Mueller Tries to Keep Democrat Hope Alive in Today’s Testimony

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, remember how Robert Mueller said he didn’t want to testify before congress, and that if he did, his testimony would not say anything that isn’t in his report? – Yeah, don’t count on that being the case today.

Mueller is, after all, our National Inquisitor, a certified agent of the Deep State, a snake with 30 years’ experience swimming around in the glop of the D.C. Swamp. Nothing he says is ever real, meaningful or bound by the strictures of what we normal people naively refer to as the “truth.”

So, now that Mueller has had four months to coordinate his questions and answers with House Democrats, their staffers and his lawyers, he believes he has his perjury-proof armor consisting of fantasies and weasel-words and is now ready and willing to go.

Here we go again.

A Houston radio host said this morning that there have been no fewer than 4 separate investigations into “Russia Collusion” conducted by various arms of the federal government over the last 3-plus years. He was kind of close.

Just off the top of my head, I can count as many as seven such investigations:

  • The Mueller Investigation – no collusion;
  • The House Judiciary Committee – no collusion;
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee – no collusion;
  • The House Intel Committee – no collusion;
  • The Senate Intel Committee – no collusion;
  • The FBI/DOJ’s illegal Operation Crossfire Hurricane entrapment effort – no collusion;
  • James Comey’s illegal personal entrapment effort during 2017 – no collusion;

There are more that I’m forgetting about here, but you get the picture. These various investigations lingered on for months, some for years, conducted thousands of witness interviews, obtained public testimony in which numerous Obama high officials committed outright perjury many, many times, obtained millions of pages of documents from the Trump Campaign, the Trump Transition, and the Trump Administration, and here we sit in July, 2019, without a shred of evidence that exists outside the demented minds of Jabba the Nadler, Pencil Neck Schiff and San Fran Nan supporting any allegation of collusion or obstruction of justice.

If any people of good faith who truly care about America existed in today’s Democrat Party, they would have abandoned all of this for the good of the nation in January and focused their new House Majority on an actual policy agenda. But, as we have now known without any doubt at all since November 9, 2016, there are no longer any such people of good faith involved in the Democrat Party, so this despicable farce continues with Mueller’s highly-scripted testimony today.

If you think anything ends after today, and that perhaps San Fran Nan will finally be willing to try to impose some normalcy on her House caucus, forget that. She basically laid out her plans for keeping this alive through next year’s elections in a fantasy-filled six-page memo issued yesterday.

San Fran Nan and her evil minions Jabba and Pencil Neck are relying on Mueller to go well outside the bounds of his report today in order to keep this fantasy alive for the next 18 months. As he has throughout his entire despicable career in law enforcement whenever the DC Swamp calls on him for some act of depravity, you can be sure that Mueller will deliver today with answers scripted in direct coordination with the Democrats on these committees.

Undermining America is his core competency, after all.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Mueller says Trump can be prosecuted for obstruction “after he leaves office.” There has been a Deep State prohibition on prosecuting former Presidents for acts made during office. Know what this means? (Drum roll, please)

Obama can be prosecuted.

Cameron Howe

I expect nothing less from a dirty cop, who is in the esteemed company of James Comey and J. Edgar Hoover. Of course, he thinks he is Elliot Ness.

Don McCoy

I think it’s funny that the shills on my local radio station keep saying that Mueller is testifying “against his will!” Pffft! Tell me another one…

Jimmy MacAfee

Mueller’s Big Get: Trump refused to be interviewed. (No sh-t, Sherlock!) We know how Weissmann operates, and no lawyer of Trump would let him get near that schmuck. Weissmann and Mueller should be in neighboring cells, right next to El Chapo (whose new name is “El Guano.”) That is, if they aren’t sentenced to hang by their tiny little…


I think this is actually going to turn out to be a good thing for President Trump and all us liberty loving Americans. They’re simply going to be-clown themselves all the more, and the result will ultimately be that even more Americans, most of whom don’t even keep up with politics, will see this clown show and immediately recognize it for for the cringeworthy jackassery it is. I’m reminded of nothing so much as that scene in “Swingers” where the guy just keeps calling back and leaving messages. That’s what this is going to be like.


I still want answer for Whitey Bulger and the the Anthrax debacle Of course no one will ask questions about good ole Boob’s behavior in those. LE Sigh

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