered and blubbering:


That is all.

Whoops, a PS: Check out this exchange during his afternoon testimony with Devin Nunes:



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Good to have you back Dave,

Wow, just Wow! This figurehead is all the dopy Dems have to offer? How could have America’s “system of justice” sunk so low? How do the Dems think this guy “testifying” before two committees today was going turn Trump’s supporters against him and make their wet dream of “IMPEACH ’45 come true?

Maybe the “AOC plus three” angry dingbats are truly running the Democratic Party.

I never thought Pelosi was very bright, but until now, she and the other geriatric members of her party’s “leadership” were fairly savvy pols who usually ran rings around their GOP counterparts (especially Boehner and Ryan). Presently Pelosi couldn’t lead Schiff, Nadler, and the Squad out of a burning building.

No amount of media spin can polish this turd to any American who is not already afflicted with TDS.

And to think Mueller interviewed with Trump for his second tour as the FBI Director just days before his appointment to special figurehead working for Weissman; and to think that slimy Rostein picked him, of all people, to be the special council of this coup de` tat. The only way Mueller couldn’t be more conflicted is if he signed one of the FISA warrants against Carter Page. Who is the next corrupticrat to run the FBI after Trump or Barr fire the empty suit Wray? The line up of former directors doesn’t bode well for Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity: Hoover – dead, Mueller – apparently brain dead, Comey – the drama queen. Too bad Linsey Nielson (LT. Frank Drebin of Police Squad) died; he was at least an “honest cop” who solved crime. I would rather see an Officer Dibble from the cartoon Top Cat running the FBI then any of these smelly swamp rats in DC!

Who is actually running the strategy of the Democratic Party?: Wasserman-sergeant-Schultz, Bazile, Pelosi, or is it really being lead by the Bronx bimbo bartender, AOC and her three Amigos?

Only sheer stupidity and MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD will stop Trump and GOP house control in 2020.

AG Barr and Durham had better do what is right, and soon, in order to save the country.

PS: When is someone going to light a fire under Horowitz’ and Huber’s asses to get their reports done while we’re still young? “Someone is doing something” to make sure their findings are irrelevant. Horowitz took forever to do his first largely vanilla report, now his FISA report is said to be released in September or early fall; WHICH SEPTEMBER?

Jimmy MacAfee

Wray needs to go; he has no credibility. He pretends to be salvaging the reputation of the FBI, when the dirty deeds continue to pile up, day after day, year after year. Until we see people going to jail – Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Counter Intelligence, politicians (Obama, Clinton) and others – the FBI (and DOJ) will be disreputable.

My question is this: who hired Weissmann, and used Mueller to be his front man? Deep State operation.


Mueller was bag man for the Clinton uranium sale to Russia. He carried samples of uranium to Russia, and he clinched the deal. Mueller is fighting for his treasonous guilty life. The entire special counsel fiasco was to delay Mueller’s prosecution.

Jimmy MacAfee

That’s why he agreed to be the face of the “investigation,” anyway. I doubt he even read the report. He got squeezed, in a similar manner he squeezed others over the years. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

Jimmy MacAfee

Weissmann hired the team; Weissmann left (or was told to go) when he couldn’t produce. Notice there was a period of time between the report and Weissmann having left: that was to keep people from figuring out that it was entirely Weissmann’s operation to begin with. Mueller was brought in because he had a reputation (not a good one, in my opinion.) When Weissmann left, it was mostly a clean-up operation, closing down and trying to scrub evidence that would lead to the possible arrest and prosecution of certain key members. Like Epstein, it was all black ops, even the investigation. Scratch deep enough, and Counter Intel shows up as principle players from the beginning to the end, and Intel itself. Weissmann was their prosecutorial hit man, given a license to illegally prosecute. Roger Stone and others should be dancing with glee, and will pass out from the exertion once these criminal prosecutors are brought to justice. Screw you, Weissmann.

Jimmy MacAfee

Weissmann was Special Counsel; Mueller was a figurehead. As dirty as Mueller is, Weissmann is worse. Both are psychopaths – (and I use the term colloquially, not as a diagnosis.) The testimony was historic in one way: never before in American history has a prosecutor or high level law enforcement official been so willing to claim a faulty memory – another way of taking the 5th. And this guy wanted another shot at being head of the FBI?

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