Dems/NBC Structure Debate Lineups to Promote the Party’s New Dream Ticket

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Well, the Democrat debate lineups are set for next week, and aren’t we all thrilled? Ok, no. But I’ll tell you who is thrilled to death, and that is Fauxcahontas, the fake Indian senator from Massachusetts who got her a seat at the kiddie table. This is how we know that she has now replaced Kamala Harris as the favored child of the Obama minions who are running the DNC into bankruptcy. We’ll explain, but first, take a look at how the “random drawing” for next week’s two debate nights turned out:

Image result for Democratic debate lineups

Image result for Democratic debate lineups

Anything look a little odd to you there? Well, it will if you understand how the Democrats and the fake news media – in this case, NBC and its affiliate channels – work together to structure their narratives and influence how this campaign is going to go.

The first thing to understand here is that the Democrat Party does nothing at random. Nothing is left to chance – everything is scripted, every word they utter, every public action they take is based on supporting the narrative, which in turn is based on polling and focus groups. So, ignore the myth that these lineups were determined by drawing names out of a hat. That’s utter nonsense.

Now that you understand that, take another look at the lineups and notice the most striking aspect of them: There is Princess Little Big Giveaway all by herself at the end of that first line, preceded by an amazing array of lightweights in the race. None of those other nine candidates is polling more than 2-3% support currently, and most of them come in at a flat zero in all but a handful of national polls. Who do you think that’s intended to benefit?

It’s been hilarious reading some of the “news” reports since the lineups were released, most of them claiming that Lieawatha somehow came out on the short end of the stick, based on the bad reasoning that golly, nobody will be watching that first debate because Biden and the Commie aren’t in it. This betrays a complete lack of understanding about what actually matters here, which is not how many people tune into the debate, but what the media narrative of it will be the next day.

The narrative for Night 1 is set up to be “Man, did Elizabeth Warren dominate that debate stage, or what?” It’s as predictable as Joe Biden groping a child at a public event. You know who really got screwed by that draw? Tulsi Gabbard, who needs people to be watching in order to notice that she’s the only person on that stage who will be saying what she actually thinks, rather than reciting talking points written for her by other people, as all the others will be doing. Trust me, that’s not an accident, either, given that the Obama people who run the DNC detest Rep. Gabbard.

Thus, Night 2 will be crammed with the rest of the “heavyweights” in the race, if you can call them that. Sleepy Creepy Joe, the Commie, Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete will all be forced to compete with each other for opportunities to stand out, along with six rank also-rans like Kirsten Gillibrand and Marianne Williamson. The almost inevitable result of this lineup will be the formation of a circular firing squad with the guns trained mainly at Uncle Joe.

Guess who is most likely to come out of that mess looking best? If you said Mayor Pete, you’d be right. Because Buttigieg has already proven he’s much smarter than the rest of these hacks, and is the most likely one to be sure to stay completely out of the slugfest.

So, the lineup coming out of Night 2 sets up a narrative that will be something like “Buttigieg remains above the fray as a brawl breaks out on the debate stage.” Just millions more dollars worth of free media for the party’s “rising star.” No mystery here.

The people who run the DNC understand that Biden’s a dinosaur who is completely out of touch with the party’s radicalized voter base, and that the Commie is, well, a Commie who would lead the party to unrecoverable electoral disaster. So these lineups have obviously been structured to promote what is quickly emerging as the party’s “dream ticket” – a marriage between a fake Indian and an Obama disciple who has never before run for any office above mayor of a mid-size town in Indiana.

As much as they try to hide what they’re doing, the Democrats are really extremely transparent when you understand how they coordinate their efforts with our fake news media.

That is all.

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It’s going to be Michelle or Oprah.


The old girl’s single accomplishment was token affirmative action vegetable. She can win the vegetable vote.


Interesting take and I agree with your theory. But they are ALL dangerous lightweights; if only we could be assured that one of these candidates will actually become the Dem nominee…

I seldom watch “debates” on either side as I find them tedious and the moderators from all networks just plain suck! I listen to the reviews from my trusted sources and then form an opinion. Sorry you have to loose several hours of your life to do us a great service, but that is why you get the big bucks:). Thank you for your service to the USA.

This spectacle of 2019-20 USA politics has come down to where NONE of these clowns would be elected superintendent of counting marbles (I didn’t want to insult dog catchers) in a sane country. This crop of misanthropes, creeps, and commies should be in rubber rooms and/or incarcerated rather than be seriously considered worthy of being POTUS and leader of the free world.

I felt the same way about Mondale, Dukakis, Hart, Clinton (Slick and Cankles), Bradley, Gore, Kerry, Edwards, and Obama, along with about half of the GOP frauds who were in their respective races.

How does a country of over 300 million people get to such a sorry state with this lot to choose from? No wonder only about half the country’s eligible voters bother to vote; to go along with the 20 or so million fraudulent who also vote!

At least this time clear thinking and fair minded citizens actually have someone to vote FOR rather than always having to choose the “lessor of two evils”.

Glenn Festog

“Lessor of two evils” can be easily fixed. Add “None of the above.” to each and every ballot. Further, make it so that, in every category where “none of the above” wins, all parties in that line up (like running for President) will be BANNED FOR LIFE from running for the same Office.

Since Democrats are SO in love with the “popular vote” theme, I say that, in re: the Presidential Race, instead of a run off or 2nd vote, the President should be chosen at random from the voter roles of the LEAST populated State in the Union.

Any bets on increased voter turnout? lol


and that is why I read your stuff everyday..

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