Michael Bennet: The Next Media-fed Democrat “Rising Star”?

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Editor’s Note: The Campaign Update will be silent from July 11 through July 23 because Dave needs some down time.]

Some interesting tidbits in the news this morning. Consider this:

“Americans demand climate action (as long as it doesn’t cost much),” writes Reuters analyst Valerie Volcovici. “Nearly 70% of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, want the United States to take ‘aggressive’ action to combat climate change — but only a third would support an extra tax of $100 a year to help, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.”

What do those results tell us? It tells us the vast majority of Americans understand in their hearts that the whole “Climate Change” alarmist industry is a giant scam, which is why they aren’t willing to spend any real money on it. But even many who recognize this will tell a pollster that they are for “aggressive” action to fight the scam because they feel pressured to signal the virtue of loving the “environment.”

Thus, the focused brainwashing campaign engaged in by our fake news media on this subject over the last 20 years or so has been amazingly ineffective, considering the billions of dollars they’ve invested in it. Perhaps that’s explained in part by the rising diversity of viewing options on TV, expansion of the Internet and the death of Democrat propaganda-driven newspapers.

Even the Sunday morning “news” shows are dying. The Washington Times this morning reports that the average audience for programs like “Meet the Press” and “Face the Nation” fell by 8% in 2018 and now attract an average audience of just 2.3 million viewers. The weekday evening newscasts, meanwhile, attract an average audience of just 5.3 million sets of eyes, a fraction of the number who tuned in 30-40 years ago. If nobody’s watching, the brainwashing doesn’t take.

This death of ratings for the broadcast TV networks exacerbates the problems for the Democrat Party in its ongoing efforts to dumb down and brainwash the American public, since any brainwashing campaign requires attention from the subjects. At the same time we see these “news” shows on ABC, NBC and CBS passing away, we are also seeing the ongoing collapse of ratings at CNN and MSNBC, a collapse that has only accelerated since the issuance of the Mueller report exonerating President Trump.

A new Democrat “rising star” on the horizon? Remember the name “Michael Bennet,” because I suspect he’s about to become the next media darling “rising star” in the Democrat race. The senator from Colorado was on Fox News Sunday yesterday, another of the low-rated Sunday shows whose audience is collapsing as host Chris Wallace tilts further and further to the political left.

Watching the interview, I was struck by what an accomplished and convincing liar Bennet is. He brought back memories of Bob Kerrey’s famous quote that “Bill Clinton is an unusually good liar.” Bennet has that same ability to tell bald-faced lies and convince you he really believes his own BS, a trait also possessed by Pete Buttigieg. Remember, I told you way back in March that Mayor Pete was probably going to have his own “rising star” moment after a similar interview on Fox News Sunday.

But Mayor Pete’s star is now fading after his lost weekend back in South Bend a couple of weeks back, so the Democrat toadies in the fake news media will be looking for a new date. The pickings are getting pretty slim at this point, so they will be looking around for someone who does well on TV, someone who is articulate, and someone who toes the leftist, SJW party line that attracts clicks and retweets.

The other guy to watch right now is Julian Castro, who, in addition to being a very convincing liar (though not quite as convincing as Bennet) also happens to be an actual minority, so he checks off the identity politics box that is so appealing to shallow Democrats. But the media has been trying to give Castro a boost for weeks now with gobs of free air time, and it just hasn’t been taking for whatever reason.

The other reason to think Bennet may be about to have a little boomlet is fundraising. In the second quarter, Bennet led all of the second tier candidates, raising $2.8 million from April through June. Castro bragged about a surge in his own fundraising following the debate, but has refused to release actual 2nd quarter numbers thus far, which obviously means he isn’t too proud of them.

So, expect to see Michael Bennet a lot more on your TV screens in the coming few weeks. After all, these fawning fake reporters have to have some Democrat to make goo-goo eyes at and whisper sweet nothings to, and Mayor Pete just isn’t getting it done for them anymore.

That is all.

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Peg_C the Deplorable

Wjho watches TV news? If Bennet does rise we’ll know about it on YouTube. We do have very smart people on our side who can solve the cleverest puzzles of liars and sociopaths – it’s been happening constantly for at least 3 years.
Trump 2Q2Q !


I don’t own a TV. I boycott liberal main stream propaganda outlets like Foxnews, NYTimes, WaPo, HuffPo, Google, Facebook, Yahoo. Thus I never heard of Bennett. Man Made Global Warming is a lie. 2019 is the first year of the Second Maunder Minimum Global Freeze. I am hopeful that crop failures and food shortages starve half the global population. Wages would rise. Gas will be cheap. Women will be free.

Jimmy MacAfee

After Biden-his-time leaves the race, which will be soon, Kama “Sutra” Harris will suddenly veer right (just to the right of Joe Stalin) and Obama will endorse her. Eventually, though, she’ll be brought down by tapes surreptitiously made – maybe boudoir tapes, maybe racist blatherings. Gabbard will be given the sword with which to cut her down, metaphorically speaking, as the Deep State really doesn’t like her any more than it likes AOC and her gang of Commie instigators.

Horace Miller

Mikey always used to ride the short bus and wear a football helmet.


Saw Bennett on Fox News Sunday. Blathering talking point moron. No ideas, nothing, just the SOS, DemocRat lies about Trump, silly fantasies about “free stuff,” just the most empty interview ever. This guy is a total loser.

Ricky D Church

Somewhere along the way I read a comment about climate change and wish I could give credit to the writer but the comment was, and I paraphrase, “when banks start refusing 30 year mortgages on beach front properties then you can start worrying about climate change”.

Jimmy MacAfee

Joe Biden spilled the beans: the Obama program to gather information on all Americans, revealed even before Snowden, exposed by Mad Maxine, has cost the Dems any potential nominee. Let’s look at the list already assembled – just a few:
-Kamala Harris is an unprincipled version of HRC, maybe a little slicker, but who can sleep to the top with the best of them.
-Are we to assume that Mayor Pete was a virgin when he married his husband, or will there be stories? Lurid stories? Things that make you go hmmmmm. Or ugh.
-Most of the rest are people who have a past, yet to be exposed (as Biden threatens.) Worse than abusing their staff or eating a dripping garlic and oil salad with a comb.

No decent candidate is willing to be Kavanaughed. The illegal spy program Obama set up, a parallel system of investigation/blackmail, is going to cost Americans dearly, both parties, because everybody has a past, and the intelligence system that’s in play doesn’t split hairs. Bennett is just the latest ritual sacrifice, and his star won’t rise as far as the horizon. For those who say: “Oprah.” Ha! “Michele/Michael.” Double ha!

The Deep State had to erase Obama’s past (or not use it, like John McCain) in order for him to win. He had quite a past! And now, their bench has so many splinters in their butts, they can’t even field a group of legitimate 3rd stringers!

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