All that Post-Election Panic in 2016 Begins to Make Sense

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Editor’s Note: The Campaign Update will be silent from July 11 through July 23 because Dave needs some down time.]

Is it all starting to make sense to you now? – Are you starting to understand why the election of Donald J. Trump – a non-swamp creature with no ties to the Deep State – put the Democrats and establishment Republicans into such a state of outright panic?

In the wake of the arrest and charging of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, does the focused campaign over the last three years by our fake news media and entertainment industry to normalize pedophilia in the public consciousness begin to make sense? As you discover all of Epstein’s relationships to not just the Clintons, but also to all manner of famous Democrats and media and entertainment figures, do you now understand why Hillary, after she was asked a few “tough” questions by disgraced sex abuser Matt Lauer during the 2016 campaign, scolded him that “we will all hang” if Trump were to win the election?  Which, incidentally, he did?

Are you now starting to understand why Slick Willie issued that classic Clintonian butt-covering statement to the press last night? Because everyone needs to understand that an ex-President would not have issued such a statement unless he knows some truly serious, damaging information is now in the hands of investigators.

Think about it: He already has 90% of the news media feverishly scrambling to cover for him. WikiPedia has already altered its page on Jeffrey Epstein to eliminate all mention of the Clintons. So there was no reason to issue that statement solely based on the information that is already public. The Clintons know that Slick’s name is all over the flight logs of the Lolita Express, and they know what Bill – and Hillary – did with Epstein over the years.

Now, they also know all of that information is in the hands of federal prosecutors, and they no longer have Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch or Robert Mueller or James Comey in power to cover for them. That’s why you saw Slick issue that statement last night. It’s the setting of a favorable narrative that is now being parroted all across our fake news media landscape, providing cover in preparation for the storm they know is coming.

This is no different than when, in 1998, Slick, then POTUS, wagged his crooked index finger at the cameras and said “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” It’s the setting of a damage control narrative. It’s what the Clintons do, and what they have always done.

And here’s the thing: It’s always worked for them before, but before, they’ve always had fellow swamp creatures in positions of high power to help cover for them.

How absurd is the claim of “I know nothing! Nothing!” by Sgt. Schulz, er, ex-President Clinton?  So ridiculous that reporter Conchita Sarnoff, who has spent the last decade investigating the case, outright called him a liar on national television Monday night. Watch:


The Campaign Update, as noted above, will be silent for the next couple of weeks as I go to recharge my batteries and get a little R&R. Some readers are scolding me that now is a bad time to be doing that because so much is going on. But think about the last few years and tell me when we had two weeks during which there was not a bunch of really important stuff going on.

The fact is, there are no longer any good times to do this, which is why I’m doing it now. See you in a couple of weeks!

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Miss ya already, Dave!

Ever watch the movie “Devil’s Advocate?”
Seems like a documentary of current events
in NYC. Epstein mansion etc.

Jimmy MacAfee
Moe Swatloski

I will miss your columns fiercely every morning while I have coffee. At the same time I sincerely hope you have a wonderful and restful couple of weeks and come back full of energy and enthusiasm. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Jimmy MacAfee

Just watched a video of the humiliation of President Obama by the Chinese at the G20 summit in China, as well as their aggressive, unprecedented treatment of Susan Rice and others; contrasted this with Joe Biden’s claim that China is neither an enemy nor a competitor. This spells the beginning of the end of his candidacy, just as Carly Fiorinia’s candidacy seemed to end right after she ignorantly stated that the Ottomans were benign rulers. Major gaffe, with significant consequences for both. Bye Joe! Some gaffes are permanent. Another reason for the Clinton Crime Machine to panic, along with Pedogate.


President Trump donates his paycheck. He’s not serving for the money. His name is plastered on hotels and golf courses around the world. He did not need more fame, but doing a good job as president is a patriotic endeavor. He knows economics better than most cloistered professors. Considering the attempted coup abuse he has taken and how it detracted from his efforts there is a good chance he and the next president, Ivanke, will get even.


Get away and disconnect with your family! You deserve it. Thanks for all the tireless work to keep us in the know.
I have really appreciated your daily insights. Get away. God will still be in control, and the earth will still be spinning when you get back.


I hate to split a split hair, but Slick Willie is technically, telling the truth.
‘I was on the plane 4 times with a Secret Service escort’ is true, even if he was on the plane 10 times with a Secret Service escort.
As with his claim about Lewinsky, fellatio is, legally speaking, at least at the time, not “sex”.
Most politicians make statements like this every day, but the Clintons have it down to an art form.

phineas gage

Will sorely miss your daily updates for next two weeks, as this site is one of my few bookmarks. Nevertheless, wishing you the very best on your summer vacation.


Who needs the dem and rep parties, when we could start the TRUMP PARTY for true freedom ?


Hey Dave, yes, enjoy a little time off. I enjoy your posts. Come back soon.


Yeah, take your break now and enjoy it. There will be MORE going on for years, this is just getting started.

Bill Garrison

It is probably a great time for a break. Nothing will come of this for a few weeks, Horowitz has reopened his investigation and Barr is being super secretive about all things DoJ.

The only news will be the inclusion of the citizenship question on the census. It will be immediately challenged and a left wing judge will issue a TRO. Barr will expedite to SCOTUS and win with sound Constitutional reasons to include the question.

phineas gage

I hope you are right–I’m beginning to really wonder about John Roberts….


Well, truthfully the Wikipedia page does mention that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 26 times, five times without his secret service detail.


Better check it again, there’s a long list of changes that have just been made to that page.

Jimmy Guckian

Enjoy your time off, David; we’ll survive somehow. ;o)

Jimmy MacAfee

Dear Dave,
I don’t know why anyone would begrudge you a break; everybody needs one. I suspect that by the time you’re back there will be massive changes in the landscape, both literally and figuratively, and I’m sure you’ll be watching, if not commenting. Have fun! Enjoy the show!

As far as the Deep State panic: it’s real, and the pheromones are wafting through the cattle yards of Washington, the crowds mooing cattle, increasingly aware of something not-quite-right about to happen to them. Hillary wasn’t the first moo-cow, but she resembles one the most. A lot of bulls are about to be gelded, if not worse.

So, take your time looking around the landscape, being aware-but-remote. We’ll be here when you get back. I don’t think they can Arkancide us anymore, not in the numbers we hold.

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