The Democrat/Media “Concentration Camp” Narrative Kicks Off Right On Cue

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

I hate to say I told you so, but, well, I told you so. – Way back in December of 2016, I warned readers about some of the coming narratives Democrats and the fake news media would push in their unending efforts to damage then-President-elect Donald Trump. One of those narratives I warned everyone to look out for was the narrative that the same border detention centers run for 8 years by Barack Hussein Obama his own self without a second’s notice from our fake news media would suddenly come to be characterized as “concentration camps” and “death camps” by the same fake news media and its Democrat masters.

Well, it took more than two years and the failed outcome of the Mueller Witch Hunt for them to get there, but this turns out to be the week that this narrative came to life. The kickoff event came Sunday evening when the new face of the Democrat Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, had a few glasses of cheap wine and decided to post this video on her Facebook page:

So, there you go: As predictable as the sun rising in the east, the latest Democrat/media narrative has been born.

Of course, the thing to remember about AOC is that she is most likely completely ignorant of the fact that Obama ran exactly the same detention center program that the Trump Administration is managing. I mean, she’s abjectly ignorant about everything else, so it’s a safe bet, right?

It’s also important to remember that the nitwit from the Bronx is also nothing but a performance artist, a puppet whose scripts are written and strings are pulled by a group called the “Justice Democrats,” which is led by a completely depraved radical named Cenk Uygur. The Campaign Update covered all of this back in March, but if you didn’t watch the video below then, take 20 minutes to look at it now – it’s a terrific expose’ about her and Uygur’s real relationship:

Now, San Fran Nan and the rest of the evil leadership of the DNC may or may not have wanted to roll this particular false narrative out at this time. But AOC has proven to be virtually impossible to control for any extended period of time, and now that she has rolled the narrative out there, the Party is basically stuck with it, whether it wanted to be or not.

As a result, we will now be seeing this kind of babbling idiot talking head become a constant fixture on CNN and MSNBC, as the fake media toadies do their duty of supporting the Democrat narrative:

It’s disgusting, it’s despicable and it is a depraved assault on the integrity of our law enforcement officials and military personnel who are doing their best to cope with a flood of Central American illegals whose “caravans” are also a form of performance art, organized by Soros-funded groups who have the same anti-American ideology held by Uygur and the Justice Democrats.

But this is your Democrat Party and its media toadies in action, folks. You continue to vote for them at your own peril.

P.S.: One other inevitable narrative I warned about in that December 2016 piece was that the Democrat/media propaganda axis would suddenly rediscover the problem of the “homeless” in our country after 8 years of pretending it didn’t exist while Obama was in office. They haven’t gotten around to blaming Trump for the teeming masses of such folks who now occupy the streets of Democrat-run cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, but you can bet that one’s coming, too, at some point.

My guess is that the Party leaders want to hold that one in reserve for next year, when the presidential campaign is fully underway. But with the likes of AOC and Ilhan Omar going off the reservation so frequently, they may not be able to control the timing of it, either.

But again, that narrative is also inevitable – it’s like page 33 of the Democrat/Media playbook.

That is all.

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5 thoughts on “The Democrat/Media “Concentration Camp” Narrative Kicks Off Right On Cue

  1. Jimmy MacAfee - June 19, 2019

    If someone could take OTC on a field trip – a long one – where “Huffin’ Jenkum” Uygur can’t pull her strings and whisper sweet jenkum into her tiny little ears, and maybe spend some time teaching her US and World history, economics and mathematics, along with a visit to the countryside to see our natural wonders and to visit with real people (meaning: people who work on the land) then maybe she’d have a chance = like Scarecrow – to finally get a brain. Meahnwhile, “Jenkum” Uygar should be put in a very large pickle jar from the evil Philly abortion doc’s office, along with his other trophies. Just sayin.’ (No threat, just a fantasy.) She’s still got a long time to unlearn “Jenkum’s” indoctrination.

  2. Don McCoy - June 20, 2019

    LOL! She’s such an idiot it’s actually hilarious! It’s like waking up to find that Legally Blonde went brunette and jumped off the screen!

  3. morrisangelo - June 20, 2019

    And she even puts her shirt on backwards. Does this loony do anything right?

  4. kh - June 20, 2019

    This Communist sock puppet blathers about “concentration camps” that tens of thousands are illegally crossing the border to GET IN to. Only idiots listen to this Marxist dictator wanna be.

  5. Buzz - June 20, 2019

    AOC and other delusional DemocRATs and crybaby liberals try to compare the detainment camps at our boarder with WWII Nazi concentration camps. These illegal alien invaders at the boarder came here and broke our laws on their own, no one rounded them up and brought them here. They are being house in comfortable quarters, well fed and get medical care if needed. They are not being fed one boiled potato a day or stale bread and water and made to work until they drop dead or carted off to gas chambers like the Nazi concentration death camps. They are free to leave and go back to where they came from anytime. It is really pathetic that the sleazy democrats and other crybaby liberal morons try to make the comparison of holding illegal alien invaders at our boarder to Nazi concentration camps, but then they are just sleazy, lying, crooked democRATs and liberals.
    P.S. For any liberal reading this, WWII is World War Two, not World War Eleven.

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