No, Pete Buttigieg is Not Trying to Become our “First” Gay President

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Doesn’t anybody read anymore? – The latest Twitter uproar today is how openly-gay Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg told an interviewer from Axios Sunday that America has likely already had multiple gay presidents:

Buttigieg didn’t want to name names of those past presidents he personally suspects might have been gay, but honestly, I hadn’t really thought it was any big secret. I mean, doesn’t everyone know by now that at least one former U.S. president, James Buchanan, was almost certainly a closeted gay man? In fact, an accurate reading of history tells us he wasn’t even closeted.

Back in March, the Washington Post, in an early effort to award a campaign contribution in-kind to Buttigieg, ran a piece by Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of ex-Chicago Mayor/Obama flunky Rahm Emanuel, titled “America has already had a gay president.”

Emanuel goes into great detail about how Buchanan’s contemporaries knew he was a homosexual, and how the media of the day provided him cover. Here’s one of the key passages:

Before becoming president in 1857, Buchanan openly lived with William Rufus King, who at various times served as senator from Alabama, ambassador to France and, finally, Franklin Pierce’s vice president. They met in Washington as young politicians, and lived together on and off for more than 16 years until King’s death from tuberculosis in 1853. Buchanan’s biographer, Jean H. Baker, believes that his relationship with the Southerner King partially explains why this Pennsylvanian was a “doughface,” a northerner who did not oppose slavery. Indeed, Buchanan explicitly urged the Supreme Court to deliver an expansive ruling in the Dred Scott case — which denied freed slaves American citizenship and forbade Congress from regulating slavery in U.S. territories — and lobbied Congress to admit Kansas as a slave state.


But wait, there’s more:

How do we know Buchanan and King were a couple? In 1844, after King assumed his posting in Paris, Buchanan wrote a letter to a friend, complaining about being alone and not being able to find the right gentleman partner:

“I am now ‘solitary and alone,’ having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them. I feel that it is not good for man to be alone; and should not be astonished to find myself married to some old maid who can nurse me when I am sick, provide good dinners for me when I am well, and not expect from me any very ardent or romantic affection.”


And, so what? Well, here’s the thing: It is a fact that being a semi-openly gay man in the mid-19th century turns out not to have been a disqualifier for someone who wanted to pursue public office. Those sad strictures arose only later in our nation’s history and are nothing to be proud of.

Now, Buttigieg seeks to become [maybe] the second gay U.S. president, and the media does him and the voters a real disservice by constantly focusing on his sexual status. Buttigieg should not become president because he’s an extreme leftist and has been a poor mayor in his only elective office, and who he happens to be married to is not relevant to the decision.

But you can bet the media will continue its hyper-focus on Buttigieg’s sexuality. They obviously plan to try to shame the American public into thinking we are somehow obligated to elect our “first gay president” in 2020, just as they brainwashed so many into thinking they were obligated to elect our first black president in 2008.

That shaming effort worked hugely for Barack Obama, largely because he would in fact be our “first” black president. Where Buttigieg is concerned – as the candidate himself freely admits- he would not only NOT be the nation’s “first” gay president, but likely wouldn’t even be its second.

Read a book, people.

That is all.

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Gerald Cuvillier

Obama beat him to it.

Jimmy MacAfee

The allegations of “Bathhouse Barry” and the issues surrounding the execution-style, murdered choir member in the evil Jeremiah Wright’s “church” – openly gay – well, let’s just say there are still questions. But what does it matter? The NSA knows everything! The Hammer knows all.

Cameron Howe

I seem to recall The Evil Orange Man himself calling for more inclusion of this particular demographic by the (R) party at The Convention. Right after Peter Thiel (who is openly gay) gave an introductory speech.

Also, Mark Lavin gave an excellent interview with one Brandon Straka about the #walkaway movement. Video can be found here. I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it to watch that video. I think the media is off base with this particular community, and is only keeping the narrative in check with substantial scare tactics.

Thanks for the history lesson DB, I always get Buchanan and Pierce mixed up. That said even I learned in US History class 20+ years ago that he was most likely a homosexual (but that letter you posted doesn’t leave a whole lotta “maybe”). Again, who’s to let facts get in the way of the preferred media narrative.

Side note, but as long as we are talking history, Buchanan and Pierce are most often blamed for allowing the nation to devolve into the not-so civil war (as a favorite podcaster of mine likes to call it). No point implied, just an observation.

The Gentle Grizzly

I’m just old-fashioned enough to want a president who follows the rule of law and upholds the Constitution. I care not what he does when the bedroom door closes.

Obviously, Buttigieg is not that man.

But, if one came along who was, he’d get my vote over a straight who sells us out. Straights like the Bush family, Reagan with his amnesty, Nixon selling our jobs to China, Clinton with too many things to count.

Francisco Machado

Given the odds for Pete B. becoming President, I’d say this is rather a moot point.

And Obozo with his tranny “wife,”

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