Trump Will do the Right Thing for America in Response to Iran

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Huh. Guess he must have been hanging out with Bill Clinton. – Joe Biden’s wayward son, Hunter Biden, was sued yesterday by a 28 year-old woman in Arkansas for refusing to accept responsibility for the son he allegedly fathered with her. This is not a case of ancient history coming back to haunt him, either, as the child is just 10 months old. Even more disgustingly, the fathering of the child came during a time when the horndog Hunter was involved in a relationship with the widow of his late brother, Beau Biden.

Holy cow.

The lawsuit comes at a rather inconvenient time for Hunter, who became fabulously wealthy while his Pop was selling his influence as Vice President – no doubt emulating the Hillary Clinton game plan – as Hunter just recently got married, but to yet another woman named Melissa Cohen.

A quick Google search indicates this scandalous news – which would justifiably be above-the-fold, massive headlines were it about the son of any Republican – was not reported by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC 0r CBS.  Imagine that.

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – The S&P 500 closed at yet another all-time high on Thursday. Donald Trump says, “you’re welcome.”

Speaking of President Donald Trump, be glad he’s in that office. – The Pantsuit Princess, who famously cackled and bragged about taking out Mohamar Gadaffi (and thus throwing Libya into a seemingly endless civil war), would have been getting our military personnel killed in yet another Middle East war with Iran long ago, and would still have us fiddling around doing nothing much effective with ISIS in Syria.

Lindsey Graham is no different. His years of following John McCain around like a little puppy dog come out every time anyone in the Middle East so much as shouts boo!, so yesterday’s downing of a U.S. drone by Iran’s radical Islamic government threw Bad Lindsey into a fit of McCain-like war-mongering. Here’s what he told reporters in an impromptu press gaggle yesterday:

“My ‘red line’ is if there’s any more disruption of shipping in the Strait of Hormuz that’s linked to Iran,” the South Carolina Republican said. “Take out their navy, bomb their refineries if there’s any more attacks on American interests.”

Oh. Well, hey, at least he didn’t go where McCain always went, and recommend putting 200,000 or more U.S. soldiers on the ground:

“Go after Iran so that they’ll…feel pain,” he continued. “I’m not talking about invading Iran, I’m not talking about a land invasion. If they go back into the enrichment business at a level that would lead to a nuclear weapon, we need to sit down with Israel and other allies and come up with a way to stop it.”

Glad he’s not talking about McCain’s longed-for ground invasion, but he is talking about putting our fighter and bomber pilots at great risk, given that Iran just proved its air defenses can shoot down a drone that typically operates at 60,000 feet. Are we really all ready to see Americans start coming back home from that god-forsaken part of the world in body bags again? Isn’t it enough that we still see this happen occasionally due to our continued presence in the sh*thole country that is Afghanistan after 18 long years?

Donald Trump was not elected to get us involved in more wars – he was elected to end the ones he inherited from the war-mongering 16 years that preceded his Inauguration. When he took office, President Trump inherited a situation in which the U.S. military was actively involved in no fewer than seven different civil wars across the Middle East and Africa. Although we still remain in Afghanistan with a diminished presence, he has otherwise greatly reduced U.S. involvement, destroying ISIS in Syria before dramatically reducing our presence in that unalterable sh*thole as well.

Despite the constant drumbeat by our fake news media that he is somehow himself a “war-monger”, the truth is that Trump’s conduct of foreign affairs has dramatically scaled back international tensions all over the world. There is no magic to this – this is what has always happened whenever a Republican president has projected U.S. policy from a position of strength.

Where the Coughing Crooks of the world delight in throwing entire nations into interminable chaos with ill-advised (and illegal) assassinations, and neo-cons like Graham invariably knee-jerk to screaming for bombing runs, the truth is that President Trump has an array of options for responding to Iran’s latest provocation that do not involve getting our own people killed. Thankfully, while every craven politician in both parties knee-jerks to inflammatory talking points, the President is calmly taking the time to consider all of his options before jumping to a response.

Trump may ultimately decide that taking out some Iranian refineries and gunships is the appropriate response here, but everyone screaming for that particular escalation of the conflict must understand that that will inevitably result in a spike in oil prices, which will in turn drive up gasoline prices at the pump. The price for crude has already jumped up 10% this week – are you really ready for another 20% or even more?

Or maybe the President might decide to cool the rhetoric – which he was already doing yesterday, if you were paying attention – and authorize the conduct of cyber-attacks on Iran’s digital infrastructure, which could be done completely behind the scenes and could be devastating to the Mullahs’ regime.

What President Trump is not going to do is be bullied by aggressive advisors or Lindsey Graham or Chuck Schumer or anyone else into sending our armed forces into harm’s way unless he is 100% certain that he doesn’t really have another choice. If he does choose that route, you should expect his response to be disproportionately large and extremely effective.

Whatever action he takes, you can be sure he will take it because it is best for America. Because that is what he was elected to do, and this President, unlike his recent predecessors, keeps his promises.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

When the Insanians captured a US naval vessel, and humiliated them, Obumbler did nothing. Nada. That’s because he liked being humiliated (“Please sir may I have another!”) Obumbler might be enjoying the humiliation he’s been getting from President Trump, undoing all Obumbler’s evil work – even in Iran. I doubt the Insanians will harm a hair on any US civilian or Servicemen. President Trump’s comment that no one was killed shows that he knows how to measure an enemy – (or in their case, an enema, the Insanians being from those nether regions.)

Cameron Howe

“Take out their navy, bomb their refineries if there’s any more attacks on American interests.”

Wasn’t that what happened in Iron Eagle?


Thx for allowing comments.

This Desert Storm veteran fully agrees. Trump is absolutely strangling Iran’s economy right now which is much more powerful than taking out a refinery that would hurt ordinary Iranian people much more than the mullah’s. Notice that Brent crude prices aren’t moving sharply meaning the Iranian supply means nothing on the world stage. Trump is fomenting change from within and I fully agree with it as the only way of cleaning out the rats.


Now we know what John Kerry was discussing with the Mullahs. It’s another trick Democrats playing to force Trump to attack Iran so he then loses the election.


That is exactly what’s going on here. I’d bet two paychecks that traitor Democrat operatives (like Kerry and most assuredly others) and even active congressional members themselves, have been and still are secretly colluding with the Iranians to take as much provocative action as necessary to goad DJT into another ME conflict leading up to the election. Their idea being, if he does nothing we’ll destroy him for being weak, if he does something we’ll “GW Bush” him so that he loses all support, particularly from independents, and then we win the election no problem. “Regardless of what Trump does, we win.” They simply tell the Iranians “Hang in there, take whatever lumps you have to, make Trump look as bad as you can in the process (and we’ll of course help all the way with our MSM and political grandstanding) then, once we’re back in power, we’ll make it up to you. It’ll be back to business as usual, only more evil and corrupt than ever. That’s what’s happening here people, depend upon it. The Iranians wouldn’t be so foolishly brash if they didn’t think the evil Dems had their back. Their calculation is they can take whatever Trump’s likely to dish out for the roughly year before the Dems get power back, then the payback will be well worth it. That’s how evil these people are (and I talking about the Democrats). I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this nation will never return to a reasonably non-corrupt Representative Republic as originally founded without major violence if not all out civil war – or worse. We’re in it already, people just don’t want to face it. this kind of evil, holding the positions of power and influence they’ve been allowed to hold, ain’t goin’ out without one hell of a fight.

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